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January 19, 2014

PEUSS Reflection – QFD Quality Function Deployment

I think QFD Quality Function Deployment is a very critical and useful table to analyze the results and causes when make decision and imprvement plan.

As the table contains 1) how customer feels in each element 2) what is mkt quality requrements 3) how a company perform in rechni/regulatory requirements 4) also and the degree of difficulties. in this really big chart, these elements from diferent respects could be link together. what I think is extremely useful is when you examine different elements in custoerms' aspect and manufactoring aspect.

but on the other hand, this is a really difficult to do the graph. I may first try to use it to make some simple decisions. Good luck with me.

PEUSS Reflection – Customer and Business requirements – VOC

Today we learn about Voice of Customer, which is a term I am not totlly unfamiliar word to me. When I interned in the PR agency, the main job is to communicate with customers and listen their needs. Voc and customer segentation is what we always do and analyze.

1/ i totally agree the importance of VOC. because no matter we want to manufacture a product or to design a product, to know what customer really want is important. and to define the priority in customer is also critical, which may save a lot energy of a company to reach the same goal. What we learnt about customer voice types is impressive to me.

In my internship with PR, what we use to collect data is about their reference in choosing products, and questionnaire, which always are good words and very little customer may write things down. but what a company really need is customer's real thoughts. so one need many ways to discover customers' requirement. including complaints, compliments, product return, maket share change, closure rates of sales calls. If one day I come back to work in PR industry, i may suggest all our people to think it widely.

2/ KANO ANALYSIS is a great diagram I learnt from this class, because I was so confusing about how to choose to listening customer's voice or to develop a thing and lead customer. Apple is a company to develop a interest and lead people to chase it, and you just cannot ask people to find out that they want apple things. but KANO diagram put it in a very good explanation. many things are those delighters, so if we want some really great design, we need really understand out customer and find out what they really want instead of only listening their feed back.

PEUSS Reflection – DFSS review & AGILE management

Today I read something about Agile which is my project topic. I really think that Agile management have something common with DFSS review and tollgate. it seems like the tollgate is for the agaile project manager to do that tollgate thing.

Agile project mangement is like to break job into very small unit and employees pull those units and delier it back before the deadline. this is a very extreme way to prevent those big plan but ignoring new customer demands in the long term. in this case the project manager needs to have a whole view and keep the changing tollgates in mind.

these are very similiar method to prevent ignoring upcoming new requirements from customer, but at the same time needs very high qualified project manager to control the whole thing. I think this is the most difficult thing to complish.

PEUSS Reflection – DFSS tollgate and regular review

When I learn DFSS, what impress me is they write the tollgate down and review it regularly. there are always something we seems very very easy to do, but when we see these things in real life, you will find no one is doing these really important thing.

what I think I could learn from tollgate and review is that no matter in my personal life or work time, I should always write down the aim of the whole period and review it time to time, in this way i will never lost and find myself did nothing but lying there at the end of a project. lol. because this is really what always happen and there is a saying that, if you have no aim, no way will be a good way to go.

Blogging as I say is a good way to do this, we could break our "project" - you could call anything a project- into daily review and we may find what we learnt or i just leart nothing. but I still not really good at blogging, coz.... we r all lazy nature. But i do think we should learn this tollgate and review way in not only work but also personal daily life.

PEUSS Reflection – comparison skill and how to present comparison

when we do R&M and DFSS comparison, we come to the same issue everytime we may meet, how to do comparison and how to present them. Until now i still have no brilliant idea about them, but i need to DOCUMENT (as i mentioned in last blog) to remind myself how i may do it.

1/ how to do comparison or how to understand comparison.

firstly, How to compare: I always obey the MECE (MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE & COLLECTIVELY EXHAUSTIVE) rule, and also obey to find priority 3-5 rule, which is soooooooo important, especially when we study by ourselves. because, if we do not use the pyramid 3-5 rule, we may find a lot information but cannot use them effectively, which is exactly what we always do in presentation. so we need to find out 3-5 very important points, but not a whole big table.

secondly, what is comparison: besides what we done in class, we may sometimes think that there are not that much differences, bucause they are all in the same kind and this is also the reason why we can compare them. but later through my life experience i find out, things are really diffrent and the different point is not what you covered, but what your mediam level is. for example, no matter where i go for study, there are always hear people say that our major is not that good, because what we learn is very superficial, but later i find that, the difference is not how great you done, but what your mediem level is. our MBE student may not learn that detail in manufacturing but we learn it much more than thos eBM student and they learn much ebiz more than us even it may be a little bie superficial. this is how i change my view about comparison.

R&M and DFSS may seem similiar, but if we see it in a broader way, we can see that they both forcus on better design rather than optimatizing later, which is already a great echievement. also throught some similiars, R&M success in documentation and DFSS success in it is a system focus more tham R&M.

2/ how to present comparison.

presentaion is a way to let people know what you are think about in a very efectively way. I did try to put all difference comparison in a slide, but then it seems not really work for listeners. I leatn another way from other group. to use SMARTART to compare, then it seems better and easier to read but still, for me, short for some logic.

so if you have any idea about it, im really grateful to learn. :)

January 17, 2014

PEUSS Reflection – How makes a good Teamwork

first I really need to applaud for my group to get a really good marks for the presentation.

1st. Always get long with people in your group. I think what makes MBE so brilliant is how we study and work, ana this is exactly what I was not agree in the begining. What we work is the way how we work in the real world and people here are future colleagues we may meet. so I think if I could get along in this circumstains I wil definately could be a team player in future.

2. form a good enviroment. When we start to do group work we form a really good enviroment, which in that i think is a little bit wasting of time but later it proves that it is more than beneficial.

3. people who is easygoing does not equal to people who can be a team player.

4. we should always get prepared before a meeting. I also read this in a book recently. some people think meeting is the work itself, but actually not. meeting is just a start of a work, it is telling us what we should do and what we really work is when we come back. and long meeting really bad.

5. be responsible. this is especially happen when we have very good people in a group and everyone is a bit tired. one may think other could take lead and do the work. but actually what we could rely on is just ourself and start do real work is really important.

PEUSS Reflection – nice teacher and how imporant is encouraging words in an organization

Due to some personal mess, I cannot blog for a long time, but I always thinking about how I could really use what I learnt in class.

What I leant from Jane is really important to me I think. I am those kind of people who always want to pick a fault, even though this is really because I want to do things perfect, but finally i will make everyone not happy. But when I get good and encouraging comments from Jane and also Paul always do this, I really feel more power to go further. And I think this is really importatn in an organization. Onluy forcusing on work will not really solve the problem. what really important is how people in the organ feel, and if they feel good they could achieve more than we can imagine.

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