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April 29, 2005

Guitar chords – Quand Vous Mourez De Nos Amours by Rufus Wainwright

This is one of the bonus tracks off the new album – I don't think I've ever really liked a song sung in a different language before but I really like this one – I've managed to work out with my poor A level French that the title means When You Die Of Our Loves, and can tell roughly what it's about. Tune is quite easy, I've just worked out the chords in about 10 minutes, so if they're wrong that's why.

G Am D G

G Em C G
Quand vous mourez de nos amours

Am D Em
Jíirai planter dans le jardin

Am G D
Fleur ŗ fleurir de beau matin
G Em C B
Moitiť mťtal, moitiť papier

G Em Am
Pour me blesser un peu le pied

G Em Am
Mourez de mort trŤs douce
G Am D G
Quíune fleur pousse

G Am D G

Quand vous mourez de nos amours
Jíen ferai sur líair de ce temps
Chanson chanteuse pour sept ans
Vous líentendrez, vous líapprendrez
Et vos lŤvres míen seront grť
Mourez de mort trŤs lasse
Que je la fasse

Quand vous mourez de nos amours
Jíen ferai deux livres si beaux
Quíils vous serviront de tombeau
Et míy coucherai ŗ mon tour
Car je mourrai le mŪme jour
Mourez de mort trŤs tendre
ŗ les attendre

Quand vous mourez de nos amours
Jíirai me pendre avec la clef
Au crochet des bonheurs b‚clťs
Et les chemins par nous conquis
Nul ne saura jamais par qui
Mourez de mort exquise
Que je le dise

Quand vous mourez de nos amours
Si trop peu vous reste de moi
Ne me demandez pas pourquoi
Dans les mensonges qui suivraient
Nous ne serions ni beaux ni vrais
Mourez de mort trŤs vive
Que je vous suive

April 22, 2005

Guitar chords – All You Can Do by Willy Mason

Can't believe this guy is younger than me his album is really good its quite depressing really, like the day I realised that I'm also now older than two of United's best players (Rooney and Ronaldo). Need to write that best-selling album I think within the next couple of years or somehow get discovered by Alex Ferguson's scout brother Martin while playing in the KPMG league at Warwick otherwise I can abandon those two dreams. Here's my favourite off the album, its really hard to play and sing at the same time with the strange rhythm and all but I'm getting there. Have no idea what that little tab thing I made will look like once this is posted, but its quite easy to play the riff, just start on the E note on the A string (7th fret), then form an open E chord on the 4th fret (its some kind of G obviously not sure) and then C and B notes on the A string again. Its easy anyway you can work it out from that surely.

Riff for intro and verses:

G|———0———-4——————-/ x4

Hopelessness is in the alley, alone dragging his feet
He wasnít born that way but life has just taught him defeat
So he waits to teach you distrust from his cold home in the streets

Hope is all that you can do

Hopelessness is on the TV infecting sea to shining sea
And the worried eyes of our parents try as we might not to believe
And we tried pills and prescriptions but drugs wonít kill this disease
Hope is all that we can do

Em B (bass F# G F# E)
This is the new year, nobody knows
Where we are going, whatís down the road
The city is humming, the country is cold
But you give me something, something like hope

We grew up without parents to teach us wrong from right
So we turned towards many heroes but still we couldnít sleep at night
So we searched and read and listened to the songs old prophets sang
Letís all get together friends and dance away the rain

Riff x2

Itís time to get together friends and dance away the rain

This is the new yearÖ

Guitar chords – 11:59 by Blondie

This is quite a weird one to have on with Rufus Wainwright and Elliot Smith perhaps, but Parallel Lines is a great album and this is one of my favourites on it – I couldn't find the chords anywhere on the internet.

Eb F# Eb Ab B E Eb
E Eb Eb
B Abm Ebm Ab
Leaning in your corner like a candidate for wax
E C#m B
Sidewalk social scientists donít get no satisfaction
B Abm Ebm Ab
From your cigarette, itís ten to ten, time is running out
E C#m B
Lock up all your memories, get outta here you know that

F# E Eb B F#
We can run today can last another million years
E Eb B Ebm Abm E F#
Today could be the end of me, itís 11:59 and I want to stay alive

Pumping like a fugitive in cover from the night
Take it down like a freeway like a bullet to the ocean
Wait into the morning, take tomorrow by the hand
Take it down the highway like a rocket to the ocean

We can run today can last another million years
Today could be the end of me, itís 11:59 and I want to stay alive

Verse chords end on F#

C# Bbm Fm Bb
Hanging on a frequency, burning like a fire
F# Ebm C#
Boy youíve got the motion down, itís getting late, Iím tired
C# Bbm Fm Bb
And Iíve lost control, donít leave me here, time is running out
F# Ebm C#
Take me down the highway like a rocket to the ocean

Ab F# E C# Ab
We can run, today can last another million years
F# E C# Fm Bbm F# Ab
Today could be the end of me, itís 11:59 and I want to stay alive

C# Ab to fade

April 18, 2005

Guitar chords 'The One You Love' by Rufus Wainwright

This is probably my favourite song so far off Rufus' new 'Want Two' album. Note living legend Levon Helm from The Band is playing the drums on this track. Saw him live recently and this song was one of the highlights. Intro chords are the same for the verses. Not sure about the chords towards the end in the 'into the early morning' bit, but it works generally.

¶ Am Em ¶ F Am ¶ F Am ¶ F E
¶ Am Em ¶ F Am ¶ F Am ¶ E Am¶

The mind has so many pictures, why canít I sleep with my eyes open
The mind has so many memories, can you remember what it looks like when I cry?
Iím trying, trying to tell you all that I can in a sweet and velvet tongue
But no words ever could sell you, sell you on me after all that I have done

Am G F Em Dm
Iím only the one you love

E Dm G E
Am I only the one you love?

The Lady Gloom and her hornets circling round is now before us
The screamingís done without moving, one little move and for sure you will be stung
Iím singing ĎOh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem, see what heís picked up in the parkí
Let fuck this awful art party, want you to make love to me and only to me in the dark

Iím only the one you love
Am I only the one you love?

¶ Am Em ¶ F Am ¶ F Am ¶ F E
¶ Am Em ¶ F Am ¶ F Am ¶ E Am¶

Weíve traded in our snapshots

Weíre going through the motions

Dm G
Into the view, Iím leaving you

Em G E Dm
Down Conduit Avenue into the early morning
Am E
Into the early morning

F Em Dm E Dm E Am
The one I love, are you only the one I love?

February 01, 2005

Guitar chords 'Movies Of Myself' by Rufus Wainwright

This is another song from Want One. The breakdown after the second verse (Cause I'm looking for a reason etc etc) doesn't sound quite right with the chords I've written, but I'm not sure I can do any better as I think the band drops out at this point, with someone playing something quietly on a keyboard. Ah well.

Stop me falling down, stop me making movies of myself
Em C Am D
Put that old dog down, stop me making movies of myself
Bring the carriage round, get me to the garden of sleep
Em C Am D
Make that high gate speak, Perrier out of a paper bag, looking like hag

And start giving me something, a love that is longer than a day

C Em C
Stop making my heart sing something that it doesnít want to say

Iím handing it over, Iím saying that youíre the only one

C Am D G
Donít run for the border, turn that corner already youíve run in movies of myself


Darling donít you ever let me go, wrap your loving arms around me
F Em Am D
While the cold winds blow, tell me what I really want to know

D D/c D/b D/a
Cause Iím looking for a reason, a person, a painting

G G/f# G/e G/f# D D/c D/b D/a
A Saturday Evening Post edition by Jesus, an old piece of bacon never eaten by Elvis

And so I say


Oh Iíve seen it all before in movies of myself

January 29, 2005

Guitar chords – '14th Street' by Rufus Wainwright

This one is one of my favourite songs of all time – it's taken me AGES to work this one out, literally weeks, because I kept giving it up and writing it off as two difficult to work out and impossible to play with just one instrument. I've had to bring it down a semitone, from Ab to G, in order to make the bass runs going into the choruses easier.

Here it is, in all its glory:

G B Em Dm C
You got my lost brotherís soul, my dear motherís eyes

A G G/f# Em D C
A brown horseís mane and my uncleís name

G B Em Dm C
You waltzed me down 14th Street for the doctor to meet

A G G/f# Em G/f# G
After thoughts of the grave in the home of the brave and of the weak, but

Why did you have to break all my heart?
G D D/c D/b D/a G
Couldnít you have saved a little bit of it?
Why did you have to break all my heart?
G D D/c D/b D/a
Couldnít you have saved a minor part?

Em C
I could have clipped and saved and planted it in the garden
Em C D
Damn you guess Iíll have to get a new one

I love to sit and watch you drink with reins to the world
Gripping a smoke, vaguely missing link
Donít ever change you hungry little bashful hound
I got the sheep for Little Bo Peep has lost and filed for grounds butÖ


I could have ripped apart and thrown into the river
Wonder if there are hearts that will deliver?

Donít ever change, donít ever worry because Iím coming back home tomorrow

To 14th Street, where I wonít hurry, and where Iíll learn how to save not just borrow

Dm E
And thereíll be rainbows, and we will finally know

Verse chords leading into
Chorus to fade

I also thought it was worth putting in here the chords to 'Vibrate', the following track on the album, which just alternate between F# and C# throughout the whole song. I'd post it up, but I haven't yet worked out how to get the chords over the words in the blog (the chords tend to come out all in one line), and without that its pointless. The rhythm is quite difficult to work out, you'll just have to listen to the song a few times, but it really is just these two chords repeated.

Guitar chords – 'A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free' by Elliot Smith

Just want to say, what a brilliant title for a song. Not totally sure about the chords at the beginning or for the guitar solo at the end, as I found it very difficult to pick up the changes. Its roughly right to strum along to though.

E G#m B
Iím floating in a black balloon
C# B E
ODíd on eastern afternoon
G#m F# E B C# Eb E
My mama told me baby stay clean thereís no inbetween
G#m E B
But all you ladies and you gentlemen
C# B E
Betweenís all youíve ever seen or been
G#m F# E B C# Eb E
Fit poorly and arrange the sight, doll it up in virgin white

G#m F# E C# Eb
You disappoint me, you people raking in on the world

E F# C# E B F# G#m G
The devilís script sells you the heart of a blackbird
E B C# E
Shine on me baby Ďcos itís raining in my heart

G#m F# E B C# Eb E

Sunís rising on a choppy glare
Rainís dropping acid bottled in the air
A distorted realityís now
A necessity to be free

Itís so disappointing, but first I put it all down to luck
But God knows why my country donít give a fuck

G B C# G B F# G# G B G# G B F# E

G# G B C#
Shine on me baby cos itís raining in my heart
G B F# G#
Shine on me baby cos itís raining in my heart

G B C# G B F# G# G B G# G B F# E

Guitar chords – Pretty (Ugly Before) by Elliot Smith

Ok I worked out a couple more songs off Elliot Smith's last album this morning. Here's one:

Sunshine been keeping me up for days
There is no night time, itís only a passing phase
And I feel pretty, pretty enough for you

C D F Am
I felt so ugly before, I didnít know what to do

Sometimes itís all I feel up to now
But itís not worth it to you because youíve got to get high somehow
Is it destruction that you require to feel?

C D F Am
Like somebody wants you, someone thatís more for real

Play second verse chords through twice

Sunshine been keeping me up for days
There is no night time, itís only a passing phase
And Iíll feel pretty another hour or two
I felt so ugly before, I didnít know what to do

I felt so ugly before I didnít know what to do (repeat)

Finish on Am

The chords to the first verse don't sound QUITE right, it feels like they should be the same as the second verse, with the C in, but I'm pretty sure that's what he plays. The note you start singing on is a C, so I guess you could play the D with a C bass to help pitch it. I guess the point is that it's supposed to jar a little bit.

Guitar chords – 'Through' by Richmond Fontaine

Oh just realised I forgot this one when I had my flurry of blogging activity earlier this evening. I've actually changed the key of this one to suit my own voice better, and selfishly forgot the original key – I think it might be in C and I put it in D so not that much of a change.

You walked with a limp and I was worried about that
But it turned out all right, turned out that you were ok
They pulled the car up and they helped you to the ground
Never met anyone like you that wasnít always so fucked up and blue

D D/c# Bm A G
And I know, I know that I can feel that way too
G/f# Em A D
I wonít get so bleak and I wonít feel so through
D/c# Bm A G
I know that I can feel that way too
G/f# Em G A
Already know what itís like to feel so

To feel so through
A Bm A G
And I just gotta figure out how not to

Well canít you just calm down? (x2)
Bm A G Em A D

Canít you just calm, canít you just calm down?

The three of us left and I was trailing behind
With it all set up like that you know I never thought Iíd see you again
You can find me in the corner or in the back
Under any sort of red light but I can make it outside
You know I can make it there all right


Bm A G Em A G A G D

Canít you just calm? Canít you just calm down, calm down?

January 28, 2005

Guitar chords – 'Alameda' by Elliot Smith

Here's one by the late great Elliot Smith – another very difficult one to work out (difficult for a guitar player of my dubious quality anyway), some very clever changes. For some reason the chords don't fall over the correct lyrics when I publish these blogs, but if you listen to the rhythm of the song I'm sure you'll get it. Again, I'll put a few more of his up if I get any feedback.

Bb A G Ebmaj7
You walk down alameda shuffling your deck of trick cards over everyone
Bb Bbsus4 Bb A G Ebmaj7
Like some precious only son, face down bow to the champion
Bb A G Ebmaj7
You walk down alameda looking at the cracks in the sidewalk thinking about your friends
Bb Bbsus4 Bb A G Ebmaj7
How you maintain all them in a constant state of suspense

Eb D G Bb
For your own protection over their affection
C# Fm Bb Eb G# Bb
Nobody broke your heart, you broke your own cos you canít finish what you start

Bb A G Ebmaj7
Walk down alameda brushing off the nightmare you wish could plague me when Iím awake
Bb Bbsus4 Bb A G Ebmaj7
So now you see your first mistake was thinking that you could relate

Bb F Eb Eb F G
The heart to, wouldnít you like to?

Bb F Eb F B opening riff
But the fix is in

Youíre all pretension I never pay attention
Nobody broke your heart, you broke your own cos you canít finish what you start (x3)
Nobody broke your heart if youíre alone it must be you that wants to be apart

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