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December 04, 2004

End of Term

Who would have thought that 10 weeks could pass so quickly? It is amazing how much has happened in a relatively short space of time.

Some really strong friendships have been made; Fresher's, like myself, have finally started a university course; and amongst the socialising, some work has actually managed to be done!!

So, what is the holiday going to be like? It has got to the stage when people are glad to go home, not because they are sick of uni, but it is a comfortable time to depart. So, those of us who return home will probably try and find out what their other friends have been up to, and recall what their experiences of term 1 of 2004/2005 were like.

One of the weirdist things is how all my new friends may only be 10 weeks old, but they all seem to have been mates for absolutely ages! It will be weird talking about good friends from university, and then realise that none of your "old" mates know them.

Well, all that is left is to say goodbye to Warwick for this term. It has been fun, and not too much work (yet! wait for next term). Lets hope all of us are still in a fit state to return for Wedsnesday 5th January!

Goodbye Warwick and all its students. I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and whatever you celebrate (or don't), just have fun!

December 03, 2004

This is my confession (Usher stylee)

This is what I, Matthew Cooper, The owner of this page, found written here on my blog this afternoon:

"Stefan, my dear dear Stefan. I have….oh how can I say it…a confession to make. Ever since coming to university my life has changed, I have developed an…intense passion..for maths. And I think this desire, and passion, stirring in my heart…..............its down to you!"

Thanks for that amy.

(Note to self: never leave myself signed in on someone else's computer!)

December 01, 2004

illness and 3 days to go

This is so weird, i havn't blogged in a while and it feels so unusual!

So, last fiday i noticed a lump on the right side of my neck. On saturday this had grown so much that i went to A&E in coventry. They kept me there for 3 hours, in that and another hospital, and decided that i had inflamed an "lymph node" and slightly inflamed tonsils.

I was given tablets, which i have been taking for the swelling, and they seemed to be working.

now, i have a swelling on the other side of my neck as well :S

Have i actually got mumps? No doctor has said it is mumps, but neither has anyone said it's not. i am worried.

and it had to happen in my final week! DAMN IT!

there was so much i wanted to do this week. Sunday i was meant to play in a brass band contest, but couldnt. was meant to stay out with the band until very late and go for a curry, but couldnt. was meant to rehearse with them and then go for curry, but couldnt. Was meant to go on the chemistry social yesterday, but couldnt. Now im meant to be at the music centre xmas party in leamington, but cant go.


so i am down to 3 days to go, and am really not having fun. I just want it to be over so i can go home and leave this behind.

i hope the doctor has something more promising to say to me tomorrow during my appointment.


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