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April 22, 2005

Guitar chords – All You Can Do by Willy Mason

Can't believe this guy is younger than me his album is really good its quite depressing really, like the day I realised that I'm also now older than two of United's best players (Rooney and Ronaldo). Need to write that best-selling album I think within the next couple of years or somehow get discovered by Alex Ferguson's scout brother Martin while playing in the KPMG league at Warwick otherwise I can abandon those two dreams. Here's my favourite off the album, its really hard to play and sing at the same time with the strange rhythm and all but I'm getting there. Have no idea what that little tab thing I made will look like once this is posted, but its quite easy to play the riff, just start on the E note on the A string (7th fret), then form an open E chord on the 4th fret (its some kind of G obviously not sure) and then C and B notes on the A string again. Its easy anyway you can work it out from that surely.

Riff for intro and verses:

G|———0———-4——————-/ x4

Hopelessness is in the alley, alone dragging his feet
He wasnít born that way but life has just taught him defeat
So he waits to teach you distrust from his cold home in the streets

Hope is all that you can do

Hopelessness is on the TV infecting sea to shining sea
And the worried eyes of our parents try as we might not to believe
And we tried pills and prescriptions but drugs wonít kill this disease
Hope is all that we can do

Em B (bass F# G F# E)
This is the new year, nobody knows
Where we are going, whatís down the road
The city is humming, the country is cold
But you give me something, something like hope

We grew up without parents to teach us wrong from right
So we turned towards many heroes but still we couldnít sleep at night
So we searched and read and listened to the songs old prophets sang
Letís all get together friends and dance away the rain

Riff x2

Itís time to get together friends and dance away the rain

This is the new yearÖ

Guitar chords – 11:59 by Blondie

This is quite a weird one to have on with Rufus Wainwright and Elliot Smith perhaps, but Parallel Lines is a great album and this is one of my favourites on it – I couldn't find the chords anywhere on the internet.

Eb F# Eb Ab B E Eb
E Eb Eb
B Abm Ebm Ab
Leaning in your corner like a candidate for wax
E C#m B
Sidewalk social scientists donít get no satisfaction
B Abm Ebm Ab
From your cigarette, itís ten to ten, time is running out
E C#m B
Lock up all your memories, get outta here you know that

F# E Eb B F#
We can run today can last another million years
E Eb B Ebm Abm E F#
Today could be the end of me, itís 11:59 and I want to stay alive

Pumping like a fugitive in cover from the night
Take it down like a freeway like a bullet to the ocean
Wait into the morning, take tomorrow by the hand
Take it down the highway like a rocket to the ocean

We can run today can last another million years
Today could be the end of me, itís 11:59 and I want to stay alive

Verse chords end on F#

C# Bbm Fm Bb
Hanging on a frequency, burning like a fire
F# Ebm C#
Boy youíve got the motion down, itís getting late, Iím tired
C# Bbm Fm Bb
And Iíve lost control, donít leave me here, time is running out
F# Ebm C#
Take me down the highway like a rocket to the ocean

Ab F# E C# Ab
We can run, today can last another million years
F# E C# Fm Bbm F# Ab
Today could be the end of me, itís 11:59 and I want to stay alive

C# Ab to fade

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