October 14, 2004

My 1st RSC lecture

twas really good. i enjoyed the talk and the speaker was really good.

i went for a drink with the speaker and some others afterwards in the graduate, and in a way was slightly freaked out. I was out drinking, having a good time, with people who lectured me and who were definately older than me :S but it was good fun. we had conversations i could join in with, and it was good.

it seems unusual to go for a drink with any lecturer within 3 weeks at uni, but it happened, and i survived!

the next "club crawl" to birmingham should be fun!

Ta – ra!

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  1. Don't worry, they're not all that interesting :-)

    14 Oct 2004, 21:23

  2. Stefan Bon

    haha max….do you mean the talks or the lecturers…uuhmmmm doh! or both??

    14 Oct 2004, 22:40

  3. i wonder if this works neonborp_forums are cool

    15 Oct 2004, 14:50

  4. max, what are you talking about?

    lectures or lecturers or club crawls?

    15 Oct 2004, 22:12

  5. Was I the only one that a) wasnt invited for a drink? How rude! I can down a pint as well as the next guy! lol And b) left that lecture hall having enjoyed it and found it interesting but also feeling it raised some ethical questions in my head?

    16 Oct 2004, 23:52

  6. the drink wasn't a general invite, i asked if anyone wanted to go for one, and stefan said they were off to the graduate anyway.

    17 Oct 2004, 02:07

  7. My comment was only meant in jest etc, didnt mean it as (serious voice) 'why wasnt i invited? etc etc etc' You seem to be enjoying uni which is cool, tis weird socialising with lecturers if at school everything was very us and them, staff and students.

    17 Oct 2004, 19:05

  8. Most RSC lectures are typically fairly different to what we saw this week. I went along this week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Did I learn about cutting-edge research in the way that I usually do from RSC lectures? No, not really. Perhaps this was why I didn't see many academics at this week's talk – it's not what they're after. It was very entertaining, and was the first lecture I've seen that broke the golden rule "talks with a good title will be rubbish". Go to a few conferences, and you'll see what I mean :-)

    17 Oct 2004, 19:48

  9. ah, right.

    i'll look out for that

    17 Oct 2004, 20:43

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