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November 16, 2013

CBE PMA Reflection – mindmapping & structure.

This is my first PMA. No matter the result is good or not, I still learnt a lot from it which I think may benefit me in my all life.

1st is about structure. STRUCTURE is always the very critical one to worry about at the first place. but the base of structure, I think, is mindmapping and articles I read. Firstly, I want to start do mind mapping, but find that it;s really difficult since i have very little knowledge about what I need to write, so I stop it and turn to read without any questions. I know it is not really suggested, but I think it's right. after reading some journals, i start to realize the background and have some base to do brainstorming, I wrote down what I thought and add new things to it when I read something new. it becomes a very big tree, link to each others. The most difficult problem I met in mindmapping, I think, is to restructure them. My mom once told me that its easier to do plus, but deduce is the very hard one. because it requires really deep knowledge about the topic you are writing.

So I think I learnt the way to do restructure is to read more and know deeper about my topic, it's like when you want to improve your life and all things, the only plus is not enough, what really important is to learn more and at last, do deduce and restructure. the restructure is the one shows if you learn it good or not.

CBE PMA Reflection – Time management

It has been a long time since I wrote last blog here. Even though I keep thinking about these courses and try to do reflection everyday, but everyone could find that time is not enough for us to remember all things and experience them all. I always wrote reflections down when I read or take notes, there is always a little width part on the right for myself. But even in this way, I still have no time to write all that down into my blog. So ~~sorry to myself.

Before I copy reflections in my notesbook down on the blog, what I really want to reflect is about time management. At the beginning of this master degree and also at the begining of CBE course, tutors talk a lot about time mangement. at that time I thouhgt we could do it of course, why not!? But the reality in master degree is that you have more choice so that it turns out to be your real life thing - it mixs a lot, your work, your life, your boyfriend, and all. When you want to manage your time properly, it really needs you to think about time mangement. It cannot be solved with a simple timetable, but without it, you can achieve nothing. Yep, sometimes you may, but really in hurry.

I remember when our group first work together and one of our classmate made a timetable for all six miniprojects, I thought it was wired, but now, I may also do that for myself. So that I would never miss any important moment. So I made timetable for all my important work in an excel and highlight the improtant moment. So I generally could complish what I should do always in time. Good and learn from it and keep it as mine own tool.!~

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