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August 13, 2006

End of GBBF, Prom 28 and the GCR

Well, I went to the Thursday and the Saturday of GBBF. Had lots more beer, but by the end I was rather knackered. I met up with a large contingent of past and present Music Centre members, but didn't have too much fun. I think the boredom factor of being at GBBF every day (bar friday) took it's toll.

Speaking of the Friday, I spoke to Ellie and found out she was going to be at the prom that night, and I ended up joining her and her mates watching Prom 28. Even after I had figured out what pieces were going to be played, I still had no idea what to expect! (My classical music knowledge is bordering on nill) I enjoyed it thoroughly, and finally realised I recognised the main melodies in movements 4 and 5 of Symphonie Fantastique. We also bumped into Matt Gilbert who was already down for the Beer Fest the next day.

And now, the GCR. This is the Great Cockrow Railway that my Dad and I went to today.

Basically, my dad grew up next to the Great Western Railway which at the time had steam trains running on them. He has always been interested in steam trains, and we have visited many railways together, and now I enjoy visiting them too.

GCR runs on track that is only 7 1/4 inches apart (7 1/4 gauge railway). So it is a mini railway :) It has about 1 1/2 to 2 miles of track, which is quite long for such a "small" railway, and runs 2 different routes. We had quite good fun, but during our ride on the second route, it started to rain, and then that rain became trorrential :S So a wet end to a good day.

August 03, 2006

GBBF – Day 2

Today was the CAMRA young members bar crawl. Lots of drinking with people my own age. It was nice to see a lot of people who weren't elderly gentlemen at the festival.

Gus (the guy organising it) managed to get us "generous" free samples of beer at most of the bars we visited, which was good fun, and one of the young volunteers (sorry, I forget his name) managed to get me some free beer from the staff kegs :) I have to admit to getting rather drunk, and on a work night to! :S

Also, while we finished the evening off in the CAMRA members lounge, a balloon shape–maker–type–person came up to the group and made everyone a different balloon hat. So lots of thanks to him for all the funny looks I got on the tube whilst wearing a tiger's tail hat!

So, another few days of drinking to look forward to, and I would recommend the next young members bar crawl on Saturday at 1pm.

See you there!

August 01, 2006

GBBF – Day 1

And it begins.

After I finished work today I went up to Earl's Court to the Great British Beer Festival. Last year it was at Kensington Olympia, and I thought that was large! This year is even bigger!

I know that some of the music centre crowd are coming down on Saturday, but I don't know how much beer will be left by then, so I hope you get to taste the beers you want to.

If anyone is about on the friday night and fancies going to the prom, then give me a call/text/email/blog comment.

I'll edit this entry later to say which beers I tried, but as I'm now a bit drunk and extremely tired (Have to be up at 7 for work) I'll say goodnight.

One quick note for all those who came on Brass Tour… I got a free bottle of "Clouded Yellow"! Yey!

See you all soon.


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