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December 15, 2011

Follow Up 2

Follow-up to Week One – Follow Up from Matt's blog

In the last few weeks, we've been given a ton of assessed pieces of work to do, hence a ton of oppertunities to try out my action points! Okay, so, what have we learned from the previous few pieces of assessed work? First point to note: on none of these essays I've stayed up past midnight on the deadline date to finish them (a massive achievement for me!). Second point: I've been able to manage my time more effectively, and set some time aside each day in order to prevent getting overwhelmed with each section of the essays. Third: I'm not constantly seeking approval for every part of the essays, like I used to (I'm being more of an Activist now). I genuinely feel like I'm making progress on this front, as my work seems to have more shape, and i'm a lot less stressed about it! However, on reflection, there's always room for improvement. I still need to realise that each section of an essay will take a different amount of time, and should compensate for this; the perfectionist attitude is not always used in the right places. In addition, planning is something I'm still not doing effectively (mind maps and such). Therefore, still room for improvement on these fronts, and this can be done for my next two critical essays.

I've been following the action point of diving head first into oppertunities, by getting a job that involves me getting up at 5:30 in the morning, to work before university. I figure (aside from getting much needed money!) this will show employers that i'm flexible in my working hours, and very hard working in all areas of my life. This is aiding my action point of being more proactive towards making my CV look more impressive, and the career appointment has aided in helping me decide what internships I'm looking towards, but I still need to make some applications - the next action point! On the plus side, I have contacted a relative who has informed me about the HR career path, and I've been put off this a bit (out of about 5 career path choices, I find myself down to 4... just 3 more to cut down...!)


November 22, 2011

Week One – Follow Up

Follow-up to P1 An Introduction to Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio from Matt's blog

Tutor: Han-Na Cha

So, I was going to wait until the assessment I completed prior to the first blog post, before I started this one. Despite it being over a week, nothing new in the pidgeon hole, so no comment there with the result of that piece of work!

Incidentally, we have had another project to do in the meantime, so this is where our story begins: 1000 words, general essay style, with the title "What are the different types of blindsight and why do they occur?". I decided to continue of my action point to follow my intuition, and be more of an "Activist" (not over-thinking things). Therefore, I ended up letting my whole knowledge of the subject spill out onto the page, without feeling the need to structure my thoughts, or censor them in any way. Through this method of creating mind maps, refining them, putting them in random unnecessary colours, drawing pictures of blind people etc etc. actually really helped me to get everything out there, without me panicking that it wasn't written perfectly, or thinking about where it was all going to fit in later - definite plan for future essays! However, this left me with about 2200 words; 1200 over my word limit. Despite my action point of not putting in unnecessary effort to improve things when they're already perfectly adequate, I figured now was the time to unleash the beast. 6 hours later, and one by one, 1200 words were gone - there's a time and a place for being a perfectionist, and an excessively long essay is definitely the time! (incidentally, the learning grid was the place - irrelevant).

With reflection on this experience, a new action point seems to be emerging - time management. I often end up making sure things are perfect, but put them off (possibly due to thinking the task is too great, it can always be improved etc. - you can tell I take psychology as a degree...). This goal: set time aside to work on the project, don't leave it until the last minute!

Oh, careers society - didn't get the position I was after (grr), yet just as the phoenix is reborn from the ashes of its former self, I've reflected on this experience and learned a lot. The interview itself was a learning experience, along with the general feeling of being proactive and going outside of my comfort zone - something i'm working on! Also, it turns out Ad Hoc clashes Badminton club (another new venture I've undertaken!) So, I've decided to alternate between doing badminton and Ad Hoc each week.

Hmmmm anything else... Internships are another big thing I've decided to be proactive towards (being more of an Activist), and I'm heading off to a career appointment later today to discuss what I should put in my CV and internship applications (which I'm currently working on), leading again to employers liking me, and giving me jobs. And money. In addition, I'm going to loads of talks on how to write CVs, cover letters, which employers look for what, and so on. The next step is to find more leadership oppertunities, and I'm not quite sure where to go for this, just keeping my eyes open and aiming to get involved in anything that comes my way! It's so competitive out there, any actions I can take will help the cause (even if they do involve me having to get out of bed before 7 in the morning..)!

That's about all for this week!


November 07, 2011

P1 An Introduction to Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Tutor: Han-Na Cha

Workshop Date: 2nd November 2011

Alrighty, so the first skills session was based around finding out your own learning styles, your best attributes, and how you should best reflect on your life, especially in relation to personal learning. I discovered, (as I already suspected!), I'm not much of an 'Activist', so what better time to change that than now! (well, maybe changing this a while ago would have been better, but whatever).

I had a piece of coursework in for the next day, which I was pretty panicked about. However, instead of staying up for half of the night, gaining as many different perspectives on which might be the correct way of completing each task, I decided to let my own personal intuition shine through, as when the job was done; it was done. Strangely enough, I felt okay with this, and instead of fighting the constant urge to get out of bed at all hours of the night to improve on Fisher's Least Significant Difference test, I decided a few episodes of Family Guy would be more beneficial to my personal sense of well-being.

So, what did I learn from this life experience? I was drawing on the questions that we answered in the seminar, about taking more risks in life (controlled risks, not stupid "I'll just hand this piece of 1000 word limit work in, having done only 50 - the marker will see this funny side", kind of risks). Furthermore, I was probably not "absolutely correct about things", with regard to the piece of coursework, but so what? The amount of work I put in was sufficient, and I'll learn from the feedback. Saying this, I did return to the work in the morning before heading out to university, and like the prodigal son returning to his father, was accepted with open arms by my own perfectionist attitude - 30 mins maximum of final proof reading isn't that bad though, eh?

My next plans are to jump right in with societies that contribute to my overall career goals - namely "Ad Hoc" society, which is focused on Marketing in particular. I figure that if this goes well, I won't end up sticking "I like marketing, but I know nothing about it, and can't prove it in any way by any previous experience" on my CV, and employers will like me. Also, Ad Hoc is a clever name, and it amused me (good marketing strategy Ad Hoc! *thumbs up*). Another part of my journey to self improvement, and trying out new things, was applying for a position in the careers skills society. If I get this, I'll have more leadership skills, and links with businesses etc etc. Again, moving out of my comfort zone, and into the proverbial sea of lifestyle change.

Awesome, let's see how all this goes.


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