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September 29, 2004

1st Brass Soc – Band

So, I went along to my first brass band rehearsal with some anticipation. I had received 3 emails and a verbal reminder from Dave Sait to tell me to be at the music centre at 5 today. I went along, and played really badly and hoped no-one would notice.

In the end, it wasn't too bad, i just hope i can look at the stuff more frequently.

Afterwards was the first social of the year: Drinking at the Graduate (in the union, for those who do not know).

It went well, I spoke to lots of people, and got free drinks from some people (Dave S and Owen) cos i was new to the band! Brilliant! And i returned home before I got too drunk!

So, brass soc is actually a good one to join, and I hope it stays as fun as it was tonight.

My Learning Style

Writing about web page

Aim of the Learning Styles activity
  • To enable you to understand your own approach to learning better
  • To adapt your learning strategy to be most effective during your time as a student at Warwick.
  • I had a strong preference for being an Activist
  • I had a moderate preference for being a Reflector
  • I had a moderate preference for being a Theorist
  • I had a moderate preference for being a Pragmatist

My strongest preference was found to be: Activist (53%)

This Learning Styles activity was devised by Warwick Skills

Well, as i'm so hyper, i guess it makes sense, yet its weird that i am a bit of everything.

#I could have been anything I wanted to be#

September 28, 2004

Team Building, Anyone?

I went along to the Cryfield Sports Pavillion with some anticipation and the humourous comments of my flatmates.

Eventually we begin, but not before i've had time to show off my brusing on my foot, and get split up into our tutorial goups. I get Prof Tim Bugg, and we are off.

1st Task:
Lift a Bucket full of water up, pour the water into another bucket, and all without going within 3 metres of the bucket!

Eventually sorted it out, but too much communication and lack of understanding of the task (bloody long-winded instructions) made it more difficult.


2nd Task:
While Blindfolded, and after bring each given a number, arrange your group in number order in a line, and without talking!

This went much better. We sorted out communication on each others arms, we were prepared for large and decimal numbers, and even thought about being spread out.

The group decided that one person should control what was going on while we were blindfolded, and I was nominated. I whistled (no talking, but nothing said no whistling) to get the group to me, where i managed to line them up and then put them in their correct places. Bar one person. They would give her a negative number!!! The one eventuality we hadn't though of! (As well as pi and e and so on.) But everyone else was fine, and all was well.

Feeling much better, we were worried that this would go to our heads, and we would muck up the last task by being too cocky.

Task 3:
To get 4 golf balls from one line to another, through pipes, without anything touching the floor. At least 3 people had to support the pipes on "islands" of carpet pieces, and the people actually handling the golf balls had to wear blindfolds.

This went well, but by being so cautious we were beaten by the other team against us. Actually, there was no instructions to be first, so that was OK. We built the pipeline to the side to check it worked, then went out and completed the transfer.

So, we all got to know the people in our tutorial groups, and some fun was actually had! We're all looking forward to our tutor meetings 2moro, and are finally ready to start our course.

September 27, 2004

My 1st review :)

5 out of 5 stars

Right, this is my newest DVD, but I have also seen the film.

I absolutely loved it. Simon Pegg is brilliant in it, and the writing is amazing. It keeps you interested, and makes you laugh out loud. There are all the aspects of a cheesy horror film, and the comedy is hilarious.

I especially like the scene when Shaun (Simon Pegg) walks to the newsagent without realising that anything is amiss. Yet, in the background we see some Zombies staggering around, and Shaun doesn't even notice the bloody handprints of the fridge door while he takes out his can of cola!

It is very well done, and the zombies actually look pretty decent; they look like they were once human.

I hope you all see this British comic masterpeice, and have as much fun as I had.

1st Day – Accident Prone Matt

And so it begins!

I arrive at my new flat in Whitefields, and find that I am the only one here! So nice! I manage to sort out everything, and meet the other 8 housemates who turn up today.

7 of us go out to the 1st night party, and fun was had by all. I won a game of pool (partnering Zoe), and lost another (partnering Tom)!

And so come the best bit! I was walking down the 3 steps from the pool tables to Cholo, and twist my right ankle on the bottom step! I hobble about for the rest of the night, but when walking home i need Tom to support my weight (and thats NOT because I was drunk).

Next morning i wake up to find that my right foot had swollen up to about 1 and a half times the size of my left! This is bad! I have even more trouble walking, but with my trainers on this reduces. I managed to get myself to where people are registering for the health centre (which I did yesterday), and talking to the practise manager, I decide to go and get X-rays done at A&E in Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital.

After less than an hour of waiting, I have been seen, and about half an hour later I am on my way home with no damage reported.


I get home to sympathy (thanks all), and the chance to brag.

I am the first student from Warwick University to go to A&E this year!

Hooray for me!


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