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August 06, 2005

The Music Centre Web of Incest

The Music Centre Web of Incest
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History of the ‘Web of Incest’™

The web was initially constructed to show members of the Music Centre how many "Degrees of Saliva" they were from an infamous member of the music centre. That purpose has not been forgotten, but a new one has been added. It is now an easy way of keeping track of who has got off with who within the afformentioned Music Centre.

Rules for the ‘Web of Incest’™

To be classed as a 'member' of the web, one must have a link out of the existing web and also a link back into the existing web.

One who has only a single link into the web is not part of the web but is referred to as a ‘satellite.’

Anyone linked to a ‘satellite’ (but not linked back into the web) forms part of a secondary arm.

Anyone with four or more legitimate links to the web is referred to as a ‘hub.’ (ie: 4 links to members, satellites and arms do not count!)

Anyone with seven or more legitimate links to the web is referred to as a 'super-hub' (7 members, not satellites/arms).

The person with the highest number of links is known as a "Deity" (but not if two people have the same highest number of links. Then there is no Deity).

To construct a link all one has to do is to kiss any satellite/member/part of an arm/hub/super-hub already a part of the web.

Does this make you a member??
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Enquirer group publications.™

EDIT 1 (7th Aug): SH to LG link removed.

EDIT 2 (7th Aug): SH to RL link added.

EDIT 3 (7th Aug): email address edited to be correct.

EDIT 4 (7th Aug): This page can now be accessed by

EDIT 5 (7th Aug): email changed to new domain.

EDIT 6 (24th Sept): Definition of a link has been added.

EDIT 7 (24th Sept): Definition of a 'super-hub' added.

EDIT 8 (24th Sept): 'History of the Web' added.

EDIT 9 (24th Sept): Spelling error corrected ('Mucis' to 'Music').

EDIT 10 (4th Oct): Links LY-AL, AL-CM and CM-LG added.

EDIT 11 (5th Oct): Ad changed to AM.

EDIT 12 (6th Oct): RD-MG link added. RD is now a Hub!

EDIT 13 (8th Oct): LG-ZF, LG-SN, ZF-AS and SN-JM links added.

EDIT 14 (9th Oct): KL-CP link added.

EDIT 15 (11th Oct): LG-TH-CH-LG triangle added.

EDIT 16 (11th Oct): CH changed to CW.

EDIT 17 (11th Oct): Definitions of Hub/Super-hub edited to avoid confusion.

EDIT 18 (12th Oct): JM replaced with JMc. Also: RP-JA, RP-JMc, RP-LG and RP-Old Web links added.

EDIT 19 (15th Oct): New Web Design Used.

EDIT 20 (15th Oct): Deity definition added.

EDIT 21 (21st Oct): BD-NH, NH-AI and AM-Old Web links added.

EDIT 22 (30th Oct): NH-BK, MA-Old Web, MA-HV and SF-PS links added.

EDIT 23 (13th Nov): RC-NS, LG-FL and FL-JB links added. The first Fresher is on the web!

EDIT 24 (5th Dec): BD-EM added. apologies for the delay in adding this link

EDIT 25 (6th Dec): The web is now colour coded. How many "Degrees of Saliva" away are you?

EDIT 26 (12th Feb): The Music Centre Ball has uncovered some new links. KL-HR, RC-DD, LN-AM, LW-OL-SB all added.

EDIT 27 (13th Feb): It has been confirmed. SH-ES added.

EDIT 28 (1st Mar): LC-CP link added. This has caused a shuffle of name placement.

EDIT 29 (22nd March): The Web Has Moved! link


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