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September 01, 2006

No more Baby B fo me :(

Follow-up to Baby B!!! from Life, the University, and Everything!

Sorry guys and gals.

I’m not going to go to Baby B tonight.

One, my cousin (who’s been in Canada for ages) is visitng London tonight, so I’ll try and meet up with him.

And two, I’ve no idea if any anyone is going to show up! :P

Have fun tonight if you go!

August 27, 2006

Baby B!!!

Writing about web page

Hello All!

I'm dumping stuff at Uni on Friday, and am thinking about a trip to the Union.

So, Baby B, Friday 1st September, 10pm.

See you in Zippy's!

(though if you're around beforehand, it'd be nice to see you earlier!)

December 05, 2005

Yet another End of Term entry…

And it's been a really hectic term!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have had only 2 nights without something to do!

Right, here is my breakdown.

Week 9

  • Monday: Wind Orchestra Rehearsal. 5:15 till 9:30 inc. setting up, packing away and going to bar
  • Tuesday: Evening off! either slept or spent with Amy, cannot remember!
  • Wednesday: Brasssoc Rehearsal. 5 till 7:30.
  • Thursday: Evening Off
  • Friday: Brasssoc Contest Rehearsal. 5 till 7:30. THEN Graduate. till 9. THEN WSC Film till well past 11!
  • Saturday: Sleep THEN Juggling 2 till 3:30 THEN Brasssoc Contest Rehearsal 3:30 till 6:30 THEN Non-Drinking Social till late!

  • Rehearsal at 8!
  • Pack Van at 9.
  • Breakfast.
  • Get to Leam and change into concert dress.
  • Play in contest.
  • Results WE WON!
  • Drink!

Week 10

  • Monday: Wind Orch Rehearsal 5:15 till 9:30
  • Tuesday: Wind Orch Concert 3:45 till 11pm inc. van packing & unloading/setting stage/striking the stage/packing & unloading van
  • Wednesday: Brasssoc Rehearsal 5 till 7:30 THEN Tescos till 8:30.
  • Thursday: Brasssoc Concert 5 till 10 THEN curry.
  • Friday: Spec Labs 1 till 5! Friends B-day at Wing Wah 7:30 till 9:30.
  • Saturday: Laze around, watch film, Go to mates 21st!
  • Sunday: Lazing around, go to leam for a late lunch, get home after last bus!
  • Monday: Pack!

So once again I finish the term exhausted and wanting to sleep. Lets hope I can get everything sorted for home in time!

November 15, 2005

Brasssoc Contest Approaches!

The Brasssoc contest in Leamington Spa is approaching. On the Sunday at the end of week 9, the University of Warwick Brass Band will be playing A piece that cannot be named as no-one is meant to find out in case they tell the adjudicator!

So, we'll finish playing by about midday, then on to the pub to start drinking!

Eventually we'll try and go for the infamous "Survivor's Curry", but who knows how many people will make it!?

Unfortunately, I have labs the day after, which should be interesting to say the least!

Now to look forward to the extra contest band rehearsals!

November 10, 2005

Atomic Xmas Curry

Atomic Christmas Curry

Tuesday Week 10 (29th November)

7:30 pm

The Royal Bengal


(Albany Road, just down from 'spoons)

Have fun!

November 08, 2005

Atomic Party!

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

See Amy's Blog

November 03, 2005

Photos Uploaded!

Craig, Lucy and Stu's Housewarming

Wind Orchestra Meal

Cheese and Beer

My First Top B This Year

Atomic Pub Crawl to Leam

My route round the pub crawl

Follow-up to The Atomic Pub Crawl from Life, the University, and Everything!

So, here is a list of the pubs.

1–7 are the ones on the route, any halves or quarters are extras.

1) Wetherspoons 1 pint

1 and a half) The Sausage 1 pint

2) Cuba 1 Whisky and Drambuie

3) Bar 44 1 pint

4) Ocean 1 pint

4 and a half) Bubbles 1 Sangria

5) Oxygen 1 Vodka and Coke

5 and a half) Baroque (Now "The Fox") 1 pint

5 and 3 quarters) The White Horse 1 pint

6) Moo Bar WATER!

6 and a half) Voodoo Skipped this one: Was too ill

7) Star and Garter, or was it somewhere else? Threw up in the loos; No drink

Threw up in the street in between

7 and a half) Yates's Skipped this one: Was taken to sleep on a mates sofa

I managed to drink alcohol in 9 places, and visited 11. I hoped at the start of the night to get to 13.


November 02, 2005

The Atomic Pub Crawl

Follow-up to Alcohol is Evil from Life, the University, and Everything!

It was mad!

Attempted to do 13 pubs in a kamikazee mission.

Got way too drunk, and managed 9.

Lost everyone else, except 2 freshers who made me drag them round.

So, thanks to them (Nicky and Tom) for not leaving me.

Sorry to everyone else for losing you all.

Thanks to Suzi and Jag for letting me crash at theirs, and thanks for driving me in today Jag.

Right, that's about it, i'll try and get photos up soon.

See ya round!

Alcohol is Evil

'nuff said


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