July 28, 2010

Subject Completion Task 10 – WEEK 6

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/pgce/secondary/subjects/maths/assessment/scts/sct10

Week 6 Entry


Lesson 1 - FDP - Addition and Subtraction of fractions.

Lesson 2 - Teacher took lesson.

Lesson 3 - Ordering decimals.

As the class is low ability, Lesson one's main focus was to ensure understanding of the 'rules' of adding and subtracting fractions. Starter was a mental style test where the answers were put on mini white boards, 'brain warming activity'. Using questions of a visual nature students came up to the board to explain the answers, trying to explain their method in their way of communicating but encourage to use 'math speak' to enforce their answers also. This turned out to be very successful, all students felt confident to try the differentiated worksheet. Student A tried some of the two star questions then asked to move on to the extension three star questions which of course he was allowed to, student B started well but got into a little rut confusing the denominator for the numerator, student C was absent. 

Lesson 2 same as lesson one but trying different denominators.

Lesson 3: Starter where th e pupils using mini white boards playing a higher/lower game involving simple decimal numbers. The last student standing receives a prize. The students were loving the game, as one could imagine they were excited!! Incidentally student A won! The starter set up the objective for the main, which was straight forward for all the students until the size of the decimals were varied, e.g. 0.5 and 0.49, the majority of the student thought that 0.49 was the larger of the two decimals, this included student B and C. After explaining the place value and showing them ways of making the problem of deciding which decimal was larger/smallereasier to evaluate, the students were in a position to answer the differentiated question sheet prepared for them. The higher ability students went straight to the two star questions and then after they felt they did not need to do any more they jumped to the extension tree star questions. For the plenary played a strategy game involving decimals.

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