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March 26, 2011

Six Sigma goal for taxis in London?

This week at work we had a communication meeting. Despite the fact that it let me down there was one interesting topic. We were considering new emission standards for cars that are going to affect automotive industry pretty soon. It's all about the emission of CO2. Currently all new cars have to comply with so called Euro 4 standard (I can't remember what is the limit, to be honest) and soon there will be Euro 5 for all new cars.

The interesting thing is that someone said that if we thought of all current taxis in London (with Euro 4 and older) and then we assumed their altogether emission is 100, if all of those cars were scrapped and changed for Euro 5 cars only, then the emission level would be roughhly... 4. I don't have any evidence for that, but the first thing that came to my mind is that in this way London's taxis would reach nearly 6 sigma level :D Anyway the improvement is supposed to be massive (regardless the numbers) which is good for London and its environment.

There was one more interesting statment. Someone said that before current Mayor of London, the vision for city's transport was completely different than it is now. This made me think that elections and politics are rubbish as there's little point in changing vision and strategy as people come and go. Sometimes it's needed, I know, but still politics are disappointing. My opinion about that will always be biased I guess ;)

November 11, 2010

6S to improve

Preparing for the presentations I found some 'areas for improvement' in 6S methodology:

Although 6S highlights the need of training for staff, it is very strict and schematic. However effective the training can be its main drawback could be lack of learning opportunities for employees. They are taught tools and techniques which are expected to use but there it is assumed that no feedback from them is necessary.

Secondly because of the concept of green and black belts the organization becomes structured and strong hierarchy is created. This in turn limits people to act as all actions have to be approved by their supervisors and managers.

Although the companies which implemented 6S had had outstanding results of performance with savings of millions of dollars/ pounds whatever the methodology seems to be very complex and one cannot take it for granted the success (while costs of trainings are significant).

If you found some more, please write them and we'll collect them :)

November 10, 2010

Lean Six Sigma – unique or not?

During my research I obviously came across Lean Six Sigma. What they wrote was that L6S uses TPS (Toyota Production System) and its techniques (TPM, JIT, SMED) to ensure smooth process flow.

What came to my mind was that Graeme told that Six Sigma is not a new concept but just a compilation of commonly known and used tools, techniques etc. So how does his statement relates to Lean 6S then? It's the same situation! L6S uses TPS which had been known way before 6S (and L6S as well). So this time again, L6S lacks originality :P
It's a combination of American 6S (who collected all tools together) with Japanese culture (JIT,SMED,TPM). Who's next?

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