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December 23, 2010

one–way road issue – can SPC help that?

I read some latest blogs today and quite a few of them were about SPC and its examples around us.

As I was going back home, in my home city in  PL, we have got a one-way road that starts at my neighbourhood and throughout a year everyone goes as they suppose. However, today I noticed a car going upstream! After one minute, there was another one (they didn't see the signs, but that's normal, fair enough then).

Probably, all it means that there are more cars around, not from my city. This is of course because of Christmas... which is a ... special cause then! :D So if we made a SPC chart for that (and obtain proper results and data, not just my assumptions!), we could get some good results and maybe my Council could take some actions i.e. re-think positions of signs etc...

December 12, 2010

quality tools

After reading Ayham's blog (Quality initiatives) about the variety of quality tools I got a new idea from his entry.
This is true that there are heaps of quality tools and every single one is more or less profitable (but still
beneficial!). So if the company wanted to benefit from all of them - would it really be possible to keep using all
of them???? Then we would probably need a battalion of people to manage and use that (which would end up in high costs to run it).
It is logical to use as many tools as you can with the resources you have or keep using those which give you
good results, however I'm just wondering if it is possible and reasonable to use most (over a hundred) of the tools.
Maybe if one would be able to use them all, the company would achieve excellence? (assuming excellence is the best
level in the world).

December 11, 2010

PDSA in reply writing

After reading some blogs today I have got an idea how to apply PDSA in writing comments to others blogs:

P - plan what you would like to write for a reply

D - start writing it (the final version pretty often ends miles away from the plan ;)

S - read what you've written - is it valuabe for others to read?, does it relate to topic?, is it clear?, are you happy with the answer?

A - click 'add comment' ;)

December 10, 2010

review your actions

Today at work I had a conference-call meeting with our supplier. It wouldn't be any significant, despite the fact I was the only person representing my company... After the meeting I thought: 'well, that's done, good job' and carried on with some other things.

However, after everything went back to normal, during my break I suddenly got an idea: 'was the meeting carried out successfully for both sides?' I mean, did the supplier benefit from the discussion or maybe they just lost some of their time and forgot what I had said???

At this stage I couldn't ask anyone for feedback, so I made it up myself - by trying to do SELF-ASSESSMENT. So I started with writing down my general impression after the meeting, was is related with the scope we agreed on before, was it clear, have any decisions been made, was everyone participating?
After that, based on the answers for the above questions I wrote down some areas for improvement. They turned out to be very important but now that I have got a clear view of them, they are pretty easy to improve if I try harded next time :D.

I shouldn't praise the day before it ends, but I guess that was my 'achievement of the day' - getting this idea for reviewing my actions and planning improvements. Now this is an application of the real PDSA cycle :D [now that I write it I think it's the first thing to start practising! How come can we try to apply i.e. Taguchi if we lack basics like PDSA? :P at least I lack... first things first].

Good luck everyone, stay warm!

December 01, 2010

from envy to creativeness?

In one article about partnership I saw a graph showing how partnership interrelates customers and buyers.
After looking at the picture for a minute I gota feeling that I want to have my own diagram as well (that's probably becasue I was envious :P)

Guess what, I created it. Have a look at my 'partnership - ZIP' and tell me if you like it (don't ask me why I chose a zip :P).

my view about partnership

Created by Marcin Czajkowski (:P)

I guess it's self-explantory [the principles are not complete and random and were used just to get the idea].
Your contribution is appreciated :)

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