November 03, 2005

My route round the pub crawl

Follow-up to The Atomic Pub Crawl from Life, the University, and Everything!

So, here is a list of the pubs.

1–7 are the ones on the route, any halves or quarters are extras.

1) Wetherspoons 1 pint

1 and a half) The Sausage 1 pint

2) Cuba 1 Whisky and Drambuie

3) Bar 44 1 pint

4) Ocean 1 pint

4 and a half) Bubbles 1 Sangria

5) Oxygen 1 Vodka and Coke

5 and a half) Baroque (Now "The Fox") 1 pint

5 and 3 quarters) The White Horse 1 pint

6) Moo Bar WATER!

6 and a half) Voodoo Skipped this one: Was too ill

7) Star and Garter, or was it somewhere else? Threw up in the loos; No drink

Threw up in the street in between

7 and a half) Yates's Skipped this one: Was taken to sleep on a mates sofa

I managed to drink alcohol in 9 places, and visited 11. I hoped at the start of the night to get to 13.


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  1. That is one hell of a pub crawl. Same again for the Leamington South pub crawl then ;)

    03 Nov 2005, 19:37

  2. As you might imagine – I'm not impressed Mr Cooper

    03 Nov 2005, 20:10

  3. Gareth: Less alcohol intake next time. I don't think I'll drink till then in preparation.

    Laura: Thought you wouldn't be pleased. Sorry!

    03 Nov 2005, 20:18

  4. Preparing by not drinking is exactly the wrong thing to do, darling. If you starve your body of alcohol you'll only get more drunk the next time!

    03 Nov 2005, 22:29

  5. whoops!

    04 Nov 2005, 07:55

  6. I cant drink for another 4 weeks (a total of 7). I'm gonna be on my arse after a shandy ;-)

    04 Nov 2005, 08:09

  7. Matt, if you want to get round all 13 next time, may I suggest having a single/double shot of whisky/brandy from each pub before moving on! If I could make any of the pub crawls I'd do that!

    04 Nov 2005, 10:32

  8. Hmmm, interesting advice Stephen.

    Gareth, mate: 7 WEEKS! Ouch! At least it'll be ceap to go out for the night, now ;)

    04 Nov 2005, 10:36

  9. Well I can drink if I dont take the paracetamol that I'm on for the pain. But I dont think that giving a guy whos on crutches alcohol is a very good idea ;-).

    04 Nov 2005, 13:00

  10. Well, being drunk in charge of crutches would be an interesting challenge…

    06 Nov 2005, 20:09

  11. :O

    That I have to see

    08 Nov 2005, 00:21

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