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December 01, 2013


Taguchi DOE experiment is a great way to find what factors really matter.

We have first give some assumptions to guess which factors may affect the results, and then to conduct experiments to check it.

What I think TAGUCHI DOE is better is because it provide us a very systmetic way to do experiment with assumption. I still remember when we team first want to build a good helicopter, we brainstorming a lot and got a lot of ideas. but how to examine which one really matters?! it seems a great thosands of experiments to do. at that time we really feel lost. But taguchi doe gives us a good way to check it.

we first find factors and examine them and we also need to figure out if there is any relation between some of those factors (here i asked how we could choose which factors we should examine and realized really management is not a simple thing because you really have to got some professional knowledge to make decisions). and also we should examine delta to find our which condition is better for one factor and using the difference between thos factors to to find out which is improtant.

it is a really systematic way to examine a lot interfere factors. there are a lot of places we could use this TAGUCHI DOE way, not only manufacturing places but also some times when we find some really interfrered factors and want to figure out their relation and priorities.

PIUSS Reflection – taguchi ROE

Taguchi ROE is a very important topic in process improvement using six sigma course.

I think reason is that this is a very good way to prevent waste and the most important is tha it starts it before production. As the former way to ensure quality is to check and inspect the quality after prudction. taguchi is a preactive way to prevent waste.

Also, it transfer the improvement from production into design department. it means from first design, we could have better quality assuarance and better design that may benefit the company and the whole society. moreover, it could help with design innovation.

Using taguchi in good way, a lot of waste could be prevent, such as a company dont have to wait finishing products to know that they are producing a totally wrong product.

How to use it in future. Not only we could use it in companies in future manufactureing career, we could also use this very good way to think. to think before we start do anything. first to make sure this is waht we want.

November 30, 2013

PIUSS Reflection – what really matter is the standard

Jan taught us about 6 sigma in different service enviroments. I think this is a great class for we cannot just using 6 sigma and lean managemetn in manufacturing only, even it is really helpful. I think a lot of things are similiar to some extent.

Jan taught us about the 6 sigma control chart and also told us about our being late for class thing. It seems unrealted, but to me, I see some connections.

In the 6 sigma control chart, we have a ucl and a lul, which gives us a range. this range is what a process should be in. but what really determine the reange, for me, is nor only the 6 sigma figures. Jan said the range is what we really care about, so that within the range it is acceptable, but without it, it is not. so this is a standard we set for ourself.

How it related to the being late thing is that, everyone has a range for ourselves. it seems like a range, but if you see different ranges for different person, you may find out that this is a standard every company and every people set for oneself. when you have a standard and range as I cannot being late, the ucl could be not being late at any occation, but the lowwer one could be not late for class. but someone may have standard like i do my best to noe being late, ucl could be not being late for most occasion, and the lower could be dont miss the important occasion.

What I learnt from this 6 sig chart and being late thing is that:

1) you need to understand your clients standard and project scope before you start your 6 sig project

2) as individual person, even we cannot understand other's standard and range sometimes, but we should always improce our standard, because when we leave school, what we care is the only standard for ourselves. it is also sometimes called pursuit.

PIUSS Reflection – Culture differentiates 6 sigma

At the very last class, our team discussed about how to fitting 6 sigma project into daily works for each team member.

It's like a management thing, which I always hold the respective that management and leadership is an art and cannot be taught. What we could do about it is to experience it in daily life and reflect about it to get improvement.

But here some interesting points were made by DR Angela.

1) to fitting project into daily work, you could motivate your team member to do work related to his or her professional area, so that no that much extra time should be used to accomplish the project.

However, in contract, sometimes you may motivate your team member to do something they are interested but not one's profession. eg, your are in supply chain department, but you are ineerestd in marketing. so when you choose a role in a 6 sig project, you could choose something related to marketing. the result should be you will get more effort to do that because of interest and combination will be definately achieved.

2) a facilitator.

what i always thinks about a 6 sig project team is like a 3rd party team which could provide objective perspectives and help. a team should consist of a team leader and some members related to each profession or department. but what I forget is a facilitator which may bring much moer than I think into a 6 sig project. to understand people's thoughts when they refuse to change, to communicate with people to get real truth about the project, and understand potential improvement space and potential needs in the process. these are all needed to be done, but if without this facilitator, it cannot finished by itself.

But still, i think culture is really improtant thing by deploying 6 sig, because how to do process improvement and even to what extend are evry deffient in each company. So I do think, when I become a change motivator, what I first need to do is not do what I have lwarnt, but to understand the whole culture.

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