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April 30, 2005

50 Million Downloads!

Follow-up to Firefox Newbie from Life, the University, and Everything!

At 8:58am (PST) on the 29th April 2005, the number of registered downloads of the browser "Firefox" reached 50 million!


Do you wish you were one of them?

Get Firefox!

If you want some more info, check Spread_Firefox

My Aliases

Matthew Frederick Cooper's Aliases

Your movie star name: Crisps Louis

Your fashion designer name is Matthew Paris

Your socialite name is Mushroom London

Your fly girl / guy name is M Coo

Your detective name is Snake Graveney

Your barfly name is Cookie Bitter

Your soap opera name is Frederick Haslemere

Your rock star name is Mars Bar Cheeta

Your star wars name is Matdip Coolu

Your punk rock band name is The Chilled Out Shaver

OK then, that was weird.

Some of those actually make sense!

That Sabb Auction Incident: Update

Follow-up to I just bought the Welfare and Equal Opps officer! from Life, the University, and Everything!

Well, as many of you will know, during the Sabb auction in term 1, I purchased Carly Braddock for £85. This cost paid for her to spend a day with me.

Since then, I received a phone call saying it is up to me to email her to sort out, and I haven't!

I really have no idea what to do about it. And now it is a bit close to my exams, and I have no idea what to do with her.

I am just thinking about levin it and hoping Children In Need enjoyed my money.

What do I do?

(PS: When do the Sabbs hand over?)

Hitchhikers Film


As you can see, I absolutely loved this film. The books were amazing, it has to be said, and lots of people were worried about the film, but it was so good.

After fans of the books/radio/TV series have argued about the casting of Mos Def (A black american rapper) as Ford Prefect, he came across really well.

It was nice to see Douglas Adam's book on the big screen, and it was still very like the book. Lots of the "classic" gags from his written work were still there (eg: Petunias and a Sperm Whale), but not all. This was a shame, but as we all know, to put the whole book into 2-ish hours is no mean feat.

The one thing that slightly irritated me was the love story. It doesnt appear in the books/radio/TV series, but is made a very big thing in the film. It gets my back up. But even Douglas himself admitted it would have to be included if a film was ever made, so here it is.

So, in summary, GO AND SEE THIS FILM.

Weather you are a first time hitchhiker or a dedicated fan, you will definately enjoy this.

And just remember 2 things:

  • Always Remember Where Your Towel Is.


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