October 22, 2004

Lab Time

Why do i always end up being the last person to leave the lab?

My lab partner and i always seem to be a long way behind people, but i have no idea why! I do realise that our particular bench does get a good explination of what we are about to do at the start, whereas others just rely on the pre-lab talk, but the rest of our bench still finish ahead of us.

it's slightly annoying!

If i knew we were being ridiculously slow at something, then i could understand, but we are working as fast as we can.

it's SO unfair!

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  1. Thats as good as it gets i'm afraid. From now on you will only get slower.

    22 Oct 2004, 17:12

  2. Are you time-managing properly? If you and your lab-partner aren't both doing things at the same time, you're not using your time well. Make sure you divide jobs between yourselves, then you'll get twice as much done…

    22 Oct 2004, 17:14

  3. At least you have a lab partner!!!! i don't, so i'm always the last to finish on my bench although sometimes the others stay behind to help me pack up which is nice of them!

    22 Oct 2004, 20:12

  4. I agree with Max here.
    I'd suggest that a common problem I've seen when demonstrating is people who don't fully know and understand what they're doing and what they're about to do. If you are totally aware of how the lab is meant to proceed, you and your partner can spot what can be done whilst you're waiting for something else, and what one person can do whilst another is doing something different.

    22 Oct 2004, 23:24

  5. I was searching for help with writing a lab report and your blog pops up. tis kinda freaky seeing as i kno you (i'm from flat 12). what are the chances?

    26 Oct 2004, 12:03

  6. that is really weird!

    26 Oct 2004, 13:34

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