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December 20, 2005

New Research Says Daughters Turn Parents to Left of Centre Parties

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New research by economists Professor Andrew Oswald at the University of Warwick, and Dr Nattavudh Powdthavee at London University's Institute of Education, reveals that the more daughters a family has the more likely the parents are to vote for left of centre parties. Sons, by contrast, make people more right-wing.

Complex Post Christmas Credit Card Debts Simplified by Psychology Researchers

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Christmas is a time which sees many people spend their way into a mire of credit card debt, personal loans and the complexity of compound interest. Psychologists have long feared that many people simply cannot visualize how debt accumulates through compound interest and thus fail to take simple measures to deal with their debts. Now researchers at the University of Warwick have devised a simple visual means to help people understand the relationship between their repayments and the total cost of their debt. Empowered with this knowledge, people should be able to make the best decisions for their own circumstances.

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