August 06, 2005

The Music Centre Web of Incest

The Music Centre Web of Incest
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A black line is a link, A blue line is a same sex link

History of the ‘Web of Incest’™

The web was initially constructed to show members of the Music Centre how many "Degrees of Saliva" they were from an infamous member of the music centre. That purpose has not been forgotten, but a new one has been added. It is now an easy way of keeping track of who has got off with who within the afformentioned Music Centre.

Rules for the ‘Web of Incest’™

To be classed as a 'member' of the web, one must have a link out of the existing web and also a link back into the existing web.

One who has only a single link into the web is not part of the web but is referred to as a ‘satellite.’

Anyone linked to a ‘satellite’ (but not linked back into the web) forms part of a secondary arm.

Anyone with four or more legitimate links to the web is referred to as a ‘hub.’ (ie: 4 links to members, satellites and arms do not count!)

Anyone with seven or more legitimate links to the web is referred to as a 'super-hub' (7 members, not satellites/arms).

The person with the highest number of links is known as a "Deity" (but not if two people have the same highest number of links. Then there is no Deity).

To construct a link all one has to do is to kiss any satellite/member/part of an arm/hub/super-hub already a part of the web.

Does this make you a member??
Submit all entries to

Enquirer group publications.™

EDIT 1 (7th Aug): SH to LG link removed.

EDIT 2 (7th Aug): SH to RL link added.

EDIT 3 (7th Aug): email address edited to be correct.

EDIT 4 (7th Aug): This page can now be accessed by

EDIT 5 (7th Aug): email changed to new domain.

EDIT 6 (24th Sept): Definition of a link has been added.

EDIT 7 (24th Sept): Definition of a 'super-hub' added.

EDIT 8 (24th Sept): 'History of the Web' added.

EDIT 9 (24th Sept): Spelling error corrected ('Mucis' to 'Music').

EDIT 10 (4th Oct): Links LY-AL, AL-CM and CM-LG added.

EDIT 11 (5th Oct): Ad changed to AM.

EDIT 12 (6th Oct): RD-MG link added. RD is now a Hub!

EDIT 13 (8th Oct): LG-ZF, LG-SN, ZF-AS and SN-JM links added.

EDIT 14 (9th Oct): KL-CP link added.

EDIT 15 (11th Oct): LG-TH-CH-LG triangle added.

EDIT 16 (11th Oct): CH changed to CW.

EDIT 17 (11th Oct): Definitions of Hub/Super-hub edited to avoid confusion.

EDIT 18 (12th Oct): JM replaced with JMc. Also: RP-JA, RP-JMc, RP-LG and RP-Old Web links added.

EDIT 19 (15th Oct): New Web Design Used.

EDIT 20 (15th Oct): Deity definition added.

EDIT 21 (21st Oct): BD-NH, NH-AI and AM-Old Web links added.

EDIT 22 (30th Oct): NH-BK, MA-Old Web, MA-HV and SF-PS links added.

EDIT 23 (13th Nov): RC-NS, LG-FL and FL-JB links added. The first Fresher is on the web!

EDIT 24 (5th Dec): BD-EM added. apologies for the delay in adding this link

EDIT 25 (6th Dec): The web is now colour coded. How many "Degrees of Saliva" away are you?

EDIT 26 (12th Feb): The Music Centre Ball has uncovered some new links. KL-HR, RC-DD, LN-AM, LW-OL-SB all added.

EDIT 27 (13th Feb): It has been confirmed. SH-ES added.

EDIT 28 (1st Mar): LC-CP link added. This has caused a shuffle of name placement.

EDIT 29 (22nd March): The Web Has Moved! link

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  1. That's quite scary… Who's LG by the way?

    06 Aug 2005, 12:00

  2. Lorna Griffiths, one would guess!

    06 Aug 2005, 13:53

  3. Who's Ad? Is it Adrian?

    06 Aug 2005, 19:14

  4. Helen

    Good. God.

    06 Aug 2005, 20:10

  5. i think someone must have added me by mistake…..

    07 Aug 2005, 00:11

  6. Sam,

    Confusion arose for the following reason:

    "Enquirer Group Publications" knew that you had a link to someone on the France tour, and it was initially thought that it was with LG. This is wrong and has been edited.

    Who was the person from France tour? Was there someone?

    07 Aug 2005, 00:29

  7. It was an RL.

    07 Aug 2005, 00:41

  8. Right.

    "Enquirer Group Publications" did not know who RL could be, but the CMS has found one plausible candidate. They are old enough to have gone to France, and do play in wind orchestra.

    But "Enquirer Group Publications" still cannot put a face to the name.

    07 Aug 2005, 11:19

  9. so proud I'm not on there…

    07 Aug 2005, 11:27

  10. Wow…I'm impressed!

    07 Aug 2005, 14:12

  11. I think you're underestimating HR as having only 3 links

    08 Aug 2005, 09:32

  12. oh, and well done by the way. It's very impressive :)

    08 Aug 2005, 10:09

  13. The Editor

    We know that HR has a large number of satellites, but as for legitimate full links we're not sure of exact numbers.

    08 Aug 2005, 16:25

  14. Lucy Griffiths

    8 Links!! Oh Dear. By the way who is BK? What has Lu been up to? I appear not to be the weakest link here. hmm, having actually seen it written down I now cannot decide if I feel mildly ashamed or immensly proud. It's a tough call.

    08 Aug 2005, 17:11

  15. Lucy Griffiths

    Ah just worked out who BK is.

    08 Aug 2005, 17:12

  16. I'm so proud… :-s

    08 Aug 2005, 18:44

  17. Lorna (can't be arsed to log in)

    How exciting! I'm proud (I think) to be included.

    Is MTW even vaguely on there, or are they being excluded for reasons of making the web messy?

    And define 'link', because this could get very messy otherwise…

    Very very cool though – it's been long overdue (mainly because it's just too complicated!)


    09 Aug 2005, 11:18

  18. Lorna (again)

    Incidentally, was the link between me and SH intentional, or did someone get one of the initials mixed up?!


    09 Aug 2005, 11:20

  19. OK - so I'm just adding this so it appears on My Comments and I can keep track…

    Also – I wonder how many people are sitting there thinking "hee hee – little do they know…"


    09 Aug 2005, 11:25

  20. good point my darling.

    09 Aug 2005, 11:59

  21. ;)

    09 Aug 2005, 13:31

  22. Lorna

    Hehe… ;)


    09 Aug 2005, 14:17

  23. The LG to SH link was a mistake, and was removed. The reasoning was explained in earlier comments.

    As the web was complied by "Enquirer Group Publications", and kindly put up on my blog, I can safely say that MTW was not purposly excluded, but it is one of the Music Centre societies that "Enquirer…" knows very little about.

    But, as you say, by including MTW the web may be cluttered, especially with satellites and arms, which are less informative than actual members of the web.

    The definition of a link has not been explained, even though it is mentioned heavily. I shall wait for "The Editor" to explain that one, and to correct any information that I have given than may be inaccurate.

    Oh, and Lucy, you have 9 links, not 8! Though one of those is an arm, it is still a link. I think that "hub" status is not worthy of your achievements. A new name is required…

    10 Aug 2005, 01:28

  24. lucy is the deity of the web! for the record, i'm not trying to beat her tally….

    10 Aug 2005, 22:20

  25. you could have fooled us… ;)

    11 Aug 2005, 22:48

  26. how rude! i'm quite happy with the brass player i've got! :-p

    12 Aug 2005, 23:18

  27. Fair enough.

    Lorna, if you submit the MTW links to, then they could be added.

    13 Aug 2005, 13:42

  28. Lucy Griffiths

    Deity! Now I'm definatly proud. Wow.

    13 Aug 2005, 15:47

  29. The Editor

    Before everybody gets too excited just remember – all links lead to Colin Touchin.

    13 Aug 2005, 21:50

  30. Ew ew ew. Colin Touchin shudder

    Matt – I have no interest whatsoever in introducing MTW to this web! a) I'm no longer an active member, and haven't been for a while (hence don't know any recent gossip) and b) It would just look awful!

    I'm quite happy with my current MC links thank you :)

    14 Aug 2005, 11:21

  31. wow there is a lot of comments on this entry

    14 Aug 2005, 20:36

  32. yes

    15 Aug 2005, 13:44

  33. there is

    (sorry. couldn't resist)


    15 Aug 2005, 13:45

  34. Quoting comment 14 "Who is BK?"

    Lucy – I'm not impressed.


    25 Aug 2005, 00:14

  35. Lucy Griffiths

    Sorry Ben, but I did realise as soon as I'd posted who it was – momentary memory lapse, you have to expect it now that I'm an old graduate y'know.

    01 Sep 2005, 16:17

  36. "The Editor" never did comment to explain what a link was. I shall have to try myself. (See actual blog entry)

    24 Sep 2005, 12:13

  37. under 'History of the Web of Incest' I like your (presumed unintentional) word-play:

    It's now a 'Mucis Centre' – (mucus, mucis, music – geddit?)

    24 Sep 2005, 16:17

  38. Cheers Zoe (!)

    24 Sep 2005, 19:08

  39. You havn't added mine yet!

    Gutted :-(

    04 Oct 2005, 17:03

  40. It's there now!

    And the first same-sex link! Well done Miss Molloy!

    04 Oct 2005, 23:56

  41. …yay! We're famous Molloy!
    Don't get me started on my same sex links ;)
    You'd have to add another 4 or 5 women to the list I think.



    05 Oct 2005, 14:03

  42. oh damn. I was hoping to have the first same sex link :(

    07 Oct 2005, 10:39

  43. But with whom Miss Freedman? For surely you are a good girl?



    PS - you should have come to the choir social last night – it rocked, frankly. Chris W, Kai (I still don't actually know how to spell his name), Helen C and myself all ended up dancing in Chris's housemate's room to cheesy music with items of fancy dress attached to us (I had fairy wings, and they were very nice indeed). It was quite a good night besides that as well!

    07 Oct 2005, 12:02

  44. hmmm…. ah well, with my cold I'm rather glad I wasn't there!

    Matt – do feel free to link me to Lorna ;) otherwise I'll feel left out!

    07 Oct 2005, 12:53

  45. I just publish what "Enquirer Group Publications" email me.

    You have to email to tell them.

    07 Oct 2005, 14:02

  46. :P

    07 Oct 2005, 15:55

  47. Lorna, if you can encourage your satellites and arms to reveal their previous Music Centre links, then you are on your way to being a hub!

    08 Oct 2005, 10:56

  48. Hehe. Indeed. I'll have to sit down and think about it…
    As we discussed, though, I should have a special commendation for having more women than men linked to me!!

    And some of my arms' links should probably stay a secret too.
    I shall rest happy knowing that truly I am a hub, but my arms have pride and therefore will not publish their links ;)


    PS - well remembered from last night, Matt!

    08 Oct 2005, 13:33

  49. And so Mr C.P. enters the Web!

    Well done!

    09 Oct 2005, 16:48

  50. OK - one more for you…

    LG-TH-CH-back to LG. Mwahaha – see me introduce triangles!
    And I believe Felicity has a good submission which should take me to hub status :P


    09 Oct 2005, 20:15

  51. Is that our first male-to-male link??

    10 Oct 2005, 15:53

  52. Sorry, Laura left herself signed on to the MC computer.

    That last comment was made by me!

    10 Oct 2005, 15:56

  53. Yup. Indeed it is. And the first triangle – oo-er missus…


    10 Oct 2005, 20:17

  54. Lorna, you're making it all cluttered!!

    11 Oct 2005, 15:17

  55. Hehe – there's more to come as well I think…
    I meant CW by the way, not CH. I can't spell Warner, seemingly…


    11 Oct 2005, 16:03

  56. Sorted!

    11 Oct 2005, 16:45

  57. Argh, damn it! I thought I would escape the wrath of the web!
    And yes… Lorna you had me wondering who CH was…

    11 Oct 2005, 17:38

  58. Ooh, and you've achieved super-hub status, too, Lorna!

    11 Oct 2005, 17:47

  59. Erm, sorry. It wasn't clear.

    Lorna needs links to 7 members (not satellites or arms) to achieve super-hib status.

    She only has 2 links to members, and 2 links from the triangle. I need to consult with Enquirer Group Publications to check if the triangle allows Lorna to even reach Hub status.

    11 Oct 2005, 21:10

  60. :P
    I knew that – Tommy just got over excited. I've got one for you, given that I'm assuming Felicity isn't going to email it to Enquirer Group Publications ™:

    old web – RP - LG, and RP also to JA, and also to JMc. Sorted.


    PS - RP is no longer at uni – does that count?

    11 Oct 2005, 21:49

  61. I don't see a problem with that. TP and PS aren't at uni either.

    12 Oct 2005, 09:16

  62. Is RP male or female?

    (just so I get the links right)

    Also, who is JMc? Are they the JM that has been linked to SN?

    12 Oct 2005, 11:06

  63. RP is female. JMc is indeed the same as JM!
    Have fun fitting all that in :P


    12 Oct 2005, 11:48

  64. The web is starting to look very cluttered!

    Can someone "build" a new web?

    (It needs to be *.jpg or *.png. I have used paint and saved the web as a *.png file.)

    Any new web sent to would be most appreciated.

    12 Oct 2005, 14:44

  65. The Editor

    Point of order:

    The first same sex link is on the old original web (not shown here) between SJ and AN.

    Sorry Lorna.

    13 Oct 2005, 12:00

  66. Ah! The Editor returns to check on Enquirer Group PublicationsTM "Web of Incest"!

    Are any of the edits or wordings that are not up to Enquirer's high standards?

    13 Oct 2005, 18:33

  67. The Editor

    All seems fine to me. It's grown into a bit of a beast since I last checked up on it!

    14 Oct 2005, 12:09

  68. The Web is indeed looking impressive!

    Lorna, what do you reckon to trying an MTW Web – Rich, a guy in my lab, has offered a chemistry 3D molecular modelling kit we could use so we could go in to three dimensions! You can only link each person to up to eight others though – could be a problem.

    14 Oct 2005, 17:01

  69. Haha – not really my thing Sarah – I have absolutely no desire to doing the MTW web…
    The chamber choir one, on the other hand…


    14 Oct 2005, 17:50

  70. That I'd like to see…

    14 Oct 2005, 23:18

  71. Well, they are music centre….

    I think i'll need a nes design for the web. The current one isn't coping well!

    15 Oct 2005, 14:04

  72. What do you think of this?

    (Thanks for finding the Program, Ed!)

    15 Oct 2005, 15:10

  73. somehow it doesnt look as shameful in that format….altho in the redesign i appear to have grown a new link….

    15 Oct 2005, 16:06

  74. S'ok Lorna, that wasn't a serious suggestion! I think in choir you may well be the hub at the centre of the web!

    15 Oct 2005, 16:35

  75. Oh, and you spell his name Kaj, by the way – I checked the WSO members' list.

    15 Oct 2005, 16:40

  76. I have no idea who CM is! You replaced Zoe with CM!!
    And Al's surname isn't "L" isn't it? And as far as I know, he doesn't link to Lucy either?!!

    And thanks Sarah…


    15 Oct 2005, 16:50

  77. Andy Lay links to Lucy!

    Lorna, you are now on the right hand side of the web. You are still linked to Zoe. You are not linked to CM.

    15 Oct 2005, 17:22

  78. Sorry, CM is Caroline Molloy!

    15 Oct 2005, 17:22

  79. Is it wise putting HR at the top of the web? :p

    15 Oct 2005, 18:43

  80. Oh yeah – I'm being thick. I am blonde. My apologies.
    And no, I don't think we should put Hywel at the top either :P – it'll give him the wrong idea!!


    15 Oct 2005, 19:14

  81. Old Web should be at the top, surely. Or Colin Touchin to Old Web to Current Web.

    15 Oct 2005, 21:31

  82. I agree with that idea.
    Turn the whole thing upside down…
    Then Hywel would be at the bottom… :P

    (love ya welshboy)


    15 Oct 2005, 23:22

  83. But then LY (our Deity) is near the bottom too!

    It's difficult to sort out!


    16 Oct 2005, 00:38

  84. Hmm. Fair. Is there any way to have LY at the top then? And move HR down to her level? You can have lines crossing – I think that would make it more web-like?


    16 Oct 2005, 09:52

  85. Any better?

    16 Oct 2005, 20:22

  86. If reports from last Thursday night are hold any truth whatsoever, a link from BD to NH can be added…

    16 Oct 2005, 20:29

  87. It looks less of a web and more like a circuit board…

    16 Oct 2005, 22:31

  88. Well, at least it's relativly easy to follow!

    16 Oct 2005, 22:42

  89. Ooh yeah – me likey.
    Matt – do you actually do a degree?!


    16 Oct 2005, 23:02

  90. Of course I do!

    Why do you ask?

    17 Oct 2005, 08:06

  91. The Editor

    AM should link back to the old web, not just 'other unknown links.'

    17 Oct 2005, 09:10

  92. ooh this is nearly at 100 comments!

    Ben- if you want to add a link don't u have to email the editor?

    17 Oct 2005, 15:11

  93. Wow…. Gosh this has come a long way since the intial paper drafts. Well done! Do you think it would be possible to put the top 3 members/hubs/whatever we are calling them now in a table so I can actually tell how many links they have without trying to count all the lines… or is that too much to ask.

    17 Oct 2005, 19:07

  94. I notice an ADS, an AFS and an AS on the web. That's confusing.

    18 Oct 2005, 00:01

  95. It's done so as to avoid having 3 AS's on the web and causing even MORE confusion!

    18 Oct 2005, 23:32

  96. BD to NH and AM to Old Web will be added when I have some more time. I apologise for the delay to the update.

    18 Oct 2005, 23:36

  97. Oh and I thought I'd escaped lol…

    19 Oct 2005, 00:19

  98. Have I been officially declared a hub yet then?


    19 Oct 2005, 10:00

  99. But people might be confused as to which one the AS is. Can't you find out their middle initial as well?

    19 Oct 2005, 10:05

  100. Nope, Naomi, you didn't… if you read up the comments a little bit, you'll find somebody took care of making sure it was included! If you insist on getting involved in such practices, there's no escaping the Web of Incest!!

    19 Oct 2005, 10:09

  101. AS? That's me… My initials are remaining secret (ish) :)

    I'm confused as to which one ADS is… Maybe he was before my time.


    19 Oct 2005, 10:18

  102. Thankyou Ben I'm sure – glad to see you're helping the MC gossip machine work efficiently lol ;-)

    19 Oct 2005, 10:33

  103. (Oh and well done on getting the 100th comment!!)

    19 Oct 2005, 10:35

  104. Oh yay!! Didn't even notice that!

    19 Oct 2005, 13:26

  105. ADS is Andrew Spooner. He graduated last year, so that's unlikely to be before your time (I'd be very surprised if a fresher had got on to the Web in only 3 and a half weeks). He has a blog here

    19 Oct 2005, 13:51

  106. Indeed, Matt pointed that out to me in the MC Office earlier; I don't know many BrassSoc-only people (I don't remember him playing in WO, certainly). I'd be equally surprised if a fresher managed to join in so soon; I managed to stay off the web for 2 years… 8-|

    19 Oct 2005, 15:51

  107. Lucy Griffiths

    So I've officially been declared the deity then? I think I still have the most links (certainly same sex ones lol!)

    Oh and we think I may have a new satellite link, but I'm not sure I shoud tell you, it's a little embarassing and I was very drunk and it was a dare and so was he and he accepted the dare….

    19 Oct 2005, 16:31

  108. Ooo – you can't say that and then not spill! (still I'll get it out of you on thursday…:-) )

    19 Oct 2005, 16:39

  109. So I've officially been declared the deity then? I think I still have the most links (certainly same sex ones lol!)

    Ah, but they're not on the web :P


    PS - I think you are most certainly the deity Lucy… How many degrees are we away from Juicy then, everyone?!

    19 Oct 2005, 16:41

  110. Alastair. This is my 4th year and I'm not on the web yet.

    19 Oct 2005, 21:44

  111. I think you misunderstood me; 'twas my intention to stay off it and admire it at a distance :)

    19 Oct 2005, 22:30

  112. Excellent, I just missed out on the 100th comment, but I managed the 111th :D

    19 Oct 2005, 22:36

  113. Lucy Griffiths

    oops I meant to say different sex there! As far as I'm aware I have NO same sex links -either admitted or otherwise! You win on the same sex front Lorna…I was sleepy and at work when I wrote that.

    naomi – you so won't get it out of me, it isn't something I'm sure I'm prepared to share!! Raquel and Sarah know though.

    19 Oct 2005, 23:18

  114. Hmmm…we'll see :-p

    19 Oct 2005, 23:45

  115. Juicy… if you're coming out to Mirage after the WO social on Thursday, forget about keeping it a secret. You should know full well by now that once you've said something on such a subject, the full truth will come out…

    20 Oct 2005, 01:42

  116. I think you may have just been threatened, Lucy!


    20 Oct 2005, 11:04

  117. Lucy Griffiths

    Yeah well I'm not going to Mirage, I'm going to Chorus and then home to bed. In fact, if I even make it to the end of chorus, my throat is feeling like it's planning on giving me tonsilitis again dammit.

    You will find out I'm sure. Not from me though.

    I wish I had snogged a girl, that sounds like a lot of fun! I've been banned though by Stu because I think he feels threatened that I might prefer them! Don't worry Stu, I like men…lots!! Especially you.

    20 Oct 2005, 16:47

  118. Awwwwwww :-( poor you. Hope you feel better soon. Tonsilitis is horrid.

    Me, Bruce and Ali are going to Chorus so you hadn't better infect us as well! Stay on the other side of the room with the sopranos!! :-p

    20 Oct 2005, 17:28

  119. i have actually got tonsilitis. again. for the second time this year. argh!

    21 Oct 2005, 11:43

  120. Lucy Griffiths

    Poor Chelsea! It's not nice, get plenty of minging penicillin down you and stay in bed all day.

    24 Oct 2005, 12:34

  121. Dear Enquirer Group Publications…

    LG has another arm.
    It is to FL (female) and then to JB (male of aforementioned female).

    I have another one, too, but I haven't asked permission for that to be published yet…


    31 Oct 2005, 10:52

  122. Lorna,

    can you email with the actual names of FL and JB, and also RP.


    31 Oct 2005, 14:47

  123. Would it be possible to produce a version of the web with no satellites on, in the original and authentic style of the Web of Incest? It would be very interesting to see!

    01 Nov 2005, 23:02

  124. That's available here.

    02 Nov 2005, 11:57

  125. See…
    Clearly, with all the arms and satellites taken off, I am a super-hub!
    Dammit – is it so wrong to desire that title?


    02 Nov 2005, 17:06

  126. It's 'aforementioned'

    03 Nov 2005, 11:05

  127. Lorna

    Thomas, what are you talking about?


    03 Nov 2005, 11:37

  128. In lieu of "EDIT 9", I thought "It is now an easy way of keeping track of who has got off with who within the afformentioned Music Centre." ought to be corrected!

    03 Nov 2005, 14:37

  129. Thanks for the inclusion of the 'traditional' web. Will this be kept up to date please?

    03 Nov 2005, 22:36

  130. Well, this was an unexpected find. It's nice to see that the societies still vaguely segregated. I shall call LY Romeo, for attempting to bring the choir closer to the rest of the Centre.

    Also, well done choir for its exclusive use of homosexuality. Proud of you.

    Finally. I express joy for not being on your sordid web. I am, after all, a nice boy.

    03 Nov 2005, 22:41

  131. coughs loudly


    04 Nov 2005, 11:06

  132. Ooh – and – Surely HR should be Romeo, given that he performs the same function and is actually a man?!


    04 Nov 2005, 11:07

  133. And here is a copy of the web with no names on it:


    Have fun!

    06 Nov 2005, 20:01

  134. Where's my FL-JB link Matt?!


    07 Nov 2005, 09:46

  135. Will you let me do my degree!?

    Be patient, Lorna.

    08 Nov 2005, 00:20

  136. Degree?

    What is this degree you speak of?!

    (sorry :P)


    08 Nov 2005, 12:32

  137. The Editor

    The "no name" version could be the start of a new sudoku-esque puzzle. Give a list of initials and how many links they have and people have to put them in the right place on the web so it all fits together.

    (And Matt – how do you 'spelll' Brasssoc? Speaking of remembering capital letters, what about the one that should be at the start of the sentence? Sort it out man!)

    08 Nov 2005, 23:19

  138. Meh, I never could spell.

    09 Nov 2005, 10:07


    See if you can spot who it is!

    13 Nov 2005, 12:50

  140. Well, looks like my guess about who the first fresher would be was wrong.

    13 Nov 2005, 13:53

  141. Yep, I've seen it… but then I was there when it happened so I won't spoil it for people who weren't!

    13 Nov 2005, 14:18

  142. Matt

    Another Fresher is to be added when I get home!

    27 Nov 2005, 22:27

  143. Hahahahaha. Yes indeed…. wouldn't be EM by any chance would it?

    28 Nov 2005, 01:14

  144. I'm just disappointed that in 4 years of musical related fun at Warwick I have yet to feature on the web… oh and I'm sure at least 50% of LG's links have yet to be revealed… ;-) Love you Lorna!


    28 Nov 2005, 10:14

  145. ahem


    28 Nov 2005, 11:48

  146. Would it not be easier to read if all members/satellites were arranged in a circular shape instead?
    Just a suggestion…


    01 Dec 2005, 03:33

  147. Well, you try drawing it, Tom!

    get the drawing program here.

    (I might even send you the one i've drawn so you don't have to re-enter all the names!)

    05 Dec 2005, 14:13

  148. Ooh – I've changed sides – how exciting!


    05 Dec 2005, 16:04

  149. Query — I remember someone mentioned SH isn't a hub — however, as I understand it, SH has links to LC, CR and LY who are all members, RL and LW who are satellites, but then also to AFS who appears to have a link in to the web (to SH) and then a link out of the existing web (to AR), consequently making AFS a member and therefore SH a hub? Or did I misunderstand something?

    06 Dec 2005, 00:15

  150. No Nick.

    AFS links to AR, yes, but AR does not link back into the web!

    AR is only a satellite, therefore AFS is only part of a secondary arm. AFS is not classed as a member.

    Only if AR had a link back to a member of the web would that make AR and AFS members, and also SH a hub.

    06 Dec 2005, 09:59

  151. SH has 3 links, 2 satellites and an arm.
    I have 5 links, 2 arms and a triangle – the problem is the definition of a link, because 3 of my links are linked to the web through the same person (RP) – one directly, one via JA and one via SN and JMc. I have still not been declared a hub, but Matt told me I could have my own title, which I'm still awaiting…


    06 Dec 2005, 11:24

  152. Erm….. :S

    06 Dec 2005, 12:40

  153. …from the original?! How amusing… I didn't even know the guy…
    Who's TP then? He's the one that's responsible for most of the links on there effectively because of the direct link to Lucy. I'm not sure I like being 3 degrees away from someone I don't know that's on the web!!


    06 Dec 2005, 13:16

  154. Surely the KL-CP link doesn't make sense with the colour coding?


    06 Dec 2005, 13:17

  155. …also quite scary that I'm "closer" than RP. For those who know who that is, and what I'm referring to, that will be quite amusing…


    06 Dec 2005, 13:18

  156. Ok, you've lost me already. Nicely colour coded though Matt.

    06 Dec 2005, 14:51

  157. TP is Tom Power. He graduated ages ago (before I started at Warwick, and I'm now a 4th year).

    06 Dec 2005, 15:09

  158. You know – I thought it might be Tom Power, and I have never met him.
    Funny how names exist in your subconcious!!


    06 Dec 2005, 16:41

  159. i don't really understand the colour coding thing….............. (yes, i am a bit simple, can someone please explain the system to me!)

    09 Dec 2005, 12:48

  160. It explains how many links there are between each person and Colin Touchin.

    09 Dec 2005, 13:39

  161. Lorna,

    Yes, CP is colour coded with the same (or very similar) colour as another degree of saliva.


    I'll sort it out at some point when I am less busy!

    04 Jan 2006, 11:44


    Email to receive your copy!

    04 Jan 2006, 11:46

  163. I just realised something.

    Lorna Said in Comment 30:

    I'm quite happy with my current MC links thank you :)

    From most of her other comments, I believe she was lying!

    25 Jan 2006, 08:21

  164. …you mean the bits about me being bitter about not being some kind of web monarchy?
    …I have loads more to add, but they're all satellites unfortunately, unless you count spin the bottle…


    25 Jan 2006, 09:57

  165. The Web has been updated after the MC Ball 2006. There is still one possible link I need to check, and will do so ASAP. Have Fun!

    12 Feb 2006, 13:48

  166. Link checked, confirmed and added.

    On another note: A point of interest…

    13 Feb 2006, 22:33

  167. Bless 'im. I know I've expressed disappointment in the past that one man can pull seven people and not be a hub, but even I have to admit that Sam's record is pretty impressive :)

    15 Feb 2006, 09:16

  168. woohoo! i'm now at the top of the web instead of being at the bottom! :o)

    03 Mar 2006, 19:33

  169. do u reckon this entry would win the award for most number of comments ever?! 169 comments is very impressive!

    04 Mar 2006, 00:41

  170. I'd thought I see how far up the Google rankings this page was, so I Googled "Web of Incest".

    Do not do this folks.

    Seriously. Never ever do this.

    I'm not joking here.

    04 Mar 2006, 08:26

  171. Hehe, oh dear Dave.

    But Matt, you must be impressed with a blog page having a google ranking of 3!

    04 Mar 2006, 10:06

  172. Dave, You should never say "Do not do this", cos it just encourages people!

    But trust me, Do Not Do This!

    I'm scared!

    Also, glad to see people actually check up on this! You do realise the Web on my blog is now over 6 months old!

    04 Mar 2006, 12:18

  173. To All Web Followers:

    The Music Centre Web of Incest has moved!

    Follow to find the new home!


    22 Mar 2006, 23:41

  174. Could you guys not say "Do not do this" without telling us why not to do it? I mean, I could hazard a guess, like, but still… And I can't get the new site to work :(

    Anyone know whether we're anywhere near the "most comments on a single entry" award yet?

    29 Mar 2006, 16:02

  175. Lu, try link.

    I don't know who I can ask about most comments. Any ideas?

    29 Mar 2006, 16:58

  176. Question: Why bother to move the web?

    30 Mar 2006, 21:47

  177. Because I am not maintaining it any more. Tom Woolfrey is. So it has moved to a space where he can maintain it.

    09 Apr 2006, 20:22

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