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July 07, 2014

KBAM PMA Reflection – Logic about environmental management

When I search about the boat manufacturing, I found out that there are different kinds of environmental problems. However, some small manufacturers, especially in developing countries like China, they don’t have enough resources to invest in dealing with these problems. Therefore, there are a lot of conflicts or even lawsuit about this. But what more happen in the rural and less developed area is that residents have no way to complain and solve these pollution and local government have to care about other more important thing. Some people got ill and died. This does not only happen in China. There are also London frog and other pollution in the world.

I don’t think I can change this. Because this is a rather fair logic to deal with problems – always focus on the most important one. We cannot blame a country too much when they focus on development. But at the same time, it is not acceptable to harm those innocent people. I think, until now, my way is to try enhancing their management. When they have more knowledge and awareness about environmental problems, they can try to diminish the pollution since the very beginning. I think this can suitable for those small companies, even though it may take so long time to change their logic, but I think it is rather useful especially when they have no resource but a good heart.

June 06, 2014

KBAM Reflection – Environmental issue in asset management

Talking about environment, I am actually a white paper - I know nothing about how to manage the issues about environemnt in a company in real life. However, I always know how much a company can do to chance the enviormental issues.

Good examples: Cocacola changed their pulltab as a part of the can, so that people will not discard the pulltab everywhere, which is a waste and hard for cleaner to clean. Maybe it impact a lot because it is a consumer package goods. But what changes is not only the waster, there are also change among people. People then to realize the waste and more people will involve into the environmental-friendly thing.

Bad examples: SOOOO muny manafactures in China... they produce bad product to make a short term money, and at the same time, they polute the enviorment. They rebuild so many villeges, those green beautiful villeages turn to black dark factories. The worst is that because some of these factories, people dont have clean water anymore. more and more people start to have cancer........ I can hardly read those news, but it happens everyday... everyday.... Sometimes I think this is what we may go through in development. However, no. We should at least protect people's life.... I feel so sorry about all of this.

What we should do? even though I dont totally agree with ISO standards, but I think it brought the environmental thinking into countries like China. therefore, companies have a standard to follow, and customers have a standard that they can identify what they can choose and to support those good companies.

What I think may help is that,, using CSR and PR together. What is the main driver of the enviornmental improvement? A good will for better world? For some people yes, but for the whole market, no! Therefore, let the customers to be the jusge and the driver. When they know that which company is doing a good thing, they can express their attitude by choosing products. I think this is the most important driver. PR is also important coz there are a lot of companies they do good thing but no one knows, so then they have no more drivers to keep that. If we could do PR properly, people will know about the CSR activities and involves in it. Then things change. :P

Hope everything is gonna be fine. Pray for those people in bad condition.

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