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July 18, 2007

It’s Graduation Week…

...and I’m on campus for the duration.

I’m playing in the Brass Quintet1 that entertains the masses before and after each degree congregation. This means we get to play the same set of music ten times over the course of the week. Fun (!)

We’ve got campus accommodation (International House), free breakfast (Rootes Restaurant), free lunch (Buffet) and even a small amount of pay! Not bad for just over an hours playing each day. The slight downside is that we have to sit through the entirety of each ceremony, and it can get a bit tiresome hearing the same speech from the VC (or C if he’s shown up). Though it can be quite fun finding someone you know in the list of names and remembering to “Whoop!”

With us in halls are the Jazz Band (TUB2), the Arts Centre Stewards and the Chamber Choir, who are all working throughout the week. TUB are out on the Piazza (if it’s dry) and the Chamber Choir are in the Butterworth Hall with us.

Even though we are getting all this food and stuff, I still don’t know if I’ll come out of the week with a profit. What with all these evenings socialising with either the Quintet or the Choir (I seem to be the only person crossing over between these 2 groups!) I think my bank balance (or lack of one) is going to take a slight hit :S

Tonight is a Bengal Curry organised by Tebay (and Lu who created by the Facebook group) and the last I heard it seems we will be taking over a large portion of the curry house. Ah well, they love us really! It’ll be great to see lots of mates, some of who are leaving Warwick this year. It’s yet another opportunity to say goodbye. We’ve had end-of-term, tour, and now graduation week, so it’s all getting a bit repetitive!

Right, time to choose some music for Wind Orchestra for next term.


1 Joe Cooney (Trumpet), Bruce Davies (Trumpet), Tom Middleton (French Horn), Ed Kent (Trombone) and me (Tuba).
2 Sam Hancock (Drums), Joe Davison (Keyboard), Matt Shields (Bass Guitar) and Warren Frenandez (Alto Sax/Vocal).

February 13, 2006

And the winner is…

In the Category of:

"Services to Freshers"


"The Sam Hancock Welcome Service"

More than just a handshake!

February 08, 2006


Writing about web page

Thatz has a blog!


December 05, 2005

Yet another End of Term entry…

And it's been a really hectic term!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have had only 2 nights without something to do!

Right, here is my breakdown.

Week 9

  • Monday: Wind Orchestra Rehearsal. 5:15 till 9:30 inc. setting up, packing away and going to bar
  • Tuesday: Evening off! either slept or spent with Amy, cannot remember!
  • Wednesday: Brasssoc Rehearsal. 5 till 7:30.
  • Thursday: Evening Off
  • Friday: Brasssoc Contest Rehearsal. 5 till 7:30. THEN Graduate. till 9. THEN WSC Film till well past 11!
  • Saturday: Sleep THEN Juggling 2 till 3:30 THEN Brasssoc Contest Rehearsal 3:30 till 6:30 THEN Non-Drinking Social till late!

  • Rehearsal at 8!
  • Pack Van at 9.
  • Breakfast.
  • Get to Leam and change into concert dress.
  • Play in contest.
  • Results WE WON!
  • Drink!

Week 10

  • Monday: Wind Orch Rehearsal 5:15 till 9:30
  • Tuesday: Wind Orch Concert 3:45 till 11pm inc. van packing & unloading/setting stage/striking the stage/packing & unloading van
  • Wednesday: Brasssoc Rehearsal 5 till 7:30 THEN Tescos till 8:30.
  • Thursday: Brasssoc Concert 5 till 10 THEN curry.
  • Friday: Spec Labs 1 till 5! Friends B-day at Wing Wah 7:30 till 9:30.
  • Saturday: Laze around, watch film, Go to mates 21st!
  • Sunday: Lazing around, go to leam for a late lunch, get home after last bus!
  • Monday: Pack!

So once again I finish the term exhausted and wanting to sleep. Lets hope I can get everything sorted for home in time!

November 15, 2005

Brasssoc Contest Approaches!

The Brasssoc contest in Leamington Spa is approaching. On the Sunday at the end of week 9, the University of Warwick Brass Band will be playing A piece that cannot be named as no-one is meant to find out in case they tell the adjudicator!

So, we'll finish playing by about midday, then on to the pub to start drinking!

Eventually we'll try and go for the infamous "Survivor's Curry", but who knows how many people will make it!?

Unfortunately, I have labs the day after, which should be interesting to say the least!

Now to look forward to the extra contest band rehearsals!

November 03, 2005


Monday 7th November (week 7)


Butterworth Hall

Warwick Arts Centre

£5 (£3 concessions)

See you there!

October 02, 2005

Review of Tour 2005 DVD

DVD front cover
Tour 2005: The Good, The Bad and the Percussion Section
4 out of 5 stars

Wind Orchestra and Brass Society went on Tour this summer, and for this tour a group of people from the music centre filmed some entertainment for the coach ride.

There were the introductory videos (to figure out who we all were) and "safety announcements" as only musicians could devise! But the main event was "Brasssoc: The Musical".

Some "hardcore" members of the music centre (mainly Owen and Andy, with help from Lu, Juicy and Stu, and the "actors") filmed a 20minute long musical. This was absolutely hilarious and was received with a resounding sucess.

There is also a CD included featuring the Colin Dean Radio Show, the Foreign Language course, and the soundtrack to Brasssoc: The Musical.

I thank everyone involved with this DVD/CD collection. A special mention must go to Andy and Owen, for all their input for the contents, and Owen for putting all the DVD/CD's together before term started. Well done!

October 01, 2005

Tour 2005 Photos – Finished!

Follow-up to Tour 2005 Photos – Partly Done from Life, the University, and Everything!

They are all up on my Blog for your viewing pleasure.

Have fun!

September 29, 2005

My second home… appearing to be the music centre.

I am spending almost all of my free time between lectures there. I believe that I will soon be strangled by Owen and all the temps who seem to be there randomly throughout the week.

This is not good.

Maybe when more courses start, it'll get more work and less free time. I think for the sake of all members of the music centre, that had better start soon!

September 27, 2005

Tour 2005 Photos – Partly Done

I've put up 54 of my 133 photos so far.

The rest will go up soon.


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