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June 06, 2014

KBAM Reflection – Environmental issue in asset management

Talking about environment, I am actually a white paper - I know nothing about how to manage the issues about environemnt in a company in real life. However, I always know how much a company can do to chance the enviormental issues.

Good examples: Cocacola changed their pulltab as a part of the can, so that people will not discard the pulltab everywhere, which is a waste and hard for cleaner to clean. Maybe it impact a lot because it is a consumer package goods. But what changes is not only the waster, there are also change among people. People then to realize the waste and more people will involve into the environmental-friendly thing.

Bad examples: SOOOO muny manafactures in China... they produce bad product to make a short term money, and at the same time, they polute the enviorment. They rebuild so many villeges, those green beautiful villeages turn to black dark factories. The worst is that because some of these factories, people dont have clean water anymore. more and more people start to have cancer........ I can hardly read those news, but it happens everyday... everyday.... Sometimes I think this is what we may go through in development. However, no. We should at least protect people's life.... I feel so sorry about all of this.

What we should do? even though I dont totally agree with ISO standards, but I think it brought the environmental thinking into countries like China. therefore, companies have a standard to follow, and customers have a standard that they can identify what they can choose and to support those good companies.

What I think may help is that,, using CSR and PR together. What is the main driver of the enviornmental improvement? A good will for better world? For some people yes, but for the whole market, no! Therefore, let the customers to be the jusge and the driver. When they know that which company is doing a good thing, they can express their attitude by choosing products. I think this is the most important driver. PR is also important coz there are a lot of companies they do good thing but no one knows, so then they have no more drivers to keep that. If we could do PR properly, people will know about the CSR activities and involves in it. Then things change. :P

Hope everything is gonna be fine. Pray for those people in bad condition.

kBAM Reflection – Asset management, really important~

You cannot imagine how I first met the asset management. That was the time when I have my 4th or 5th internship. That was in a stateowned company in China. Before it, I always work for the most improtant department in my interned companies, so I never have a chance to know about the asset management. This time, it is because that it is a stateowned company, I felt so bored everyday and go every meetings I could go. I heard that there is a 'asset mangement meeting'. OMG, Asset, it seems like millions of money to me.....then i went there...... then we talk about how many computers my department have....... I felt like be

At that time I was thinking it is so boring to manage these facilities. However, later, in classes like Finanical courses, I reallized the imporance to manage these facilities, and they really worth a lot of money. ;P each department have 300 computers but we have so many departments. adds up, it s a lot!

Therefore, first, I understand the importance of the asset management, and provide suggestions for a company just like in a real work. I also undestand that there are numours unknown people are doing there work to support a good company, such as safety department. 2nd, to manage asset with knowledge is important. Before I learn this couce, I always think that the asset are machines.... they are boring. However, as an expert to provide suggestions for waveriders, I understand that how to combine your knowledge then to modify your way to manage asset is important. Those knowledge change the way we manage assets and finally change the way we produce and earn money. This is how Toyota choose their asset : those machines that could produce unit production. Therefore, to be a good asset manager? you need to be an ' professional engineer'...

KBAM Reflection – LEAN & teamwork

Our cource is Bussiness Excellence, and my dissertation is about lean. Actually, lean is a part of excellence. When reading books about lean, I really think what we do in teamwork can be more excellence.

How we do teamwork in KBAM? We nearly meet everyday, always stay more than we expected, no clear schedule. However, at least value the team makes us stay together and not fight with each other. However, is this an exllecence teamwork? I guess now.

There are a lot of reasons lead to this result. (1 communication. this year really tells me how hard to do good teamwork with people from different culture. there are a lot of time, when we spend a lot of time but finally find that we are saying the same thing. English, the language, is another problem. (2 no leader. Actually this is not about no leader this role, but about no one is a eral expert. I think this is really dif in a company. Because in a company, there is always a real leader who can provide the direction and control the whole thing. But this mbe condition provides us a way to practice as a future leader. However, it also leads to worse teamwork. (3 no clear structure and agenda. Structure and agenda is so improtant. It is like the 'flow' in the lean management. Identify the flow makes us to consentrate on the main job. However, without the structure and agenda...... we spend a lot of time but no good progress.

Learn from Lean. What I think we should do is (1 find a leader, this leader should be a very good one and good at communication, Because we are all the student, there is no one have more capanilties than others, so in the circumstance, the leader needs to be more concentrate on communication rather than assign work to teammembers. (2 clear structure and agenda. This is what a leader should do. Without this, we will have no deadline for anything and spend soooo much time without progress. (3 each one responsible for each part. This really happens in our teamwork. When no one is responsible for each part. People just wait and think others may do that. This is what we have learnt the disadvantages about teamwork. (4 always identify the main job and assign parts to each people. Focusing on the main value is the key of lean, and what we really should learn. :P

June 04, 2014

KBAM Reflection – Importance of learning organisation

Actually, until today, we have spend so long time on learning organisation, lessons learnt, reflection and continous development. However, when I really think it in real life, I still feel that it is so far aways from out nowadays life. One thing is that, people dont really have understand the importance of these concept, and because these are concept wich can only be achieved by oneself. It is harder.

However, I think telling people and let them know the importance of learning organisation is so important in a company. Even though it differs from company to company (coz of the company culture), and differs from country to country (coz of the culture), there is one common sense that the continous learning and learning organisation is so important.

Therefore, besides learning the knowledge about how to implement kowledge management and learning organisation, I think what we really should do is to advertise this concept. I believe everyone agree that there are a lot of things, they cannot be heard is not because they are not good enough, but because they lack of sound to let people hear. For the learning organisation, I think this is an example, (or maybe just in China).

When we have class, sometimes we think the culture and learning organisasiton, these concept are soo far away from real life. When I talk with my dad, his opinion is soo like Paul as he suggests me to keep on study business excellence and focus on culutre. First i feel bored and want to tell him that these are so imaginative. However, after he told me some real case, I come to understand why people in his age think the culture is important than those skills. But it is also understandable that at out age, we cannot really underdtant it.

Difference between age, experience level makes these concept harder to be shared, but I still think, for the very very start point of learning organisation and continous learning, it is to let people understand its importance. We could first do it in our daily life and then maybe one day as a trainer, I could train other people about this.

KBAM Reflection – Why people sharing knowledge

Yesterday, I called my daddy and I am so shocked that my father knew the business excellence and DR Deming and TQM...... I was so shocked. After he told me this, I start to think why after so long time, I just notice this part. Actually this is the knowledge he owned and he may have chance to share with me. However, even we live in the same house, he never talk to me about this. I start to wonder, why people sharing? Or how to let them sharing knowlege with you?

From my perspective, people may share because they want some respect. This happens all the time, espcially those why have grow old and they was have good position. When they were old, they still want to share te gain respect. Therefore, when we want some expert to share knowledge, we show respect. Also, I think people may share because they want to help people, this is rather simple. What we should do is to show we are so interested in the topic. This is exactly link with the acient Chinese thinking. My ant once told me that if you want people to share, you ask basic questions. You should know something, so they will think you have some basic knowledge and it is not talking to a stupic peoson. At the same time, you should not say to much, which will actually forbid others to share with you, because they think you have already know a lot. To show we have basic knowledge but want to learn more is important. It also works in the companys.

However, there are some issues that prevent people from sharing. We talk about this a looooot times: trust. How to deal with it is very personal choice. There is one way to do that I heard from a Mckinsey manager, that is always thinking for others and help others. Why this is important is becasue, you behavior may convey a message that you are not dangerous and you are reliable. It sounds easy but it is hard to really do that. However, this year in Warwick in MBE espcially, change my mind towards groupwork, leadership and people's relatiomship, which let me realize a lot and improve soooo much. I am not that aggresive and I can work as a real team member but not one that always need to put her mind higher than other thing. Only cooperation can help us live long. I sinserly thank the course and people here. :P. Last module, good luck.

KBAM Reflection – Knowledge management by enhancing and connecting

At the class, we talk about the short time memory and long time memory. After the class, when I think about it on the bus, I found that it is nearly everytime after the exams, I cannot remember what the questions are and I just dont want to talk about those questions with my friends (actually it is because that I cannot remember...)

I start to wonder, if that is just like what Paul said: I just dont really understand them and cannot connect them with what I have learnt. I may agree.... This is because, now, when I think about what i have learnt in high school, I can remember nothing, just like those questions in exams. My memory is like those disconnected dots. However, I think it is the time to extent the dots into lines. Otherwise, one day I gonna miss all of these dots.

How to do it? 1st thinking just like this blog - to extent the knowledge into practice and always think how to use these. Not ever to leave the knowledge just as the knowledge, try to use it is the best way to remember it. 2nd, always connect things together. Connecting sometimes equals to enhancing the knowledge. Adding new knowledge means enhancing what you have remembered, which is good for review the old ones and remember the new one at the same time. Therefore, for the personal knowledge mamangement, I think connecting and try to use it are the good way to do that.

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