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June 04, 2014

KBAM Reflection – Why people sharing knowledge

Yesterday, I called my daddy and I am so shocked that my father knew the business excellence and DR Deming and TQM...... I was so shocked. After he told me this, I start to think why after so long time, I just notice this part. Actually this is the knowledge he owned and he may have chance to share with me. However, even we live in the same house, he never talk to me about this. I start to wonder, why people sharing? Or how to let them sharing knowlege with you?

From my perspective, people may share because they want some respect. This happens all the time, espcially those why have grow old and they was have good position. When they were old, they still want to share te gain respect. Therefore, when we want some expert to share knowledge, we show respect. Also, I think people may share because they want to help people, this is rather simple. What we should do is to show we are so interested in the topic. This is exactly link with the acient Chinese thinking. My ant once told me that if you want people to share, you ask basic questions. You should know something, so they will think you have some basic knowledge and it is not talking to a stupic peoson. At the same time, you should not say to much, which will actually forbid others to share with you, because they think you have already know a lot. To show we have basic knowledge but want to learn more is important. It also works in the companys.

However, there are some issues that prevent people from sharing. We talk about this a looooot times: trust. How to deal with it is very personal choice. There is one way to do that I heard from a Mckinsey manager, that is always thinking for others and help others. Why this is important is becasue, you behavior may convey a message that you are not dangerous and you are reliable. It sounds easy but it is hard to really do that. However, this year in Warwick in MBE espcially, change my mind towards groupwork, leadership and people's relatiomship, which let me realize a lot and improve soooo much. I am not that aggresive and I can work as a real team member but not one that always need to put her mind higher than other thing. Only cooperation can help us live long. I sinserly thank the course and people here. :P. Last module, good luck.

KBAM Reflection – Knowledge management by enhancing and connecting

At the class, we talk about the short time memory and long time memory. After the class, when I think about it on the bus, I found that it is nearly everytime after the exams, I cannot remember what the questions are and I just dont want to talk about those questions with my friends (actually it is because that I cannot remember...)

I start to wonder, if that is just like what Paul said: I just dont really understand them and cannot connect them with what I have learnt. I may agree.... This is because, now, when I think about what i have learnt in high school, I can remember nothing, just like those questions in exams. My memory is like those disconnected dots. However, I think it is the time to extent the dots into lines. Otherwise, one day I gonna miss all of these dots.

How to do it? 1st thinking just like this blog - to extent the knowledge into practice and always think how to use these. Not ever to leave the knowledge just as the knowledge, try to use it is the best way to remember it. 2nd, always connect things together. Connecting sometimes equals to enhancing the knowledge. Adding new knowledge means enhancing what you have remembered, which is good for review the old ones and remember the new one at the same time. Therefore, for the personal knowledge mamangement, I think connecting and try to use it are the good way to do that.

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