April 27, 2005

More name fun

Writing about web page http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_843194.html

I found this while searching for funny names on google after talking to my girlfriend about the previous funny names post. There are so many great things about the information presented in this article, I laughed for so long: the fact that he was quoted as Mr Bubba made me laugh, as well as just the obvious humour in the fact that his full name is now Bubba Bubba Bubba. The funniest thing for me though was the fact that it all started when his work colleague referred to him as Bubba Bubba Bubba, and her friend thought that that was his real name! Why on earth would anyone think that was a real name??? That person should automatically have their own tv show, I'd definitely watch it because if they think that's a real name, then what other funny things must they think? Goodness only knows. Fucking moron.

I had a really long conversation with Becky about funny names actually, and we agreed that Rob Beef was our favourite (she came up with that one, she turned out to be better than me at it, although I did come up with the fact that Rob Beef probably has an older brother called David Beef and a father called David Beef Senior, and the father doesn't like being called Dave, because he thinks it's disrespectful). I'd like to write a sitcom about that family actually, there are so many possibilities. I think Rob Beef is a retired footballer from the 70's (see how the previous football post informs my thinking), who still has the mullet and the moustache, he tried being a commentator but wasn't very good at it, and now he wears a tracksuit all the time and coaches an under-12's team. Then I realised it might end up a little bit too much like Alan Partridge, so I stopped. Also the names got too silly, like Janet Eyebrow (Rob and David Jr's mother, who left David Snr and remarried), and Andrew Hair, Rob's best friend. I think made-up names are funnier when they are said in full, like Andrew instead of Andy, David instead of Dave etc. Rob Beef is the exception because it is the clash of 'b's at the end of Rob and beginning of Beef that is a big part of the humour – Robert Beef doesn't work as well for me.

Then I remembered the funny names on that bbc2 show Look Around You that was on a while ago, like Leonard Hatred, Sir Prince Charles and Synthesiser Patel, the man who liked synthesisers so much he changed his name. All this when I should have been thinking about my dissertation.

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  1. Arran Veltom

    HA, that article really is special. Its on of those that is too funny to have be made up.
    I like how the kids couldnt say buddy too well so he let them say bubby and from there it just took off!
    what kids??? what stupid fuckin kids!???
    Remember on the warwick search for names thing, we found some quality ones on that. wasnt there a stephen breadbasket or something, ha i love it

    27 Apr 2005, 13:15

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