June 04, 2014

KBAM Reflection – Importance of learning organisation

Actually, until today, we have spend so long time on learning organisation, lessons learnt, reflection and continous development. However, when I really think it in real life, I still feel that it is so far aways from out nowadays life. One thing is that, people dont really have understand the importance of these concept, and because these are concept wich can only be achieved by oneself. It is harder.

However, I think telling people and let them know the importance of learning organisation is so important in a company. Even though it differs from company to company (coz of the company culture), and differs from country to country (coz of the culture), there is one common sense that the continous learning and learning organisation is so important.

Therefore, besides learning the knowledge about how to implement kowledge management and learning organisation, I think what we really should do is to advertise this concept. I believe everyone agree that there are a lot of things, they cannot be heard is not because they are not good enough, but because they lack of sound to let people hear. For the learning organisation, I think this is an example, (or maybe just in China).

When we have class, sometimes we think the culture and learning organisasiton, these concept are soo far away from real life. When I talk with my dad, his opinion is soo like Paul as he suggests me to keep on study business excellence and focus on culutre. First i feel bored and want to tell him that these are so imaginative. However, after he told me some real case, I come to understand why people in his age think the culture is important than those skills. But it is also understandable that at out age, we cannot really underdtant it.

Difference between age, experience level makes these concept harder to be shared, but I still think, for the very very start point of learning organisation and continous learning, it is to let people understand its importance. We could first do it in our daily life and then maybe one day as a trainer, I could train other people about this.

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