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January 17, 2012

Follow Up 2

Follow-up to Follow Up 1 from Matt's blog

I thought I'd leave the post until back at university (as the whole holiday has been devoted to numerous essays and revising for a methods exam!)

My first action point that I've been focussing on throughout not only my essays but also my revision, has been to split large tasks down into manageable chunks, and effectively "lead" myself to achieve certain milestones with relation to these pieces of work. If we take a look at the first task: revising for my exam. This involved reading nearly 50 case studies, and become familiar with the problems and subsequent solutions that related to the methods. I decided to make a conscious effort to set milestones of reading a set number every day, and make notes, before a certain date on which I would review my progress. In addition, with regard to making notes, I effectively recruited 3 other people and organised which case studies we would each make particularly detailed notes on, and collaborated with them when term began.

I also organised a house meeting to limit the amount of electricity being used, as well as putting a cap on the heating allowance each day. This was completely against how I would normally act (running the meeting) but i feel gave me good experience in effectively running a debate, as well as organising where everyone should meet, and at what time etc.

The team project is coming along nicely - we have lost a team member, but added another to the group, so more organisation was needed here to bring them up to scratch on the ideas. I was thinking about what I learned in the first seminar with regard to setting up mind mapping sessions, to see what everyone's ideas were, and I set up a meeting with this in mind within the first week. We now have the proposal for our project sorted, and I have designated wider reading areas to each person!

In search for new leadership oppertunities, I've applied to be a research assistant for two lecturers in the psychology department, looking to run experiments and lead groups of people through these. I figure, if this teaches me nothing else apart from how to organise when the experiments are run and so forth, it will look pretty good on my CV!

That's about all for now!

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