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August 15, 2016

URSS week 2:

So I'd reflected on the first week before, and thought I'd do it for the other weeks too.

It seems I actually understood quite a bit of the theory wrong, this week has been quite unproductive in terms of getting far. I seem to slightly understand what I'm doing, but it's not really sinking in.

It goes off the work from Yasaki, Gunnels and also (Andrew) Jones's Thesis. I'm just struggling getting a few things to work. Marc has been really quite helpful in making sure I understand it all and helping me also code in sage by teaching me about shortcuts\methods which i'd not seen before.

I think I should be able to have a working program by Wednesday (I hope).

I also wanted to upload a clean/improved version of my essay on Complex Multiplication, which I will at some point.

Span of Multisets

We haven't written anything yet, but me and a friend are looking at something we've called the 'span' of a set.

Basically, given a multiset, and a set of operations, what are all the numbers you can construct, when only using one number from the set exactly once. It seems to be quite a complicated question, and I think it would be part of Combinatorics/Graph Theory (since that's how we're rewriting a lot of the questions). We're going to work on it when we have some spare time and propably put the pdf on here when done.

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