January 29, 2012

Final summary of Leadership section

Follow-up to Follow Up 2 from Matt's blog

So here we are, at my final post for the leadership section of the Skills Portfoli!

The skills that I have learned here, through planning how to lead a group project, as well as general skills that can be applied to other areas of life, I think will be useful as I continue through life. I have learned that leadership oppertunities come in all shapes and sizes, and although I am not seeing many clear-cut situations in which to lead a group of people in the formal sense, I can apply the skills to other areas of my life, and these work equally well! For example, setting checkpoints was one of the things I learned in the original seminar, and I am applying this to all my work, hence effectively "leading myself" through it, in a structured way. Furthermore, I really think that through reflecting on social situations, I'm becoming more of an assertive person (another seminar I attended), with regard to looking for circumstances in which I can take charge and make a difference (something which I would rarely do before; leaving these kinds of things to other people was something I was often guilty of!)

I have decided to leave the leadership scheme until next year, when I hopefully have some more clear-cut experience of leading formal projects, as I feel this would be more beneficial to me. However, I fully intend to continue the reflection I have started here, and am always on the lookout for leadership oppertunities!

One final though; I think one of the main things that I have learned through all of this reflection on Leadership skills, is that being a leader is more a state of mind affair. I am no longer of the opinion that some people are born leaders, and others are more about following. I think before I thought of myself as someone who could lead small projects, but would shy away from taking on anything challenging of this kind, but now I have learned the skills to take charge, and the confidence is there to actively take control and aim for something bigger that I can really get involved in!

Thanks for the seminar, and the feedback pieces :)


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  1. Mary Sage

    A great final blog, Matt, with some really wise, perceptive comments on how you are able to develop leadership skills in all sorts of different ways without subscribing to the “born leader” theory. I am so pleased that you intend to continue your reflection and look out for on-going opportunities (NB – please note speling) – and do hope that you will do the Leadership Scheme next year.

    I can confirm that you have successfully completed the P8 blog requirements. Well done and good luck in your future endeavours.


    04 Feb 2012, 17:03

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