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March 30, 2007

The legacy of the slave trade – Warwick Podcast

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On the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade Cecily Jones discusses the legacy of the trade and why an apology is necessary.

Length: 18 minutes


Why is this an important anniversary to celebrate
What has been the cultural and social legacy of slavery
Does slavery shape people’s identity
What is it’s impact on race relations
Do we understand the issues around slavery and it’s impact or do we just think of it as a historical event
Do we celebrate the right things and tell the right stories about slavery
Is an apology necessary
Can such an apology be made and be genuine
What are the positive outcomes of this anniversary
What are the lessons for our understanding of Black History

England football team may be struggling but England’s robot footballers reach new highs

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While the England football team may be struggling their robot football counterparts go from strength to strength. This weekend (31 March & 1 April 2007) sees the annual UK Robot Championship at the University of Warwick and this year the University of Warwick WMG team will be unveiling their first bipedal robot football squad.

March 29, 2007

New £500,000 research project into inequalities for black & minority ethnic mental health patients

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Researchers at the University of Warwick have been given over £500,000 to explore how to reduce inequalities and improve outcomes for black and minority ethnic mental health patients.

The project has been included in the first round of grants from the newly-established National Institute of Health Research, part of the Department of Health.

March 28, 2007

Warwick & RSC launch first postgraduate certificate in Teaching of Shakespeare for Actors

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The University of Warwick’s CAPITAL Centre has launched, in association with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), the first post graduate certificate (PGC) for actors in the Teaching of Shakespeare.

In a move that signifies the growing importance of education within the arts, the RSC and the CAPITAL Centre have developed the PGC as one strand of a wider collaboration that brings university academics and theatre practitioners into dialogue. Taken over the course of a year, the qualification means that for the first time actors will be able to refer to themselves as certified practitioners in the teaching of Shakespeare.

March 23, 2007

Metal–containing molecules and DNA

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PhD student, Adair Richards, and Professor Alison Rodger from the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells Doctoral Training Centre (MOAC) talk about their work and recent article about binding metal-containing molecules to DNA.

Length: 20 minutes


Introduction to MOAC
What is DNA
How do you make metalomolecules interact with DNA
What are you aiming to achieve
Talk about your current research
Will your methods help to reduce resistance to drugs
What was your article about
Any key areas that this will affect, in medicine
How long before your techniques are developed into mainstream applications
What are the risks involved
Can we do anything on a practical level to fight drug resistance
Is this a costly process
Summary of the work on DNA in MOAC

WMG Sends Race Car You Can Grow To Eden Project

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If you thought motor-racing was all about petrol-heads and champagne, WMG students at the University of Warwick will make you think again.

Eco One is an environmentally-friendly race car with a difference: its shell is made from hemp, the tyres made from potatoes and the brake pads made from cashew nut shells. It also runs entirely on bio-fuels and bio-lubricants.

But its green credentials don’t hold it back on the track. Designed originally with a top speed of 125mph, project manager Ben Wood has ‘tweaked’ the original Formula Student engine and claims he can achieve up to 150mph – given a long straight and a tailwind.

Pharmacist’s own blood pressure problem leads Coventry chemists to offer free tests

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A Coventry man’s chance discovery of a significant blood pressure problem has led to five Coventry pharmacies offering a week of free blood pressure tests starting Monday 26th March.

Coventry Pharmacy technician Carl Rose decided to use the blood pressure equipment in the Alliance Pharmacy he worked for to test his own blood pressure. He discovered a problem that required specialist medical care from a University of Warwick Medical School researcher Professor Donald Singer.

March 21, 2007

Gifted Students Beat the Blues With Heavy Metal

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Gifted students who feel the pressure of their ability could be using Heavy Metal music to get rid of negative emotions.

This is the conclusion of Stuart Cadwallader and Professor Jim Campbell of The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth at the University of Warwick. They will discuss their findings at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference at the University of York on Wednesday 21 March 2007.

Warwick Wins £5 Million for New Cancer & Emergency Care Trials Unit

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Researchers at the University of Warwick have been awarded more than £5 million in grants for clinical trials in cancer and emergency care. The Warwick Medical School Clinical Trials Unit (WMSCTU) has secured the funding from the National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment, which is part of the Department of Health’s Research and Development Division. The Health Technology Assessment programme works to provide anyone who makes decisions in the NHS with high-quality information on the costs, effectiveness and broader impact of healthcare treatments and tests.

March 20, 2007

Medical students encourage local school children to consider healthcare careers

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Medical students at the University of Warwick are giving up their spare time to become online mentors for school children interested in a career in healthcare. Around 35 pupils from three schools in Coventry, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, (Rugby High School, St Augustine’s in Redditch and Coventry’s Sidney Stringer) are taking part in the e-mentoring scheme.

The 21 student e-mentors are all studying at Warwick Medical School on a MBChB degree program to become qualified Doctors. They have been recruited by the University’s Warwick Volunteers program, which offers voluntary opportunities for staff and students, on behalf of educational charity The Brightside Trust.

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