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April 06, 2011

H&S past (PL) and current (UK) view

Not really study related but I wanted to share with you my though about H&S and education systems in general.

In Poland, at my uni, I used to have a whole, dedicated subject about H&S - about 45 h in class and some (maybe 15-20 h) at home.
I ended up participating in 10 h of lectures (staying in bed was a good choice back then ;) and spending 10 h on assignment. The reason for was that I found H&S extremely boring and irrelevant to my degree. I wasn't going to spend my time on the shop floor checking all regulations! Yet we were fed with them and were supposed to know some of the basic stuff - by heart of course. On the seminars we were expected to deliver a presentation on a particular topic, which was the same as last year. My first though was - why am I supposed to 'reinvent the wheel'????? It's a bunch of regulations and few examples so why do I have to do it? Someone who described it in the past must have covered all stuff so why should I go through it again?

These were just some of my concerns. Basically due to poor idea for delivering this module was the main reason why it was so boring and dull and inefficient (it was the only subject I had to re-sit and I strangely never had any problems with passing i.e. maths or machining. the lecturer was OK as well, he taught us polymer materials and I still remember most of his material). It was this must of learning regulations. You probably can imagine why I'm so grateful to MBE that we are not expected to learn small bits but broader views.
Plus, finally, understanding the importance of H&S in manager's mind feels so good...

Thankfully you don't have to suffer because of H&S as much as we have to in PL ;)

February 21, 2011

Leadership for Business Excellence ?

During one of the exercises my mind drifted for a while to a following subject:

If leadership is way beneficial than management shouldn't we strive for becoming leaders? As a result, how come our course is called MANAGEMENT for Busniess Excellence if there is something better than management? Why do we keep on trying and learning all of this good stuff if even our course name is excellent yet? Shouldn't it be LEADERSHIP for Business Excellence?

I know it's just a title but if we are supposed to become leaders our title name should be about leadership, shouldn't it? Well actually no, not really. Maybe it could be named like that if it was able to. Why aren't we able to call it this way? It's simple for me, it can't as leadership (according to literature) can't be taught! If we had this LBE name, than even the name would show that our course is of no value, you know what I mean.

At some point during the class, I asked Paul if we should become only leaders. You know what he said? That we should be both leaders and managers at the same time and search for balance between them, depending on the situation. For me this is a second reason why the name MBE is fine for us :)

February 17, 2011

funny email – late PMAs results

I got an email titled 'late PMAs resutls' which made me laugh and the following bit in particular:

[bla bla bla, says about low rate response] and " (...) This concerns especially, but not exclusively!!!, MBE students who I think are very low in response rates. 

You are to introduce excellence, so lets try do something for it!"

He obviously is not an MBE student thus he doesn't know we don't work to get a bunch of marks - but we learn (how to learn) for ourselves and our benefits! So the way he wrote his email just confirms that :)

December 12, 2010

quality tools

After reading Ayham's blog (Quality initiatives) about the variety of quality tools I got a new idea from his entry.
This is true that there are heaps of quality tools and every single one is more or less profitable (but still
beneficial!). So if the company wanted to benefit from all of them - would it really be possible to keep using all
of them???? Then we would probably need a battalion of people to manage and use that (which would end up in high costs to run it).
It is logical to use as many tools as you can with the resources you have or keep using those which give you
good results, however I'm just wondering if it is possible and reasonable to use most (over a hundred) of the tools.
Maybe if one would be able to use them all, the company would achieve excellence? (assuming excellence is the best
level in the world).

December 11, 2010

PDSA in reply writing

After reading some blogs today I have got an idea how to apply PDSA in writing comments to others blogs:

P - plan what you would like to write for a reply

D - start writing it (the final version pretty often ends miles away from the plan ;)

S - read what you've written - is it valuabe for others to read?, does it relate to topic?, is it clear?, are you happy with the answer?

A - click 'add comment' ;)

October 29, 2010

challenge example

The first thing I learned after today's 'off-topic' seminar is: CHALLENGE - thanks Paul for great line of defence - those dozens of minutes you stood there for finally started to reason with me. I know that only practice can teach us how to really be challenged but now at least I got to know the concept and I belive it will be easier for me know if I am going to be challenged - as I have got a treat example of what to do today! :) Confident, reasonable, respective, wise and witty - that's what's coming to my mind.

What's more I started to recognise some of the examples we have in class are in my company as well, that's positive but too early to write about. On the other hand, I get examples and 'good practice' advice which I should (and will) consider using as I see the gaps too. The trends is very appealing and if I combine both cases it might be beneficial but I need some time to start sorting it out.

October 17, 2010

exploring point of views

Today after my research I'm a bit confused because after having gone through some articles for every supporter of a tool/concept/model etc I found there were even more oponents :P It is normal that people have and will have different point of views and in this way by investigating more and more about some tools etc we can develop better ideas and improve our lives. However, it sometimes can be hard to tell who has more experience about the topic and who is right, as I don't have much experience myself to make the final choice.  I'll how it goes and I'll have to think about it more I guess.

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