January 17, 2014

PEUSS Reflection – nice teacher and how imporant is encouraging words in an organization

Due to some personal mess, I cannot blog for a long time, but I always thinking about how I could really use what I learnt in class.

What I leant from Jane is really important to me I think. I am those kind of people who always want to pick a fault, even though this is really because I want to do things perfect, but finally i will make everyone not happy. But when I get good and encouraging comments from Jane and also Paul always do this, I really feel more power to go further. And I think this is really importatn in an organization. Onluy forcusing on work will not really solve the problem. what really important is how people in the organ feel, and if they feel good they could achieve more than we can imagine.

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  1. Anne Ayang

    I can’t agree any less Vanessa

    17 Jan 2014, 22:41

  2. Wanjunzi Zhang

    what do you mean by cannot agree any less?

    i think this encouraging thing is really important. simoly for following reasoms:
    1 did you remember what paul tell us about demin theory? its like we should let every perople in the organ get comfidence so that we could complete this down-top change thing. we should motivate every people from down side to work and innovate.

    2 this encouraging thing is very impottant in china. as my growing up circumstance. we chinese teacher always say …is not right. ...should be done in this way. so we cannot say what we really want and after some years we have this habbit to be obedient but not speak out. thats why i think chinese is not at innovation.

    you know, even for me. when i first come here, i always wanna to meet a requirement but not go the way what i really want. and if you remember i was fighting with paul about this in class. i suggest we should have more lectures and i need a direction. but he said you have to find your own and we ll support you. i cannot get used to this at that time. but now i think its right.

    to sum up, i think encouraging works and method seems simple but actually very very important.

    18 Jan 2014, 15:04

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