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March 02, 2014

LE – how to communicate… eps in dif culture

I actually write this blog to thank my team.... we made 3 good presentations, but at the final report, we misunderstand each other and feel very stressful about it... It feels really bad... But I see this as a treasure.

Because, it tells me:

1 we always have bias even we dont notice it, its about language, culture and even imaginary steorytypes.

2 its so easy to misunderstand each other if you dont want to understand them...

3 but there is still some chance to cure those hurts... it s because we all know we misunderstand each other and want to step back.

also it helps me to realize how important to have a leader and have a plan before a group of people start their work to each direction. Only through enough COMMUNICATION, but just talking, but understanding each other, we can make a really good work...

LE – work vs people

Can we really achieve a good work without have good relationship with people...? I though it was yes, but I am not sure now. there are so many things you have heard but you never cannot really understand it until you really in that situations.

I thought people can deliver really good work without good relationship. this is what we are taught, to be objective, dont use personal emotions in work. because always, when you use personal emotion, you may get furious or too happy which is not good for objective work. But I havent realize, that when we give up those negative emotion, soemtimes we also forget our passion. You may want to finish your responsibility but you dont want to do anymore because there is no motivation and no one may show positive emotion to you because of this. But when you in a organization or company where people care and respect each other, perople understand each other. you may feel those expectation and do more than your responsibility.

How i may use it in future is that, I will definately care my coleagues and mates as much as possible (even though i dont really know how to implement,,, im a such conservative one). I m not a leader now, but this is at least i could do. I'll also try not judge people and believe them. Sometimes what a world is is not depends on waht it really is, but how you look at it... Hope I can always remember and do this.

February 27, 2014

LE Reflection – Do you really have a choice?

Do you have a choice or you just give it up? We discuss this in the team work today. Paul is a very positive person and believe people can do so much if you want. I actually am a very profane person, i believe those very basic but popular and practical philosophy. I had those encourage to change a lot but it graduately disappear and only those wordly things left.

But sometimes I think, this is not about choice, this is about motivation.

For me, sometimes people just dont find their motivation, so they go with mass and close their eyes dont see results of their action. but when they found what they really want to do, their small universe start move and expose sooo much energy. But the problem is, how many of us could find it before we are forced to enter the society and earn the small poor salary? What I always see is that, if you have your interest and dig it a bit before your graduation, you will fast be give a good and prefered position just after graduation. but if you have not found them, you have merely chance , or honestly encourage to change and to keep seeking.... that is what zhangailing "if you want to be famous, you need to be quick". for me, it means you need to find you motivation quickly, so you know where you are going, and your boss and your colleagues also know how to help you.

Just stay foolish, stay hangry. to seek motivation until you really find it, which really needs courage.

LE Reflection – voice to be heard

Voice to be heard. Let me tell you two stories.

One is when I was interned in PwC and recerived a valunteer recrutment information, to give consultancy to NGOs. I went to the interview, it was a group interview. There were also 3 in my team are from PwC and they have worked more than 2 years and in fianance and asset management sectors, but at that time I was a junior university student. We began to interview and none of them want to lead, so I lead and I got the offer then. I still remember at the feedback session, the interviewers said that why dont you use your expertise to one of my group. I dont understand why they dont want to speak out.

Another one is when teacher ask who want to lead this week, i never raise my hand. I dont know what happend to me. Maybe its because language so I felt i am not supported. In some group work, I notice me or some classmates their voice has been ignored. We may make better results if we listen. But does the world have time to listen? maybe its because language, maybe its because their are conservative personality, or something else.

I felt bad and fortunate. I feel bad because I was excellent and always want to express my idea, but I cannot find the old me. but also I feel fortunate because I have a chance to experience this feeling, so I think, most time in future, I will willing to listen to others, respect them and encourage them to speak out and help whoever need it.

LE Reflection – learnt a lot

this blog is not about why what i learnd is important and how i will use it, but about the course just change the way i see leadership.

I was advocate of those autocratic leaders and addicted to them. I read schiteler Mein Kampf and always love those leaders who are aggresive but productive and wise. they just dont talk but tell you in their actions. I also once led a team in a business immersion program, in which there are lots freshman and sofermore students. I tried to assign jobs because I know how to do it, but they obey me silently and at night a supervisor lead them do it again through disscussing together. Me and another older one both know the new answer is shit... but I then understand that their aim is not to find the anser, they need to exoerience these things. I miss what they want.

Paul also said that, which is totally opposite from my previous thought, if you team choose a wrong way, I think you still need to be with them.... This is what I never ever thought about before I come to this class. For me, its like what we should do is ignore those idiot and do it in right and effective way. But in this class, I was told to obey, to stand with my team no matter if we are wrong.

To be honest, I can see some advantages of this point of view, but I still cannot say I really agree. I dont agree, but its really good that I have a chance to experience this. I dont know how, but I think this will definately benefit me in some time in my life.

February 20, 2014

LE Reflection – power of value

I m reading 'power of value' wrote by Meg Whitman. I really impressed by this book. Truth is, to be honest, I am not really believe in those positive value, such as integrity and honesty can really make things change. I was interned in a internet company a startup one. After the invester send a manager who know nothing about the company, the company started to faaling into pieces. the internet company should be the very good start of those good value, but i cannot really see. waht i see is those office politics. I feel so disappointed. Then i always think that these good value cannot change things, things just go whatever it should be. When i think about it, i know i become kind of worse but i think i have to. that is a leadership thing. if you have no good value, how can you send it to your colleagues and followers.

However, this book notice me that maybe i should insist those good things. even though sometimes i may think this is a biography which may always talk good things to give good impression so that could get good profit.

I dont know if I could try to do it just like whiteman or denning think. but maybe i should try.

November 18, 2013

CBE PMA Reflection – supplier relation

Supplier relations and any other relations should be emphasised and developed, but only with a particular small group of them.

After reading books and journals and evaluating those opinions, my personal view is that relations with any partners should not go as broad as possible. This is like mass production, when we feel that larger scale is always better. Some managers even use mass production in management, which I think is totally wrong. Because when we want to develop more meaningful content, the way to do is not go wider but go deeper. Back to supplier relationship management, and even daily relation management, go deeper with a small group of people or partner will definite benefit much more.

November 16, 2013

CBE PMA Reflection – mindmapping & structure.

This is my first PMA. No matter the result is good or not, I still learnt a lot from it which I think may benefit me in my all life.

1st is about structure. STRUCTURE is always the very critical one to worry about at the first place. but the base of structure, I think, is mindmapping and articles I read. Firstly, I want to start do mind mapping, but find that it;s really difficult since i have very little knowledge about what I need to write, so I stop it and turn to read without any questions. I know it is not really suggested, but I think it's right. after reading some journals, i start to realize the background and have some base to do brainstorming, I wrote down what I thought and add new things to it when I read something new. it becomes a very big tree, link to each others. The most difficult problem I met in mindmapping, I think, is to restructure them. My mom once told me that its easier to do plus, but deduce is the very hard one. because it requires really deep knowledge about the topic you are writing.

So I think I learnt the way to do restructure is to read more and know deeper about my topic, it's like when you want to improve your life and all things, the only plus is not enough, what really important is to learn more and at last, do deduce and restructure. the restructure is the one shows if you learn it good or not.

CBE PMA Reflection – Time management

It has been a long time since I wrote last blog here. Even though I keep thinking about these courses and try to do reflection everyday, but everyone could find that time is not enough for us to remember all things and experience them all. I always wrote reflections down when I read or take notes, there is always a little width part on the right for myself. But even in this way, I still have no time to write all that down into my blog. So ~~sorry to myself.

Before I copy reflections in my notesbook down on the blog, what I really want to reflect is about time management. At the beginning of this master degree and also at the begining of CBE course, tutors talk a lot about time mangement. at that time I thouhgt we could do it of course, why not!? But the reality in master degree is that you have more choice so that it turns out to be your real life thing - it mixs a lot, your work, your life, your boyfriend, and all. When you want to manage your time properly, it really needs you to think about time mangement. It cannot be solved with a simple timetable, but without it, you can achieve nothing. Yep, sometimes you may, but really in hurry.

I remember when our group first work together and one of our classmate made a timetable for all six miniprojects, I thought it was wired, but now, I may also do that for myself. So that I would never miss any important moment. So I made timetable for all my important work in an excel and highlight the improtant moment. So I generally could complish what I should do always in time. Good and learn from it and keep it as mine own tool.!~

October 18, 2013

CBE Seminar Reflection – Emotional Intellegence

Today we had a seminar about how to use emotional intellegence. We gave different answers, but some are really brilliant and could be used in social and work life.

1st, what is EQ?

I have disscused this topic before with my friend. Her antie said that she should try to practice it in this master year, but we both dont know what it is. Now I think, it is (1) self awareness and management, (2) social: how you perceive, empathy and control others' feeling so that could achieve a good result.

2nd, this topic also inspire me to think about what job I want to take, what is the most elements when I apply a job. I think it is not only about the money the salary. I also like open culture, where people would like to share and learn, such as BM, where I got a lot daily training when I interned there. and also other things which I am not get them now in my head. But I should think about it, I know that.

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