January 16, 2014

Proposal from Giacomo

First proposal:
O.Cappe’, C.Robert and T.Ryden (2003) Reversible jump MCMC converging to birth-and-death MCMC and more general continuous time samplercappe2003_rjmcmcvsbdmcmc.pdf

Second proposal: Sections 12.2,12.3,12.4 from Jerrum & Sinclair (1996) The Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method: an approach to approximate counting and integrationjerrum_sinclair_mcmc.pdf This include the derivation of an explicit bound for a Metropolis-Hastings algorithm on a discrete space using canonical paths techniques (used to bound the conductance). It's quite specific but at the same time interesting and rather unique.


You can add an entry to propose a paper by pressing "new entry" in the top-right of this page. Remember to make the entry visible to anybody (when you write the text of the entry in the top you can set "Who can see this entry" to anybody.

You can propose papers or sections of a book, as you prefer. If you propose something it means you will be ready to present it! If possible directly attach the pdf to save time to the others.


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