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March 28, 2014

LE PMA Reflection – Situational leadership theory 2

At that time i feel so frustrated and dont know what to do. This theory tell me then. If im the D2 or D3, I may need s2 or s3.

S1. Directing: high directive/ low supportive.

S2. Coaching: high directive/ high supportive.

S3. Supporting: low directive/ high supportive.

S4. Delegating: low directive/ low supportive.

and this is exactly what I feel in life but cannot describe them. I want someone who can give me direction more than supportive. I even thought why my parent cannot provide me some direction, i really need them. But now i know it's not their problem, I just have different needs in different develomental levels.

What I guess I need to do are 1) keep on going. this model tells me that no matter which industry i enter, people always experience this thing from d1 to d4. there is no reason to run away just after i know the industry 2) i need to find a perople who can give me direction and tell me suggestion. 3) always be positive and motivate myself!! think about if i could always motivated and commit to the job i can definately fly over the d2 d3. this is so important.

LE PMA Reflection – Situational leadership theory 1

accourding to situational theory, there are 4 development levels of employees.

D1. Enthusiastic Beginner: a learner with low competence and high commitment.

D2. Disillusioned learner: some competence but low commitment. They start to learn the job but lost some motivation about it as well.

D3. Capable but cautions performer: growing competence and low commitment.

D4. Self-reliant achiever: both high competence and commitment.

This remind me about how I met new jobs. the process is just like how the levels go up. firstly, I may find one industry is interesting so i come with low competence and high commitment. later i learn some basic from the job and also lost motivation because experiecnes. just like when I ended my internship in the pr agency, i start to feel like i dont want this industry anymore, because the salary is not good in china and you dont imagine to be in top management- they are all white or sigapore. Then I keep on doing it, i may be more capable but still have low commitment.

March 27, 2014

LE PMA Reflection – leadership history

After reading three leadership books, I feel like I become understand leadership and it is not general and useless but it happens in every day life. No matter you will be a leader or not, it helps you become a better person and understand yourself better.

Leadership studies 1) first started from great man theory, when people view leaders as a special group of people and found them mysterious. 2) researchers become to study traits of leaders. learning this part helps me realize who I am and how far I am from a successful leader. 3) behavior theory then followed. It is like after you understand one's characteristic, behavior is also important. 4) contigensy theory then come to light. that is because researchers then realize there are other factors affect leadership. 5)influence theory. if you factors can affect leadership, how? influence learn about how leaders influence followers. 6) relationship theory. the influence is not a one way process.

This research process is just like how we enter the society and get to know about ourselves. I dont know others, but for me it is. I first know there are good leaders, and then want to know why they are good (trait), then disseninate their trait into behaviors and then realize there are more factors influence everyone. So this learning process is like meeting myself and answer quesitons I had. It is so interesting.

What I also like is that, by learning leadership, people can know themselves better. I always believe leadership is not only in companies, but also in daily life. I found that the friends I met after I came to UK are always those reationship-oriented people. I then learn how to deal with people from them. But, at the same time, I also feel like we are not same kind of people. if i force myself to be like them, I may feel hard and lost. So what I learn is, there is not one really good leadership style, they hace to suit for enviorment. So for me, there is no need to change myself for others. just find the right enviorment for myself and appreciate those different from me and learn from them.

March 26, 2014

LE PMA Reflection – To to treat others

Actually, for me, I think learning Leadership is more than just learning those theories or learning how to do in work place. I think what I get most is how to treat others in real life, not only work life. I am a peroson who is not that flexible and always have high standards for myself and others (of cource, I have to admit I broke down some times, so I cannot match my goals).

After learning traits, and different leadership style and what factors may influence a leader, I realize a lot of drawbacks in my daily communication with others. I was always asking people to give me accurate and comprehensive requirements when we want me to help, if they cannot, I may say they are so bad and cannot do this little thing. However, now I think this is what always happen, 1) I need you learn those good traits, to behave good 2) so many leaders in the world meet those people, but they not complain, they solve it. That is what i really learnt.

Be come flexible and work! :)

March 25, 2014

LE PMA Reflection – Learning & experience

When I try to understand some detail of each leadership theory, I encountered some difficulties. Then I start to think about relationship between learning and experience. That is because, I found some theories are really simple because I can recall some memories about my expeiences. However, towards someone I never ever experienced, the theories and contents seem soooo general and hard to put into practice. Of cource, I know this is not the truth, the truth is that I never experience these so it seems hard to be understand.

I guess this tell me two things. 1) why there is the existance of mba and it requires work experiences. I understood that experience is important when I read something and suddenly realize the answer of my former questions in expeiences. But I dont understant if there is no expeience, understing these is sooo difficult. Imagination is not that powerful, experience is the key. So that is so reasonable for mba to require expeiences. 2) Learning is a life long thing. We cannot always stop and go back to school when we work. But we really need to learning new knowledge or review some theories we have learnt. I guess reading is soo important here and also those learing skills we learnt in schools are important!! Those skills enable us to read and understand critically and thinking as blogging now encorage us to think the linkage between theories and reality. Unluckily,,,,, I still dont think I may one day review what I


LE PMA Reflection – Learning leadership to find a job

first of all, reviewing is really important. the first time we learn something, we may only gain concepts. but when we review it, especially a whole structure, we can find so many inter connections between each therefore can understand those concepts deeper.

When I review leadership conceets after I read a lot about it, I gain another point of view. That is, to learn leadership is to learn abuot how to find a job that really suit you, and what should you do when you want to communicate with your boss (you can find out his trait, behavior, leadership style so that you even can anticipate what he/she may want you to do).

For example, when I review riedler's contingency theory, which is one of my most favourate, I found that task-motivated leaders can do best when they have most of low control. When I look back to myself, I realize it. I start up a department in university, and always want to work for international companies (for their rules and structures) - that is what they descibe - when I have most control, I can do whatever i want in university, i feel good; and when i have low control, in a highlystructured company, I also feel good. Therefore, in terms of the theory and also my experience, I may should try less to those SMEs, which I may have moderate control so I may not suits to that enviroment.

March 17, 2014

LE Reflection – What is leadership

E.H. Carr said that "History is an unending dialogue between the present and the past" in his famous book What is History.

He describe that there is no history, there is only interepretation of history. It means that the writer of history always write it in his own way. This is like how we interprete Leadership. A friend who had working experience told me that he feels the general leadership theores are useless and you can exactly experience leadership when you go to work, therefore, a lot of what we taught in class are good but ideal and cannot be put into practice. However, Paul strongly advocates his opinions about leadership as listening and... those which are very amazing but so hard to put into practice in Asia.

Then I think about it. Do any of my friend or Paul to silly to have that arguments? I then end up with the theory that people interpret things differently because they are in different condition.

Maybe for my friend, he may think in that way because he was working as a follower who had no chance to fight back. For Paul, he may have experienced those autocratic style so he strongly recommend those what he want others to experience.

This is so interesting. Just like how you understand comments in real world and just like how you choose and use sentences from literature. Carr highly suggests that when we read a history book we need firstly read the history about the writer. I guess I also can use this in real world. When we need to communicate with someone, put our foot into their shoes. I think this is one of the most critical thing about Communication and leadership.

March 02, 2014

LE – how to communicate… eps in dif culture

I actually write this blog to thank my team.... we made 3 good presentations, but at the final report, we misunderstand each other and feel very stressful about it... It feels really bad... But I see this as a treasure.

Because, it tells me:

1 we always have bias even we dont notice it, its about language, culture and even imaginary steorytypes.

2 its so easy to misunderstand each other if you dont want to understand them...

3 but there is still some chance to cure those hurts... it s because we all know we misunderstand each other and want to step back.

also it helps me to realize how important to have a leader and have a plan before a group of people start their work to each direction. Only through enough COMMUNICATION, but just talking, but understanding each other, we can make a really good work...

LE – work vs people

Can we really achieve a good work without have good relationship with people...? I though it was yes, but I am not sure now. there are so many things you have heard but you never cannot really understand it until you really in that situations.

I thought people can deliver really good work without good relationship. this is what we are taught, to be objective, dont use personal emotions in work. because always, when you use personal emotion, you may get furious or too happy which is not good for objective work. But I havent realize, that when we give up those negative emotion, soemtimes we also forget our passion. You may want to finish your responsibility but you dont want to do anymore because there is no motivation and no one may show positive emotion to you because of this. But when you in a organization or company where people care and respect each other, perople understand each other. you may feel those expectation and do more than your responsibility.

How i may use it in future is that, I will definately care my coleagues and mates as much as possible (even though i dont really know how to implement,,, im a such conservative one). I m not a leader now, but this is at least i could do. I'll also try not judge people and believe them. Sometimes what a world is is not depends on waht it really is, but how you look at it... Hope I can always remember and do this.

February 27, 2014

LE Reflection – Do you really have a choice?

Do you have a choice or you just give it up? We discuss this in the team work today. Paul is a very positive person and believe people can do so much if you want. I actually am a very profane person, i believe those very basic but popular and practical philosophy. I had those encourage to change a lot but it graduately disappear and only those wordly things left.

But sometimes I think, this is not about choice, this is about motivation.

For me, sometimes people just dont find their motivation, so they go with mass and close their eyes dont see results of their action. but when they found what they really want to do, their small universe start move and expose sooo much energy. But the problem is, how many of us could find it before we are forced to enter the society and earn the small poor salary? What I always see is that, if you have your interest and dig it a bit before your graduation, you will fast be give a good and prefered position just after graduation. but if you have not found them, you have merely chance , or honestly encourage to change and to keep seeking.... that is what zhangailing "if you want to be famous, you need to be quick". for me, it means you need to find you motivation quickly, so you know where you are going, and your boss and your colleagues also know how to help you.

Just stay foolish, stay hangry. to seek motivation until you really find it, which really needs courage.

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