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October 11, 2004

1st Lab Report

i have just finished my first lab report, and i am hoping all is OK!

at least another part of my work is over.

i cannot wait until my free day (thursday), and almost empty day (weds)!

hope everyone had fun, and i can now get ready for my "nice" day tomorrow. 9 till 11, 2 till 3, 4 till 6!

have fun (!)

October 10, 2004

more hard drive stuff

Follow-up to Hard drives – i need more space – can you help? from Life, the University, and Everything!

any opinions?"

(when i make it a link, it doesnt work, so copy it and paste into a new browser window)

Hard drives – i need more space – can you help?

Does anyone know a good place to get hard drives from?

Preferably external USB 2.0, but internal 2.5" (laptop) would do?


October 09, 2004

The night after

Who would have thought that the night after the Freshers Ball would have been almost as good as the ball itself?

The Likeness were absolutely amazing. They played and sung amazingly well and kept the whole crowd entertained for their whole hour-and-a-half set.

Well done to the union for booking them, and i believe that many students would like to see them back again!

(For those of you who do not know who the likeness are, they are the tribute band for "The Darkness", but their rendition of Gay Bar by Electric Six was pretty impressive!)

October 08, 2004

Fresher's Ball

Hiya all.

Last Night was the Warwick Universiy Fresher's Ball 2004.

I actually had a huge amount of fun. This did slightly surprise me, as i usually just lurk about in the union, but fun was had by me.

I do have to say that i liked electric six's performance, and they definately got te crowd going. It's a shame that they pissed about with "gay bar" so that the whole song was not played.

I was impresed that i didn't get smashed/pissed/any other slang for drunk. I managed an evening with only 2 pints.

Go me!

there were some people, though, who definately did.

And, even with the crowd wanting more electric six after they had finished, the DJ put on a tune that got the whole crowd jumping. It's a shame I cannot remember what tune it was.

Anyway, the people i spent time with had fun, and i guess most people won't like the fact that they have long days of lectures today! i personally have 6 hours straight (but 5 hours of lab time, where u take a break in-between experiment, and can actually get some lunch!)

So, hope everyone else had fun, and see you all around!

ta ra!

(PS: the security guys were amazing, keeping an eye on the audience, and stopping people getting crushed. Well done them.)

October 07, 2004

Warning – next entry

this is just to say that tonight is the fresher's ball, and my next entry may not be coherent (apologies for dodgy spelling, if it is dodgy).


1st Concert, then Atomic Pub Crawl

I was really annoyed.

i had realised that the night of the pub crawl was the same one as the free concert that the wind orchestra (that i had joined the day before) were playing in!


I so wanted to do both, but my sense of duty prevailed, and i went to the concert.

it was only then that i was told we were playing 3 pieces and if i was quick, i could catch the crawl before it had even left campus.


So, after an appaling concert (by me, the wind orchestra as a whole was good), i ran home, and with my tuba because i still cannot get into the music store cupboard! i managed to change in double quick time, and then headed up to cholo just in case the crawl hadn't departed.

I'd missed them there, but there was still hope. i sprinted outside and looked across towards the main bus stop. there were people. lots of people. too many for a normal tuesday night bus queue.


and so i have a minutes wait at the bus stop before boarding a bus to coventry (that decides to wait for 10 mins before leaving the uni) and it begins.

I now realise that i have 7 pubs to go to tonight, and i havn't eaten well, and i'm a lightweight.

:S oops :S

but i am determined to make it a proper night, and manage to get a drink in each of the pubs we went to. but we did skip one pub, due to the large amount of people needing to get the bus to campus, and lack of time.

it was a good thing for me, because i was having trouble doing many things, and another pint may just have sent me over the edge of stability.

All in all, it was a very good night, and i managed to impress some second years with my pint-downing. They strongly disagreed with the fact i had a packet of crisps with one of my pints, so the pint had to go before i could eat more. so, with much (and bloomin' loud) encouragement, i finished my drink and continued.

that was the biggest shame, that there was a time limit, so i never had time to finish a drink in my own time. a lot of "drink up"s were heard, and carried out, which added to my almost unstableness.

So i tell you all, pub crawls are fun, even with the chemistry society, just dont drink excessive amounts. it looked nasty.


October 04, 2004

The first group meal

you know how ideas can get out of hand? well, here is another one of those.

i realised i had too much korma sauce for just 1 person, and too much chicken, so i asked if anyone wanted any. at first there was only one other.

then 2 others heard and were up for it, and one of them had more chicken and the other: more sauce. by this stage we still hadn't realised how much stuff we had, and went to cooking. By the time all the chicken is diced, we think "OMG!" and hope some others take an interest!

by now we have 6 takers, and we think we'll be OK, and therefore use 6 cups of rice and 12 cups of water to hope all will be OK.

by the time its all cooked, we realise there is enough chicken korma for 7 or 8 people, and enough rice for 10 or 11 people!

luckily, sam walks in from his late lecture, and needs to go out in about 15 mins, so he takes away the last korma portion, and roopal uses the rest of the rice for her and zoe's dinner.


in the end all went well. my idea was well received, but way too much was initially cooked. at least it all got used, but we need better planning next time.

October 03, 2004

My Injured Foot – The Picture!

It's here, the picture!

This is how it looked on monday, its now less bruised, but my toes are now yellow and purple!

October 01, 2004

1st wind band

and so it came to pass that i attended the first wind orchestra rehearsal.

It was fun. i actually played a lot more than in brass band, and i managed to go out again with the society afterwards.

i did have fun, but as i know very few people, it wasn't as fun as it could have been. shame.

now i just have to remember to go to the music centre every wednesday (brass) and the day which wind have their rehearsal. (it is odd for the first part of the term, i think!)



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