June 06, 2014

KBAM Reflection – LEAN & teamwork

Our cource is Bussiness Excellence, and my dissertation is about lean. Actually, lean is a part of excellence. When reading books about lean, I really think what we do in teamwork can be more excellence.

How we do teamwork in KBAM? We nearly meet everyday, always stay more than we expected, no clear schedule. However, at least value the team makes us stay together and not fight with each other. However, is this an exllecence teamwork? I guess now.

There are a lot of reasons lead to this result. (1 communication. this year really tells me how hard to do good teamwork with people from different culture. there are a lot of time, when we spend a lot of time but finally find that we are saying the same thing. English, the language, is another problem. (2 no leader. Actually this is not about no leader this role, but about no one is a eral expert. I think this is really dif in a company. Because in a company, there is always a real leader who can provide the direction and control the whole thing. But this mbe condition provides us a way to practice as a future leader. However, it also leads to worse teamwork. (3 no clear structure and agenda. Structure and agenda is so improtant. It is like the 'flow' in the lean management. Identify the flow makes us to consentrate on the main job. However, without the structure and agenda...... we spend a lot of time but no good progress.

Learn from Lean. What I think we should do is (1 find a leader, this leader should be a very good one and good at communication, Because we are all the student, there is no one have more capanilties than others, so in the circumstance, the leader needs to be more concentrate on communication rather than assign work to teammembers. (2 clear structure and agenda. This is what a leader should do. Without this, we will have no deadline for anything and spend soooo much time without progress. (3 each one responsible for each part. This really happens in our teamwork. When no one is responsible for each part. People just wait and think others may do that. This is what we have learnt the disadvantages about teamwork. (4 always identify the main job and assign parts to each people. Focusing on the main value is the key of lean, and what we really should learn. :P

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  1. I agree vanessa… incorporating a little bit of lean into teamwork would have gone a log way to make sure we finished out group work on time. I think the reason for the delay was as a result of the conflict about the process (what content should go into the presentation). if we had a strategic narrative from the beginning everyone could relate to and also know what is expected of them. Also there was no set deadline so everyone was relaxed in a way. I mean we have definitely learnt to have a sense of urgency even if the situation may not demand it…. Muah (Missing you already)

    08 Jun 2014, 05:59

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