November 24, 2006

Abusive language in schools

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Dr Sean Neill discusses a recent report highlighting the issue of pupils using sexually abusive language in schools.


Report findings
Nature of the language used – abusive or just inappropriate
Has the problem increased
Is this about general ill-discipline in schools
Responsibility of parents
Discipline in schools
Support in schools
Impact on teachers
How to deal with abusive language
Is there a need for legislation

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  1. Hero

    Oh for god’s sake, why are LGBTs and ‘young women’ painted again as weak, defenceless and genetically worse at handling aggression, and ‘normal’ men supposed to be like brick walls.

    Seeing as increasingly we are trusting the education of children to these people, following that logic, we are making a big mistake – they are more manipulatable, easier for the class to control and intimidate, and therefore worse teachers.. surely!

    24 Nov 2006, 09:58

  2. Also the report/press statement itself is sexist – there is an assumption that all sexism/sexually offensive language solely makes it ‘difficult for women and young girls’ seeing as I was waiting for a bus today and two women faced with a disobedient child (one was the mother) both of them were saying loudly ‘ooh you can tell he’s a man can’t you.. bloody useless’ etc etc, and that when I worked at an FE college the tutors would complain about ‘teaching boys being not worth it, they are all stupid’ I know this happens.

    Perhaps the sexually aggressive language is as a result of constanly being belittled as male children? Bullying begets bullying remember!

    24 Nov 2006, 10:14

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