February 10, 2006

Student Rudeness

Today in one of my lectures, I was appalled to be in the same group of people as my fellow coursemates.

The lecturer was finishing off the course, and it started. The dull roar that rises as more and more people chat and whisper. Almost none of them were listening to a word he was saying. He went over the appraisal forms we filled in the lecture before, and he was almost shouting to be heard! We had given him feedback, and was the first lecturer to inform us what advice he was taking from those forms, and people couldnt even be bothered to take an interest. The way that he or any other lecturer puts across their information is surely one of the most important issues for all student's, and to give the man no respect at all was just downright mean!

I have to admit, that not everyone was being this rude, but it must at least have been half of the group. That must be a horrible atmosphere to lecture to. To know that there are some people so unwilling to listen seems ridiculous.

We are paying money to attend Uni, and when the few consistantly talk throughout everything, you get the feeling that "Why did you turn up today?". You cant be making even half-decent notes, and you definately can't be taking all the information in, so why bother? There is no such thing as a register here. Leave those of us who are willing to listen and learn alone and STAY AT HOME!

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  1. I have to agree with you Matt, those "select students" who were being very rude throughout the end of todays lecture, who happened to be sitting right behind me, shouldn't have bothered turning up as it just made it more difficult for the rest of us.

    Some of them, I've noticed in previous lectures talking throughout them, which has annoyed me whenever I've been sat in rows nearby, though never to the extent of the volume exhibited today.

    10 Feb 2006, 20:29

  2. My GOD that pissed me off!

    It wasn't just that it was annoying for everyone who turned up and wanted to listen, but that it was just so fucking rude and, as you say, disrespectful.

    12 Feb 2006, 02:53

  3. When it happens in my lectures, I normally turn around and give them a damn good glare- and if that doesn't work actually turn around and tell them to shut the f*ck up- tends to work! Try it and see!

    12 Feb 2006, 18:59

  4. Trust us Tom, both myself and Lottie, give them a damn good stare throughout the majority of our lectures! and someone else has told them to shut up before!! but alas they just keep on talking!!

    12 Feb 2006, 21:16

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