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February 01, 2011

lead by example – i keep remembering

Why such entry? All of us apparently remember when Paul was teaching us that the best way to change things is by starting from ourselves. This was exactly the story today at my work.

Since I have been working there for circa 5 months I don't expect to greatly change any procedures etc yet; except than giving my contribution. However, I was given one issue to deal with and since it was my first case I wanted to learn some info about it and then analyse it. I will skip the former process (as it's not the case now, but if you are interested just give me a shout and I'll describe it). So for the latter case - analysis I thought it might be a good idea to use a Fault Tree Analysis to get my head over the issue.

When I started writing down bits and pieces suddenly, from nowhere, my boss came and became interested in my actions!!!!!! Now to make it clear - he hardly has more than 5 min to spend with someone when one asks and apart from necessary feedback he never stops if not asked!! What's more, he was sick last week, so imagine the amount of tasks he has atm!
But what he did today was a shock for me - he asked what my notes are and he read them, gave me feedback and showed one process card for problem solving he used to use in the past. He spent more than 15 min on that and I didn't even had to ask for it!!! :D
Now I have to make sure that my solution will be good to prove 'my' tools are valuable and we'll see if sth can be changed this way. Nevertheless, the progress (his 'voluntary' feedback) was a 'an action of the day' today! 

December 12, 2010

quality tools

After reading Ayham's blog (Quality initiatives) about the variety of quality tools I got a new idea from his entry.
This is true that there are heaps of quality tools and every single one is more or less profitable (but still
beneficial!). So if the company wanted to benefit from all of them - would it really be possible to keep using all
of them???? Then we would probably need a battalion of people to manage and use that (which would end up in high costs to run it).
It is logical to use as many tools as you can with the resources you have or keep using those which give you
good results, however I'm just wondering if it is possible and reasonable to use most (over a hundred) of the tools.
Maybe if one would be able to use them all, the company would achieve excellence? (assuming excellence is the best
level in the world).

December 01, 2010

from envy to creativeness?

In one article about partnership I saw a graph showing how partnership interrelates customers and buyers.
After looking at the picture for a minute I gota feeling that I want to have my own diagram as well (that's probably becasue I was envious :P)

Guess what, I created it. Have a look at my 'partnership - ZIP' and tell me if you like it (don't ask me why I chose a zip :P).

my view about partnership

Created by Marcin Czajkowski (:P)

I guess it's self-explantory [the principles are not complete and random and were used just to get the idea].
Your contribution is appreciated :)

November 30, 2010

short summary of my research of journals for CBE PMA

For my CBE PMA I decided to write about creating partnership topic. I downloaded around 20 journals and went through them. What I started to see (after going through half of them) was that all the points relevant for me in all of the articles' introductions were exactly the same. They gave the same benefits of having a partnership or the same advice for creating one (all of them were based on the same books hence this commonality). This turned out to be very annoying for me as it seemed to waste my time.

It was a bit better if we think of research parts of articles. They were unique and interesting, however only 3 articles had some relevant info for me (not frustrating as such, because i learned sth but still dissapointing in terms of my PMA). But like I say there was one benefit from that - I developed one quite uniqe idea of evaluating partnership's life cycle, based on product life cycle concept. Though this is just my idea, roughly it makes sense to me and I'm glad about that.

If I was to summarise conclusion parts of journals I would say they are defenitely places to look at if I just wanted to get to know the subject superficialy in short amount of time, that's good to know for the future.

All in all it's time consuming and harder than it looks but doubled up my knowledge about partnership after 3 days of reading.

November 24, 2010

knowledge sharing – open database

In one of the articles today I found that an author raised a topic of Knowledge Management by using an open database where every company could put in their problem and the solution so that it would be very easy to share the experience and knowledge between companies. To be honest I had already had this idea long long time ago...

With no doubt it would be beneficial for companies - the problems could be deal with faster and in more efficient way. Just find similar cases, adapt solution and done. Well this is just one side of that (but about that later on).
As even the author pointed out this would be very helpful for SMEs. In that case there could be a threat that the solutions would only come from major market players and others would just copy their experience.
That would be true but not always as even when someone would copy the solution then we would still get a new input into the database - which could prove if the solution is good or not.

On the other hand, what about the 'analysis' part of the problem solving study? If we have the ideas we may be limited only to them and would be tempted to jump to conllusions - now this is not the 'Six Sigma approach' we learn. So our pace of global level of development could probably slow down and suffer. The only positive thing would be cost saving while solving problems...

In the end the database operation is hard to define. For example if we suggest we solved the problem by moving the holes say left, then it would be best to upload the drawing as well. Now what if the part's design is valuable? Than you definetely don't want to share! Maybe it would work just for basic and general problems?
So I guess it'd be best for SMEs...

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