December 15, 2011

Follow Up 1

Follow-up to P8 Leading a Group Project from Matt's blog

Tutor: Mary Sage

So, once again, there has been a distinct lack of leadership oppertunities in my life (not for lack of trying to find them!), so I shall focus on the action points set in the previous blog post.

Alrighty, so the first action point involved splitting large tasks down into smaller ones. In the last few weeks we have been swamped with pieces of assessed work (they seem to spring them all on us at the end of term!) so the silver lining of this situation is that I've been able to put into practice my plans here. I attempted to split many of the assessments into manageable chunks, and with hindsight this seemed to work well at first. However, on further reflection I think the part of this that let me down involved not making these milestones very clear in the first place! For example, thinking back, "I will write the first two paragraphs, and it will be done in three days time" seems like a good target at first, but it isn't specific enough. The problem lies in the fact that more planning is needed to work out what each part of the overall task will involve - not just splitting it into arbitrary sections (and milestones). One to work on there!

Haha, the kitchen project. This overlaps a bit with the assertiveness seminar I went to, but as I mentioned, I'm not very good at making people play their role in a group environment, and often end up doing their work for them so that the job gets done. However, with my kitchen it may be a small achievement, but I have acheived an environment in which people realise what they need to do, especially coming up to the end of term. I organised an informal meeting, and expressed what had to be done (a side note, the sink flooded part of the house the other day, as the sink was too full of dishes - that may have woken people up to the issue!). By drawing up a vague plan of everyone's duties, the room is looking in a much better state, and I feel like I've actually led a "team" of sorts! Reflecting on this experience, I'm going to attempt to keep this up, and attempt to lead a new situation that has arisen - sorting out the electricity bills, as we have been charged an extortionate amount (something I would not normally take a lead on).

With regard to the team project, I've discussed with my potential team members what ideas we have for the project next term. So far, I'm trying to organise a planning stage, but hopefully when we've got some of these ideas down, I can start delegating research to different people, and take more of a leadership role in this!


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  1. Mary Sage

    Hello Matt

    It looks as if you’re making some good progress against your objectives, even if it sometimes slow, and you’re certainly reflecting well on what’s working well and why and vice versa. Successfully sorting out kitchen and domestic issues with your housemates is certainly demionstrating a range of leadership skills, and it sounds as if you’re making a good start on thinking about your group project. I look forward to hearing further progress in due course, and hope you will sign up for the leadership scheme, details of which are now on the website.

    Best wishes


    22 Dec 2011, 12:54

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