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July 11, 2016

New Ubuntu

So I've finally published the module to Pypi, and I've also updated the ubuntu on my pc. I decided to go for a fresh install and not let my files gather into messes like they usually end up doing.

It's rather clean and nice. I've also mastered the terminal so installation was much easier this time. I was thinking since this is basically a dead blog, I could move it to my actual website, give me a chance to put my HTML/CSS/JS skills into action.

This might be something I do once I've graduated.

I didn't get as high as I wanted with my results, so I might not be publishing that much. - Even less than I already do!

I also made a new Gmail - one with a professional name this time. So I might start uploading youtube how-to videos about the things I've done. I know I would have appreciated a really good how to video when I was doing various things, and maybe this would even help other people.

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