November 16, 2004

I just bought the Welfare and Equal Opps officer!

What have i done????

I just spent £85 on Carly Braddock in a charity auction!!! OMG!!!

the guy who won (£110) only bid accidentially while taking a picture with his camera phone, and ran off!!

Because i told the RAG people, and had bid £100, they asked if i was still willing to pay, and i said yes!

This is gonna be weird!

Has this happened??? I’ll need this blog entry to remind me!

oh deary me!

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  1. Carly's cool. You'll be fine.

    16 Nov 2004, 01:26

  2. thanks!

    16 Nov 2004, 01:27

  3. You'll love her. Make her cook food!

    16 Nov 2004, 02:00

  4. i dont own any food!

    anyone know her speciality?

    16 Nov 2004, 08:36

  5. I'm sure Brasssoc could find a use for her….

    16 Nov 2004, 08:52

  6. DAVE!

    16 Nov 2004, 12:01

  7. I was thinking that the pads need emptying after Christmas. What were you thinking?

    16 Nov 2004, 12:35

  8. oh dear! not now dave.

    16 Nov 2004, 13:06

  9. it is so scarey! this is the largest amount of money i have spent in one go so far at uni!


    but i won! YES! WOOO! be happy!

    it has completely freaked me out, now it is time to enjoy it!

    anyone know when it begins?

    16 Nov 2004, 13:14

  10. I could list a whole list of things you could use her for but I'd probably be banned from the blog system.

    16 Nov 2004, 16:47

  11. " I just brought the Welfare and Equal Opps officer!"

    What have you brought her? Or do you mean do say that you've bought her?

    16 Nov 2004, 20:16

  12. damn my spelling!

    be happy ed, its now changed!

    and, luke especially, keep it clean!

    16 Nov 2004, 21:20

  13. 100 quid ? Ouch, if she was my slave, I'd make sure I got more than my moneys worth

    16 Nov 2004, 22:17

  14. [ that could be considered offensive, and as its my blog, i would be done for it! ]
    [ any complaints about it? ]
    [ otherwise, keep those comments comming! ]

    16 Nov 2004, 23:36

  15. Dress her up in a bunny outfit :D

    16 Nov 2004, 23:56

  16. Matt, I was going to say make her do the washing up, but that wouldn't be PC. Honestly, the minds of some people nowadays… :p

    17 Nov 2004, 01:51

  17. alex: any idea where i can get one? ;)

    luke: not again!

    17 Nov 2004, 11:55

  18. She's quite cute. I'm sure you'll find some use for her ;-)

    17 Nov 2004, 15:42

  19. Stuart Coles

    Surely – she must look after your welfare and give you a fair and equal opportunity to do whatever you need to ;)

    17 Nov 2004, 15:49

  20. oh dear, this is getting a bit much!

    there are too many innuendos on this page.

    any comments that aren't innuendos???

    17 Nov 2004, 16:44

  21. Chris

    She's a darling, tell her hello from me.

    17 Nov 2004, 19:02

  22. i will, but i dunno when i will get to spend the day with her.

    i was told to leave a phone number with the RAG people, and they would phone me when "it is time".

    i wonder how long it will take?

    17 Nov 2004, 19:50

  23. {insert generic sexist comment here}

    17 Nov 2004, 22:46

  24. luke! you really are pushing it!

    do you know anything else apart from sexist comments?

    18 Nov 2004, 00:29

  25. Careful with the sexist comments, she's the Welfare and Equal Opps sabb and will open a can of Union whupp-ass on you if you breach anything.

    Good luck Carly…

    18 Nov 2004, 00:36

  26. i'm not the one being sexist!

    blame the comment-makers!

    I am trying to control them, and failing to do so.

    sorry holly, and carly!

    18 Nov 2004, 00:42

  27. This took me a full 20 minutes to write and it's still rubbish.

    Matthew's blog was getting the odd comment
    That was a tad sexist, he was to lament
    So along came Carly Braddock
    Who whipped out a haddock
    And slapped them and made them repent.

    Now you see why I took Morse and not English Lit, although there isn't much that rhymes with Braddock.

    18 Nov 2004, 02:20

  28. ok luke. a bit unusual. shame lines 1,2 and 5 don't have the same number of syllables. And lines 3 and 4.

    never mind, good attempt.

    i have to admit, i didn't expect to see any limericks on my blog, especially on this entry!

    18 Nov 2004, 09:22

  29. wu hu

    have you thought about the resale value?

    anyway i think that deep in the heart of all welfare and equal ops folk there is a fairytale fantasy about giving up on all the battling and being forced to look after children, clean a nice house, and make jam for local fetes.

    thats what I think so ner

    18 Nov 2004, 09:33

  30. Nice put down to the limmerick! Um, I'm sure she already has a bunny outfit, it would be worth asking her!!! This isn't being sexist, this is being fair, they do FAR WORSE to the guys…actually….no it's the same…bunny outfit and making them clean toilets.

    18 Nov 2004, 13:22

  31. John

    Absolutely, did you see what lottie did to the rock soc blokes – she made them fix the car, put shelves up and then watch TV with their hands down their trousers. Gross!

    18 Nov 2004, 14:28

  32. oh dear, but as it's lottie, i'm not surprised!

    I don't have any ideas that bad.

    yet ;)

    18 Nov 2004, 14:52

  33. Matt, since I've come to know you, I think it would be safe for me to say that you are a nice, friendly person who would never take advantage of anyone and that you treat everyone as an equal.
    Now I pray for Carly's sake that you don't let me down and change for a day just because you have the power.
    Find ways to enjoy it but be good.
    And don't do anything I wouldn't do :)

    18 Nov 2004, 21:05

  34. thanks suzanne, i will try and behave ;)

    18 Nov 2004, 22:08

  35. Stefan Bon

    this makes my eyes go square…..finally an excuse for you to leave the computer screen i would say ;-)

    18 Nov 2004, 22:23

  36. awwww, thanks stefan! so witty!

    18 Nov 2004, 22:25


    wow, i'm special!

    19 Nov 2004, 16:00

  38. Congrats!!

    19 Nov 2004, 20:40

  39. damn, i'm not there anymore!

    it must have timed out :(

    it hasnt even been a week!

    20 Nov 2004, 03:13

  40. awww poor matt ({)

    20 Nov 2004, 20:31

  41. Well at least you can say you've been there.

    20 Nov 2004, 21:09

  42. very true

    20 Nov 2004, 21:53

  43. margot

    uuurrmmm. Hi! i guess. This Braddock girl seems nice Matthew. A bit too nice for you if i'm truthful. lol.

    Also congratulations to Carly. In the twelve years i've known Matthew he has never parted with more than a tenner so u must be special !

    21 Nov 2004, 18:51

  44. thanks margot (!)

    21 Nov 2004, 19:04

  45. now, there was a comment here from my sister, but i didnt want all of it on public display.

    here is some of it:

    hey matty boy its your lovin sis. just a quick one. Only £85! A bargain in comparison to that swedish girl last year! jks! couldn't resist! Anyway, i'll call you soon you stupid dark horse, actually i prob won't but i'll be seeing you soon

    Thanks kate!

    21 Nov 2004, 22:40

  46. Is this a good time to say something about your sister and public display?? Probably not.

    Actually, Saitboy does make a good point about clearing out the pads. I remember it being a bit of work last year. Perhaps she can check all the valves, too. Perhaps get the tuning slides moving on the Bbs (although that might be too much even for her).

    Oh, and by her I meant the sabb, not the sister (although if she wants to…)

    22 Nov 2004, 00:15

  47. Michael, i will certainly think about getting her to do jobs for Brass Soc. Who knows, maybe she might even encourage more volunteers!

    22 Nov 2004, 09:40

  48. comment by "Neil Baddaermannnnn" deleted, cos it was appalling!

    22 Nov 2004, 15:35

  49. I think you should get her for the day of the Xmas concert, so she can iron everyones shirt for the performance.

    24 Nov 2004, 12:44

  50. well, i actually have received a phone call. I have been told to contact carly directly, and a date next term needs to be finalised. So it will happen soon!

    i'd better sort out something for her to do…

    09 Dec 2004, 20:29

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