October 12, 2006

I Need A New Watch – Opinions?

My watch got ever so slightly broken over the summer. Now I have loose shards of glass inside the watch face, which keep jamming the second hand. And now the H.Smauel website says it’s having a half price watch sale!

What do people think of the following watches.

{All images stolen from the H.Samuel website. All prices are sale prices}

1) Ben Sherman Blue Dial Bracelet Watch £39.99

2) Lorus Men’s Chronograph Blue Dial Bracelet Watch £49.99

3) Sekonda Men’s Titanium Bracelet Watch £49.99

4) Sekonda Men’s Chronograph Bracelet Watch £49.99

5) Ben Sherman Blue Multi-dial Bracelet Watch £49.99

6) Lorus Men’s Black Dial Chronograph Bracelet Watch £59.99

All opinions appreciated.

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  1. Ooooooh awesome! Good idea! I need a decent watch. Can’t really afford a Breitling or a Tag Heuer but some of these look quite nice!

    12 Oct 2006, 15:49

  2. Out of those, I prefer (3) but then I’ve got a cheap timex (that looks nice though!) from Argos!

    12 Oct 2006, 15:55

  3. 1 or 3, i don’t really like the chronograph ones with all the extra displays

    12 Oct 2006, 16:02

  4. Mathew Mannion

    2, although cheap knock-off Rolexes are really the way to go…

    12 Oct 2006, 16:44

  5. To be perfectly honest… I like the Lorus (No.5) bracelet but the face is overly crowded. I like the simplicity of the Sekonda (No.3) face. Best idea would be to go to H.Samuel and try a few on/look at them. I quite like chuncky bracelets and dark blue faces that are clear and easy to read. But then simplicity often looks cheap. Also remember that if you are buying it as a status symbol it just the name that matters so Sekonda is crap and Ben Sherman is the best (but this only usually matters if you have chav friends).

    13 Oct 2006, 09:58

  6. Michael S

    Number 4 all the way.

    The required chunky bracelet is there, and the watch face looks clean with a nice black/silver contrast. Ahem… now I must find a blog combining topless women, muscle cars and humorous shark attacks to reinforce my masculinity.

    13 Oct 2006, 13:36

  7. Sharon Tuersley

    1 or 3 – simple is best! Just thought I’d add woman’s opinion

    13 Oct 2006, 14:50

  8. Charlotte

    Number 3 all the way!

    13 Oct 2006, 15:45

  9. 6 or 3 i think

    13 Oct 2006, 17:33

  10. David Metcalfe

    They are all very bulky.. although looking around online I am struggling to find a modern watch with finer features. I agree with the others though: simple is good.

    13 Oct 2006, 21:30

  11. obviousely,4444444444444444444444444444

    13 Oct 2006, 21:50

  12. Thanks for all the advice people. I’m still thinking. May go into town tomorrow and have a closer look at some.

    {Also, some irrelevant comments have been deleted}

    13 Oct 2006, 23:37

  13. I’d go for the cheapest if I were you but that’s maybe just cos I’m skint :(

    13 Oct 2006, 23:39

  14. Skinner

    I can’t help but agree with the ladies and say number three. A serious man does not need all those dials and Ben Sherman on one’s wrist would be just be beyond the pale. And not too chunky – I would feel terrible with number six.

    Mr Spooner may say that simple can look cheap but it depends – one man’s simple is another man’s elegant. Also I would try and push the boat out a bit further because it’s something you’ll wear almost every day. I’ve had my Tissot for almost seven years and it’s served me well – only one battery change (last year) and only changes about one second a month.

    14 Oct 2006, 01:42

  15. I’ve only had mine 18 months, but due to damage sustained at work this summer, I shall have to replace it.

    I hope I can find the type of watch that will last a while and that will look half decent.

    {Another irrelevant comment deleted}

    14 Oct 2006, 12:01

  16. Number 5!

    14 Oct 2006, 14:20

  17. 2. Because no real man needs big chunky numbers round the outside to tell time, though they are fun to spin around.

    Alternatively, get yourself £250 and get a kinetic relay watch. Hours of fun in the mornings when you pick it up to find it’s hands frozen, only to give it a light shake, and they magically woosh into life and the correct time… magic.

    14 Oct 2006, 17:44

  18. Does anyone know what the watch is that has a touch-sensitive face?

    You touch it at one point and it shows temperature, another shows pressure (I think), and I believe there are 2 or 3 more points making the watch hands show different information. And of course, it tells the time ;)

    14 Oct 2006, 18:02

  19. NO idea, but it sounds like something no man should be without, throw in a compass, GPS system and pull out utility knife and I;m sold

    14 Oct 2006, 20:41

  20. Don’t forget a super electronic taser defence system…

    15 Oct 2006, 12:17

  21. Of course! No man could be without it.

    15 Oct 2006, 12:20

  22. Apparently there’s a Breitling you can get which has an altimeter and Emergency Locator Transmitter built into it. Just in case your proper altimeter breaks and you crash… Goodness knows how much that costs.

    15 Oct 2006, 13:21

  23. The watch I was thinking of before was the Tissot T Touch. It can show many different things, and some of them look quite impressive. But with a price of over £300, I don’t think I’ll be getting one of them any time soon.

    There is a good Flash Demo too. Just click one of the flashing circles (at the 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 hour positions) to see what each function does. Click the centre of the watch to return to time and to pick another function.

    15 Oct 2006, 15:06

  24. I’ve had Lorus and Tissot watches, both were very reliable, and still are going now, depite being about 8 and 5 years old respectively.
    I think Tissot are quite a bit more expensive, but they are a good make.
    I don’t think i’d ever buy a Ben Sherman watch, i’d rather buy a watch from a renowned watch manufacturer than a fashion label.

    15 Oct 2006, 17:23

  25. dave clews


    15 Oct 2006, 17:35

  26. Charlotte

    No offence, but number 5 doesnt look very “dashing”! x

    15 Oct 2006, 20:20

  27. Maarten

    60 quid seems a lot of money for a watch to me!

    16 Oct 2006, 00:48

  28. But Maarten wasn’t replying to your comment, Charlotte. They were replying to the blog entry.

    The comment section on any blog entry is not automatically a discussion board. Yes, I admit, there are discussions that take place within the comments section of a blog, but that is usually at the instigation of the blog owner.

    This blog entry was just asking peoples opinions about the watches displayed above, so not every comment made will read like a conversation, as is the case with Maarten’s and your comments above.

    Oh, and Maarten, I agree. I know that I don’t really have £60 to spend on a watch, but if it lasts for as long as Matthew Lincon’s watch(es) [Comment 24], then it would be a good investment!

    16 Oct 2006, 07:45

  29. Lucy Griffiths

    £60 for a decent watch isn’t obscene, although it’s not cheap! I think that quality is very important in a watch – yes it needs to suit you and look good as it’s an accessory as well as a useful gadget, but it’s no good if it looks nice but has bugger all in terms of functions (if that’s what you’re after, personally I’m not interested in stopwatch/temperature but that’s just me, not you!) or is unreliable.
    I like the Ben Sherman (no 1) as it’s simple but (I would imagine) reliable. For sheer gadgetry go for number 6!

    Or alternatively this one is very lovely…


    it’s got gadgetry galore and is a complete and utter bargain! You know you want it…

    16 Oct 2006, 12:45

  30. PrincessBee

    i like 4!
    but 2 is good, too.
    personally speaking, i think the cell phone plays a good role as a watch~~~

    16 Oct 2006, 14:04

  31. Hurm…
    Re. 14, yeah I agree “one man’s simple is another man’s elegant.” but sometimes cheap just looks cheap and simple is very expensive! I would agree with spending a bit more on a watch… but you have to be comfortable wearing it all the time. No point getting a watch that you are scared to wear because you might damage it.

    Re. 22, trust Keates to recommend a pilots watch… me thinks would not be much use to a grounded type.

    Re. 30, not sure why Juicy wants you to have a superman walkie talkie watch… perhaps she wants to be in constant contact. Lucy honestly!

    General. Watches are like cars, some people think new Skoda’s are crap just because of their name (other wise they are just re badged vdubs). However, everyone thinks Larda’s are crap. Some people think Merc’s are great because of their name… but most owners of new ones hate them as they spend more time in the garage being repaired than any other car. However, when someone buys a car that is great the next car they buy is usually influenced by that and they are more likely to stick with the same manufacturer. Lots of people here have said they have Tiscot watches and would buy another… definitely worth considering. I had a Accurist watch and I would buy another but currently I have a Fila watch and I would definitely recommend avoiding them (it was a present…)

    16 Oct 2006, 14:18

  32. James

    Try E-bay, and see if you can find a Longines or TAG going cheap. You’ll get a much better watch that will last for longer

    16 Oct 2006, 14:44

  33. Lucy Griffiths

    Spooner – Fila watch!! I remember when Fila was all the rage and I deperately wanted a pair of their trainers. I never got said trainers, for which I am now very grateful.
    I want Matt to get the superman watch because I know deep down it’s what he yearns for. Honest.

    16 Oct 2006, 15:52

  34. They’re all a but BUTCH. Wouldn’t one of these perhaps be a bit more, well, stylish…





    16 Oct 2006, 16:06

  35. I had a pair of said Trainers/Moonboots… in grey.

    16 Oct 2006, 16:10

  36. Charlotte

    Arent most moonboots grey? x

    16 Oct 2006, 19:50

  37. Lucy, you know me too well ;)

    (The first person who tries to get me a Superman watch is going to feel the consequences!)

    And Fila Moonboots? I think I’m too young to remember them :P

    Charles, I think most of those are a bit too stylish. Not really me, tbh.

    {More unrelated comments deleted}

    17 Oct 2006, 12:10

  38. Lucy Griffiths

    Spooner, you are indeed a classy gent.

    17 Oct 2006, 21:48

  39. Hobo Gilbert

    The last time I broke my watch strap I went round for a month with it secured to my wrist by a pair of elastic bands until I could be bothered to get it mended. True story. Was surprisingly comfortable actually.

    20 Oct 2006, 22:40

  40. I have worn Skagen watches for a while now. Most beautifully designed watches for the price I have seen. This is the one I got for £80 but there are cheaper models now.

    The website is skagen.com

    21 Oct 2006, 13:24

  41. Yeah they have UK outlets too. But if you’re paying by card it’s probably cheaper to buy in dollars than in pounds! ;)

    I also got the steel one of the one in the picture with a silver belt and body instead of a black one. It was about £10 cheaper and at the time Skagen had a lifetime warranty, which is awesome.

    The Skagen designs are very simplistic and modern, a bit like Rado ones, except that Rado watches cost about £2000 and Skagens cost about £80. People will definitely think a Skagen costs a lot more than it really does.

    21 Oct 2006, 16:55

  42. This multiple time zones watch costs only a few quid on E-Bay!

    21 Oct 2006, 18:27

  43. Or what about this wonderful “fishbone” watch? A snip on E-Bay too.

    21 Oct 2006, 18:34

  44. The wonders of Ebay!

    That timezone watch is pretty cool.

    But I Have A New Watch!

    21 Oct 2006, 21:41

  45. Charlotte

    That’s watch isnt bad, actually. Abnd yes, THE WONDER OF EBAY!

    21 Oct 2006, 22:15

  46. Michael Jones

    I’ve got a £25 Casio that’s been going OK for 4 years…

    25 Oct 2006, 01:39

  47. James

    I bought Tissot T-Touch 3 years ago with friends. We were so happy about its multiple cool functions. But my friend’s touch screen cannot function after 1.5 year. Luckily his watch was still within the warranty period. He paid nothing for the repair, but his compass no longer function in real time anymore.

    Another friend of mine, his touch screen died after 2 years. He had to pay 158.00 Singapore Dollar to fix it.

    Now my turn, T-Touch centre sensor stopped working, I went to the Customer Care and waited for 2 hours, they ask me to paid 178.00 Singapore Dollar to fix the problem.

    According to the technician the touch screen circuit damaged. It sound like this water-proof watch do not protect the touch screen circuit at all.

    so unless you don’t sweat, don’t wash your hand with the watch on, don’t wear the watch during raining/snowing days. you should be perpared to pay 100 bucks for every two years.

    I will never buy this watch again, the touch screen is very unreliable. High hiden cost (repair fee two-three years the touch screen circuit will need to be repaired), high upkeep fee (only Swatch Customer Care can repair OR even change battery).

    10 Apr 2007, 10:25

  48. dave

    get a timex ironman 30 lap. or a tissot t-touch best watches you’ll ever buy!

    28 May 2007, 20:28

  49. I didn’t know this debate was still going… I got a T-Touch for Christmas and it’s brilliant. I love it. The altimeter particularly is surprisingly accurate.

    31 May 2007, 12:46

  50. Neither did I, Ben! I got a new watch back in October 2006! Ah well.

    31 May 2007, 20:43

  51. GIJ


    22 Jul 2007, 18:12

  52. bhanu

    Sekonda Men’s Titanium Bracelet Watch its nice and attractve i had it go for that

    31 Jul 2007, 11:15

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