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July 28, 2010

Subject Completion Task 10 – WEEK 2

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Week 2 Entry


Lesson 1 and 2 - Problem Solving - Reading time tables

                                               - working out times

                                               - Calculating times taken to travel 

The first two aspects of the lessons were fairly straight forward the lower ability students grasped the concept, but occasionally had difficulty in how to read the time table. Student A was utilised to help the lower ability and even explained the calculation of the travel times in his own words to the students, suffice to say the lesson did not go to plan but altering it to this way paid off and all students hit the objectives.

Lesson 3 - Algebra - solving one step equations

This Lesson most students found difficult, so as not to cause concern the word algebra was not mentioned for a little while. A simple starter to begin with involved an activity in groups where using an amount of money and the cost of products the student had to discuss various methods of finding the change rather than providing the answer. This o lot of provoking and suggestions particularly to the lower ability students. The results of which were mixed Student A was impressing upon me to give me his various methods, Student B sat there with a vacant expression and Student C had no idea of what to do, this activity took longer than it should have. Eventually a couple of student gave plausible explainations as soon as they did this the 'penny dropped'. The rest of the lesson was basically catchup introducing the concept of function machines. This concept for the students was a difficult for them to comprehend, so the the next lesson would have to be re-jigged to encompass this one. Students B and C found it tough going, where as student A began to grasp the concept.

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