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January 24, 2007

Warwick Manufacturing Group to train 1000 Chinese manufacturing graduates

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A federation of 6000 Chinese manufacturers has commissioned Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick to train 200 graduates a year for the next 5 years.

Leading Science Communicators Gather at Warwick School to Debate Future of Science

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Scientists, academics and industrialists are gathering at Warwick School on Monday (January 29) to debate the future of science in the UK. The event is being staged in association with Warwick School, the University of Warwick and Advantage West Midlands.

The Women who have played Hamlet

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Tony Howard talks about his research looking at the women who have played Hamlet and the influence they have had on both the play and society.

Length: 29 minutes


Why have some many women wanted to play Hamlet
Is is the act of playing Hamlet that is empowering for Women, or is there something about the character
How does Hamlet relate to feminism
Is there a desire to play Hamlet because women in Shakespeare’s plays don’t carry enough political significance
The female Hamlet in Russia and Eastern Europe
How have audience reactions changed
Who have been the great female Hamlets
Have other traditional Shakespearean male roles been sought by Women
What about a female Macbeth or Othello
Have female Hamlets informed the way male actors approach the role
Has our understanding of the play changed
Are there any examples of male Ophelia’s
Does a female Hamlet still have the power to shock

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