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October 12, 2007

I guess I'm an Oldie

Well, I’m back. Now in my 4th year, and still doing too much that probably isn’t Chemistry :-S Ah well.

I got my campus accommodation (Redfern) with my group of mates from my course, which is a good laugh. Shame I’m not there enough.

I’m one of the conductors of Wind Orchestra for the next year, which is bloody scary. Just did 20mins in the Free Concert on Tuesday in front of a Butterworth Hall audience. ARGH!! I’m also their Concert Manager, so have to remember all of my exec duties too.

So I started way back in 2004, and am STILL an undergrad. It’s slightly worrying when I can go out with mates who live in the local area, and realise that I’m the only undergrad there. (Thank god Laura was at Juicy’s 25th!)

Now I’ve just got to hope my 20-week research project with Guy Clarkson goes well. I’ve already managed to make some stupid errors. I’m going to blame a summer without labs and a lack of engaging my brain. Though it all sounds interesting (Getting a ring-like molecule to stay on an axle) and am quite looking forward to it.

So, I’m still here. I wonder if I want to leave in June 2008.

December 12, 2006

Holidays Are Coming

The Long One:

The Church Bell One:

The Grandad and Grandson One:

November 21, 2006

The Feeling's gig at Loughborough Uni

Writing about web page

The Feeling are playing at Loughborough Uni on sunday night, and my mates band, Clocks, are supporting them! How cool is that?

Well done lads! Hope it all goes well.

It’s a shame I’m busy all day Sunday. It would have been good to go and see it. Ah well.

Clocks Myspace Page
The Feeling’s Website
The Feeling’s Myspace Page

November 16, 2006

Stay out of Bus Lanes!

See this:


October 21, 2006

I Have A New Watch!

Follow-up to I Need A New Watch – Opinions? from Life, the University, and Everything!

My parents paid me a last minute visit today, and because of H.Samuel’s BOGOHP offer, my Dad and I both got new watches.

I got the Accurist Men’s Chronograph Watch with Navy Dial

Yes, the photo is a bit weird, but on the H.Samuel page for the watch there is a link to “Enlarge this image”, which points to a flash-type thing that allows you to zoom in on the watch.

Yey for unbroken watch faces!

October 12, 2006

I Need A New Watch – Opinions?

My watch got ever so slightly broken over the summer. Now I have loose shards of glass inside the watch face, which keep jamming the second hand. And now the H.Smauel website says it’s having a half price watch sale!

What do people think of the following watches.

{All images stolen from the H.Samuel website. All prices are sale prices}

1) Ben Sherman Blue Dial Bracelet Watch £39.99

2) Lorus Men’s Chronograph Blue Dial Bracelet Watch £49.99

3) Sekonda Men’s Titanium Bracelet Watch £49.99

4) Sekonda Men’s Chronograph Bracelet Watch £49.99

5) Ben Sherman Blue Multi-dial Bracelet Watch £49.99

6) Lorus Men’s Black Dial Chronograph Bracelet Watch £59.99

All opinions appreciated.

October 11, 2006

Free Concert Last Night

Free concert last night – Good fun.

Social for players after concert – Fun.

FREE ALCOHOL – Too much!

Bus ride home – Not good.

Managing to get off the bus one stop early to throw up – Useful.

Hangover this morning – Evil.

Lectures today – Not happening.

September 21, 2006

We're off!

Some friends and I are off to Brecon in Wales for a long weekend. I’ll probably blog about it later. See ya on Monday!

September 19, 2006

Sports Centre Car Park Is NO LONGER FREE!

Writing about web page

I think the uni wants to earn some more money!

September 04, 2006

Steve "Corcodile Hunter" Irwin is dead!!

Writing about web page


Killed by a Stingray in the ocean off the Australian coast.


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