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November 30, 2006

Warwick researchers transform metal bashing Birmingham SME into global high tech car window supplier

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Birmingham based small manufacturer Strip Tinning celebrates its 50th Anniversary in January. For many of those 50 years it was a traditional metal bashing industry churning out high volumes of low profit copper for the roofing industry. However, with help from business and technology advisers from the University of Warwick, Strip Tinning has now been transformed into a global supplier of components for high technology car window suppliers. Just this month it has signed two new deals to supply a Chinese car manufacturer and the US military vehicles with their products.

DNA, crime and civil liberties – Warwick Podcast

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Dr Andrew Roberts asks whether the National DNA Database infringes on our civil liberties and the dangers of a compulsory system.


Current state of the national DNA database
How is the database used
Why is having a DNA database a problem
Does the database make the job of the police easier
Ethnic populations and the DNA database
If I have done nothing wrong why should I be worried
Is it an invasion of privacy
Is DNA foolproof for crime detection
Do we need a public debate on the issue

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