September 08, 2009

Leverhulme grant awarded to explore South African theatre

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The University of Warwick and The Open University have been awarded more than £140,000 for a three-year research project exploring the role of South African theatre in contemporary identity formation.

Warwick mathematician and artist in Coventry Memorial Park project

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“Equate” is a new project bringing together Coventry visual artist Lesley Whelan, and University of Warwick mathematician Adam Boddison, to work on a project at Coventry’s War Memorial Park.

Liverpool police dismissed 1950's Special Branch paranoia over Merseyside club

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Theatre researcher Professor Tony Howard at the University of Warwick has discovered an interesting exchange between police officers in Liverpool’s CID and Special Branch in London which shows how a Liverpool police officer used common sense and cheeky humour to deflate some paranoid concerns Special Branch held about a Liverpool theatre club.

September 03, 2009

Critics, actors and academics to probe the pains and pleasures of Shakespearean theatre criticism

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Theatre directors, reviewers, students, actors and academics from universities, including the University of Warwick and Nottingham Trent University, are set to gather at a first-of-a-kind conference dedicated to analysing and debating the current state of Shakespearean theatre criticism.

Racing car puts researcher in pole position for British Science Association award

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An environmentally friendly racing car has helped propel University of Warwick researcher Dr Kerry Kirwan to the award of a prestigious British Science Association Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award Lecture.

September 01, 2009

Signs of ideal surfing conditions spotted in ocean of solar wind

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Researchers at the University of Warwick have found what could be the signal of ideal wave “surfing” conditions for individual particles within the massive turbulent ocean of the solar wind. The discovery could give a new insight into just how energy is dissipated in solar system sized plasmas such as the solar wind and could provide significant clues to scientists developing fusion power which relies on plasmas.

August 27, 2009

The planet that shouldn't exist

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University of Warwick researcher Peter Wheatley is one of a team of physicists who have discovered a planet with ten times the mass of Jupiter, but which orbits its star in less than one Earth-day.

August 25, 2009

Gifted student’s research shows youngsters follow in parents’ footsteps for GCSE and A–levels

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As thousands of students prepare to receive their GCSE results this week, research by Warwick Junior Commissioner Lydia Backhaus reveals that despite peer pressure or current trends, we still follow in our parents’ footsteps when choosing study subjects and career paths.

August 19, 2009

Search is on for University Fellow to teach local pupils the secrets of the Universe

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Sub-atomic particles and the structure of the Universe will soon be hot topics for school children in Coventry and Warwickshire.

August 18, 2009

Dentists urged to take a role in identifying children suffering from neglect

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A new policy urging dentists to check for tell-tale signs of neglect when treating children with severe oral disease has been published.

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