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January 29, 2012

Final summary of Leadership section

Follow-up to Follow Up 2 from Matt's blog

So here we are, at my final post for the leadership section of the Skills Portfoli!

The skills that I have learned here, through planning how to lead a group project, as well as general skills that can be applied to other areas of life, I think will be useful as I continue through life. I have learned that leadership oppertunities come in all shapes and sizes, and although I am not seeing many clear-cut situations in which to lead a group of people in the formal sense, I can apply the skills to other areas of my life, and these work equally well! For example, setting checkpoints was one of the things I learned in the original seminar, and I am applying this to all my work, hence effectively "leading myself" through it, in a structured way. Furthermore, I really think that through reflecting on social situations, I'm becoming more of an assertive person (another seminar I attended), with regard to looking for circumstances in which I can take charge and make a difference (something which I would rarely do before; leaving these kinds of things to other people was something I was often guilty of!)

I have decided to leave the leadership scheme until next year, when I hopefully have some more clear-cut experience of leading formal projects, as I feel this would be more beneficial to me. However, I fully intend to continue the reflection I have started here, and am always on the lookout for leadership oppertunities!

One final though; I think one of the main things that I have learned through all of this reflection on Leadership skills, is that being a leader is more a state of mind affair. I am no longer of the opinion that some people are born leaders, and others are more about following. I think before I thought of myself as someone who could lead small projects, but would shy away from taking on anything challenging of this kind, but now I have learned the skills to take charge, and the confidence is there to actively take control and aim for something bigger that I can really get involved in!

Thanks for the seminar, and the feedback pieces :)


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